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SPA Chapter 97

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Trapped

“Humph, do you think you can stop me with just you?” Master Ma grunted.

“Ohoho? Well, honestly, normally I can’t. But you are already injured by the cannon fodder … I wonder if you can still keep up?” the Sect Master snickered.

“Humph, this old man doesn’t need to use his full strength to squish a failed Cyan Dan like you!” Master Ma growled before blasting off to attack.

“Ahhhh~ I see, but I wonder if you can squish me before I kill all your trusty subordinates~” the Sect Master stated with a smirk before vanishing from his original spot, letting Master Ma punch air.

Then, a howl of grief resounded near me. When I turned to look, there was an arm piercing through the heart of one of the servants. With one pull, the servant’s heart was pulled out. The servant slowly dropped to the ground revealing the bloodthirsty Sect Master who placed the servant’s heart in his mouth. With a gulp, the entire heart was devoured.

“Ewww~ That tasted fairly disgusting. As expected of low quality trash. Mmm~ ah, so what he told me was true after all,” the Sect Master mused.

“Y-you! What blasphemous skill are you practicing! And who’s he?” Master Ma asked with a solemn face.

“Oh~ Nothing much. It was a little gift from my master from the Shen Nu Continent. Although he can’t come in person, as the continent’s barrier is already deteriorating, he was able to send this divine skill over to me~ Ahh~ It allows me to see someone’s memories by eating their heart~ As for he? If you knew, it won’t be fun anymore~” the Sect Master said.

“You colluded with those demons from Shen Nu! I should have ended your filthy life when I could before!” Master Ma growled in anger before dashing at the Sect Master once more.

“Hahaha, you have no one to blame but your cautiousness. Afraid to alert those at Shen Nu about your plan, you decided to play safe. Unfortunately, we already know everything! They are already preparing countermeasures for the secret weapon! Hahahaha!” the Sect Master said as he once again disappeared.

Master Ma could only growl in anger as his little body missed once more.

“You can’t catch me with your speed. Come on, show me your domain~” the Sect Master said with a giggle.

“Arrogant brat. Let me show you the power of my domain. I want to see how you will deal with it without a domain of your own!” Master Ma said grimly before shouting, “Poison Domain!”


I watched in silence as the battle came to a standstill. I waited, but a bad feeling arose as I saw Master Ma’s shocked face as nothing happened.

“Ahahahaha! Old fool! What’s wrong? Can’t activate your domain?! Hahahaha!” the Sect Master snickered.

“H-how- there’s no way you can stop the activation of a domain, unless you have your- you cultivated a domain?!” Master Ma asked in shock as his face darkened.

“Hahaha! Didn’t you notice anything different with the barrier?! Ever since the beginning, you were already in my newly created space domain where I can control all of the space particles! As long as you’re in here, do you think I would let your sh*ty domain spawn?” the Sect Master laughed.

Master Ma’s face was grim as Fatty kept chanting ‘we so dead’ right beside me. Of course I gave him a smack to shut him up, but that did not help our situation. Space lock was the extreme counter to my {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}. I also can’t hit the enemy with {Invincible Fist} if they are up in the sky. Even if I can, that f**ker can easily teleport away before my punch lands.

However, I noticed Master Ma’s face relax as if he made a decision as he looked at his followers who seemed to understand what he wanted to do. Then, an ominous red pill appeared in his hands which he quickly stuffed it into his mouth. Not long after, the little old man began to grow in size until he grew into a buff, hulk-like man.

“Even if I can’t use my domain, I can still beat you! Do you dare to take my punch?!” Master Ma howled as he glared at the Sect Master.

Oi. What is with that cliche line. Only an idiot would take a punch from a hulk like you. However, what surprised us was what the Sect Master said, “Of course. I dare. I will stand here without moving. I swear on it.”

Master Ma’s face showed shock before it turned into a grin, “Heh, arrogant youngsters these days. I’ll teach you to be respectful to your elders!”

Then Master Ma blasted off to punch the Sect Master who surprisingly only put on a smile. The fist reached closer and closer, yet the Sect Master did not move, but when we thought the fist will hit soon, a body suddenly appeared in front of the Sect Master, taking the full brunt of the hit.

That body exploded as it came into contact with the fist, leaving only its head intact. Looking closer, one will notice that the body belonged to one of the servants. As I looked to the side, my eyes narrowed as I noticed that there is now one less servant. This means that the b*st**d can easily teleport any of us and use us as meat shields. How the f**k do you beat this monster?!

“Hahahaha! Old fool, how does it feel to kill one of your own?!” the Sect Master laughed in a sinister voice.

The old man’s face scrunched up in an ugly expression, but he quickly recovered as he pulled out a talisman. Then with a glow, a smaller barrier formed, trapping the Sect Master inside.

The Sect Master frowned before he laughed, “Did you think a mere space lock barrier can trap me?!”

It seemed that teleporting out didn’t work. So, the Sect Master’s hands distorted with the power of space and with one punch from the Sect Master, cracks formed on the barrier, but they quickly mended back.

The Sect Master frowned before looking at the old man and asked, “Oh? A life severing space barrier? Using your own life to repair the barrier? I guess you’re going all out old man! But how long do you think you can hold?”

Master Ma frowned before saying, “Heh, this old skull won’t last much longer, but it will be long enough. My loyal servants, do it NOW!”

I was too focused on the old man’s actions to notice, but it turns out all the servants had gathered by the side of the space lock barrier made by the Sect Master.

Then, they synchronously stated in a solemn yet sorrowful tone, “For the Ma Family! For the young master! We thank the old master for taking us in.”

Then, a bright golden glow followed as they seemed to have circulated Qi. Not long after, with a flash of golden light, the figures of the servants melted in golden liquid that splashed onto the barrier, tearing a hole in it. Then, we heard the Sect Master howl in anger as bashing sounds came from behind.

Fatty and I stared in shock, but we awoke from our daze as we heard Master Ma’s voice, “Go.”

We turned around and with a glance, we saw Master Ma smiling at us. Fatty froze before asking in a tiny voice, “Grandpa, what about you?”

Master Ma chuckled as he popped a pill into his mouth, causing his skin to visibly wrinkle. Then he said, “I’ll come a bit later. Grandpa still has to teach this brat a lesson. Be obedient and go to the docks. Jia Chun should have arranged a ride already.”

Fatty shook as tears streamed down his face as he understood what Master Ma implied. Then, he quickly attempted to dash towards Master Ma, “Grandpa! No-“

But before he could, with one strike, I knocked the defenseless Fatty out. I looked up to see Master Ma nodding at me with a smile before saying, “Take care of Xiao Yun for me will you Xiao Ye.”

My eyes stung as my heart shivered, but I nodded as I knew there wasn’t anything else I could do. I picked up Fatty and placed him on my back. Then, I gave a shaky bow towards my master before turning around and dashing through the already closing hole.
Stepping out, I was back on the plains.

I took one more glance behind me with hope, but all I could see was the vast plains. The hole was long gone, and I know this event will be trapped in my memories for a long time to come. A droplet rolled down my face. As I looked up, I saw dark clouds. I told myself it was the rain, so I must hurry. Then, I dashed off towards the port.

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