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SPA Chapter 100

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 100

Chapter 100: The End

Fear filled my heart as I rapidly dashed through the forest. I tried to put as much of a distance as possible between me and that demon; however, it seems all my effort was in vain.

Even though I got a head start, not long after, I heard the evil snicker of the demon from behind, “Ohoh? There you are you naughty little thing. Although I was delayed a bit by your brother who was loyal to the end, you know you won’t escape~”

I turned around to see the Sect Master with a sinister smirk strolling towards me calmly; however, every step of his seemed to teleport him a distance closer to me.

Fear propelled me to run faster, but not long after, I once again heard the Sect Master’s laugh, but this time it was right beside me.

“Hahaha, I’ve caught you.”

Then, before I could react, a heavy force struck my chest as if it wanted to pull out my heart.

[Host has taken fatal damage.]

[{Rise From the Dead} has activated and negated fatal damage.]

Fortunately, I was saved; however, the force from the attack struck me hard, sending me crashing through many trees. Although this put me a distance away from the demon, I was heavily injured in exchange as an attack from a Cyan Dan individual was still too much for me to take. I coughed up blood as I struggled to stand up before running for my life once more.

“Ohoh? What mysterious force is this? To block my attack. It seems you really have deep secrets. Hahaha, it shall all be mine soon though!” the Sect Master laughed uproariously as he continued his pursuit.

I coughed up blood as I ran. I knew I will not last much longer, and I despaired knowing I couldn’t escape. However, I will not give up. Even if the chances were slim, I must try my best or I won’t ever see Ling’er again.

Using Ling’er as my motivation, I increased my speed, in hopes of finding any hope for my survival, but as if to mock me, I soon entered a dead end.

Rushing out into a clearing, I barely managed to screech to a stop. In front of me was a very familiar place. A deep, wide chasm spanning a long distance as if telling me that there is no path this way. My heart clenched as despair settled in. I slowly turned around to look at the demon who is calmly walking towards me with a leisurely smile.

“Ohoh? Not running anymore? Ah~ Yes. The Broken Heart Chasm. Indeed, it is a chasm that you are not able to cross yet. Even the great me that can cross it would not dare to hop in as it is still unknown what is in there, especially with the possible danger caused by the residue sword aura of the Grandmaster who created it, but don’t you think this would be a fitting place for your burial? Hee Hee Hee!” the Sect Master giggled.

I breathed hard. I understood that there is no other path I can escape to. Although this chasm is deep, deep down in my heart, I wished that I would be like those protagonist who can fall off a cliff just to come back stronger than ever due to a fortunate encounter.
I gritted my teeth as I made a firm decision. I swiftly turned around and took my leap of fate. I gradually fell into the dark chasm as a smile bloomed on my face. Now it shall all be up to fate, and I can say I should have a good one as after all, I do have the Strongest Protagonist’s Aura!

Unfortunately, reality does not coincide with what happens in novels.


I suddenly felt a force tugging on me as my surroundings blurred, causing me to dizzily close my eyes, and before I knew it, I could feel a grip on my throat. I bleakly opened my eyes to be met with the eyes of the demon, who had teleported to a spot near the edge of the chasm in order to catch me.

“Hee hee hee, naughty boy, where do you think you’re going? I haven’t taken what’s mine yet, you can’t just go off on your own now can you?” the Sect Master giggled as he stared at me with a wide smile.

The grip on my throat increased in strength, causing me to only be able to reply with gags for breath.

“Ahh~ I see you really want to see what’s in the chasm. Of course, as an honest man, I must fulfill your wish. Of course, before I fulfill your wish, I must charge you a very small price,” the Sect Master said with a grin.


Immense pain filled my chest as I felt something grip my heart.


With one last beat, I could not longer feel my heart as I watched the demon pull out a bloody object from my chest.

I can’t help but want to cough up blood, but the grip on my throat caused the liquid to flow back down my throat. I felt the liquid slowly flow down to my chest before it slowly flowed away, to be gone forever from my body.

“Heh, now if I eat this. I shall learn all of your secrets.”

I can feel that would be what the demon was saying, but I was not sure as my world has gone deaf. I could only open my eyes to watch as the demon opened his mouth to gulp down my heart.

I watched the heart enter the demon’s mouth, and that was it. Is this it? Will all my hard work go to this guy? Will all my memories with Ling’er go to this guy? What will he do to my Ling’er afterwards?

As my train of thoughts hit that mark, I couldn’t bear it. My eyes glare at the demon in anger as if to curse him.

Shockingly, it seemed that Mr.Aura had heard my call. I saw the demon’s face flowing green before he started gagging.

I felt the grip on my throat release as I felt the wind caress my body. I could feel my body dropping downwards as I fell into the chasm; however, I smiled as I watched the demon coughing out my heart and crushing it, yet still seem to suffer from his ailment.
Ah~ I wish he suffers for eternity.

Then, I fell deeper into the darkness as I got my last sight of the demon.

Time seemed to have slowed as I felt as if I was a leaf, slowly drifting downwards into the unknown.

My thoughts slowly drifted back in time, reviewing all my misdeeds and all the fates I had changed.

Then, as if the dam was broken, my mind was flooded with the sweet and happy memories I had with Ling’er.

Ah~ I wish I could see Ling’er again. Just one last time. Is that … too much to wish for?

Blackness gradually surrounded me as my sight began to fade.

However, it seems Mr.Aura was very accommodating today as my last sight was the beautiful, worried face of my Ling’er.

Dressed in a white robe, she floated in the air like an goddess. Beautiful as always.
I smiled as I believed it to be Mr.Aura’s final gift to me. Thank you Mr.Aura. Thank all the future readers.

My consciousness began to fade.

I guess this concludes my journey. I wonder if that scammer I signed a contract with is happy with this story.

But, I guess I would never know. Or will I?

End of Changes of Fate Arc.

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