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SPA Chapter 101

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Arc 2 Epilogue

“Let me out,” a cold voice resounded in a luxurious room.

“*sigh*, Ling’er, I’m afraid that father cannot allow you to do as you will this time. It is far too dangerous at the moment, but soon, everything will be resolved, so listen to father-“

“I said. Let me out,” Ling’er commanded once more as she frowns.

“*sigh*, it seems that I won’t be getting through to you anytime soon. I will come back later after you’ve have time to think it over. Father is doing this for your own good,” the man in green robed stated before strolling off in a depressed mood.

Not long after the green robed man strolled away, Ling’er trembled before dropping to her knees in pain. She had her hands clutched over her chest as an extremely frustrating feeling sent her alarms blaring. She clearly understood what this meant by now, he was in danger, and this time it is worst than any time before.

Ling’er struggled to stand up before pulling out her sword. Then, she gathered her Qi and once again began to attack the doorway, in hopes of breaking out. Alas, all her efforts were in vain as there seems to be an invisible barrier that absorbs all her attacks; however, Ling’er wouldn’t give up. No, she knew she couldn’t give up for he is in danger!
Who knows how long Ling’er had bashed the barrier, but she was already beginning to pant in exhaustion. The feeling within her heart calmed down for a bit earlier; however, now it seemed to slowly increase once more, and it doesn’t seem like it would stop increasing. She knows she needed to go now!

“Xiao Ling’er~ Senior sister has come~ guess what senior sister brought for you~?” a charming voice resounded as an older girl in yellow robes came bouncing in through the doorway.

Ling’er saw the chance and instantly tried to dash out; however, with a firm hug, the yellow robed girl held onto Ling’er as she questioned, “Xiao Ling’er~ how could you decide to leave Senior sister like that? Senior sister will feel really~ lonely you know? Humph, when you were little, you would always-“

“Let me go!” Ling’er growled as she struggled, but her strength could not match her Senior Sister’s who had been cultivating for much longer than she has.

“Aiya~ Xiao Ling’er, be obedient and listen to Senior sister okay~? It’s dangerous out there, so just stay here~ Look. Senior sister brought you your favorite-“

But Ling’er had no patience to listen on to her trusted senior sister any longer. The feeling within her heart had not stopped increasing since before, and it was now nearing explosion as if telling her that he was in life threatening danger! Ling’er’s eyes went blood shot as she pulled out her sword and slashed it at her Senior sister.

With a light glide, the yellowed robed girl glided away from the slash whilst releasing Ling’er. She frowned as she watched Ling’er attempt to run through the doorway only to be met with the barrier she had already closed.

“*sigh* Xiao Ling’er, what is making you so stubborn that you won’t even listen to your Senior sister? To think one day you would even attack your senior sister, what happened to my cute, obedient lil Ling’er~?”

Ling’er turned around with blood shot eyes as she knew she had no chance of getting out unless she beat her senior sister; however, she knew that was not happening. So, she could only beg with a pitiful voice, “Senior sister, please let me out.”

“Aiya~ Xiao Ling’er, you’re really making it hard for your Senior sister~ You know Senior sister can’t stand your puppy face, but senior sister can’t disobey master either; however, this time, Senior sister must harden her heart as it is for your own good,” the yellow robed lady said as she sighed.

Ling’er bit her lips hard as she made a decision. She raised her sword against her own neck, causing a thin slice of blood to leak out, as she glared at her senior sister. The yellow robed girl froze in shock before her eyes widen in fear as she hurried stated, “X-Xiao Ling’er, d-don’t be rash! Aiya! How could you not cherish your life like this?! You’re basically giving me Senior sister no choice! Where did you pick up this shameless tactic from?”

“Let me go,” Ling’er stated as she pressed the sword deeper unto her own neck, causing more blood to leak out.

“Okay, okay, don’t be rash~ Senior sister will let you go~” the yellow robed girl said as she waved her hands causing a distortion at the doorway.

Ling’er glanced over while putting her sword away. Then, she bowed to her senior sister in gratitude before dashing away swiftly, leaving her senior sister muttering, “Aiya~ How to explain to master?”

Ling’er on the other hand had no time to worry about her senior sister’s problems. She was dashing off at her fastest pace as the feeling in her heart seems to be on the verge of explosion. She employed her fastest movement techniques, dashing out of the empty city and towards the direction of the forest that her feeling was tugging towards.

Not long after, she passed a spot where there was a splatter of blood; however, with a glance she rushed past it, worrying more by the second. As she dashed through the forest, she suddenly froze in place as the feeling in her heart exploded, causing her immense pain. Ignoring the pain, Ling’er blasted off towards the nearby Broken Heart Chasm as she could already hear an ominous laughter from that direction. She pulled out her sword with blood shot eyes as she planned to seek revenge on this world.

Alas, when she made it into the clearing, the scene that she saw caused her control over her body to be beyond her control. She saw him being thrown into the chasm, and before she could register her surroundings, she leapt in after him. She stretched out her arms as she dived towards him, grabbing him and pulling him into her embrace. Then, by instinct, she stabbed her sword onto the walls of the chasm in an attempt to break their fall.

The sword scrapped and sliced through the wall as the momentum carried them downwards, and when Ling’er thought they were coming to a stop, her sword snapped in two as it could not longer stand the damage. With that, the couple fell into the darkness.
Fortunately, not long after, they happened to land on a small platform on the chasm wall instead of continuously falling.

With a grunt of pain, Ling’er got up. Then, she pulled our a light source in order to check on his condition; however, all she was met with was a cold body. Ling’er shivered as she had never felt so alone in this world before. Tears rolled down her eyes uncontrollably as she tried to wake him up, “Z-zhi Ye, wake up for me! Who said you can go before me! Why? Why?!”

Alas, her cries fell on deaf ears as she could only bury her face onto his body, in an attempt to find any familiar trace of smell to comfort herself. She could not help but wish that he would be alive once more as she would give anything to make that happen.

As if her wish was heard, a melodious, female voice resounded from nowhere, “Are you willing to pay any price to give life to him once more?”

Ling’er looked up blankly. She had no inkling of shock as it seemed the tempting offer had already clouded her brain. She nodded.

“Then so be it. Half of your lifespan shall be taken to grant him 16 years of life. In addition, your existence shall be bounded to the Lover’s Charm. Do you agree?”

Ling’er glanced at him once more before nodding with firm conviction.

“Then let your heart be shared as your life would be! Say the decreed words!”

Although Ling’er didn’t know the words before, at this moment, they clearly resounded in her mind as she spoke, “One Heart For Two.”

Then, a blinding light elapsed over the darkness in the area as the couple was lifted into the air by an intangible force. The same force pulled out Ling’er’s heart as she screamed in pain while a silvery white color slowly extended through her hair. The heart was divided in half, causing heart wrenching pain; however, Ling’er bore with it till the end. Then, each half of the heart was returned to each body, while healing any injuries in the process.

Then, the couple gently floated back to the ground while the darkness gently encompasses the two once more. Ling’er weakly dropped to her knees, but using all her strength, she crawled over to him. A feeling of pure bliss overflowed from her heart as she could feel his warmth once more. She smiled gently as she laid her head on his chest, listening to his faint heartbeat, lulling her to a comfortable sleep.

Unknown to the two unconscious individuals, ominous storm clouds stirred outside the chasm as the sky darkened, signifying the delightful events yet to come.

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