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SPA Chapter 94

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Karma

By reflex, a sword appeared in my hands as I stabbed towards the demoness from the side, wishing with all my heart that she would die, “DIE!”

But maybe my karma was simply too bad, but with one hand, she reached out and grabbed my sword, stopping it. Surprisingly, my sword slipped right through her Qi and headed towards her body, which caused the demoness to hurriedly let go while dashing back. I hurriedly stepped in front of Ling’er as my heart breathed a sigh of relief, but I knew this was not over yet.

“Ohoh? A sword that manages to ignore Qi even with the level difference? Although I was a bit careless, but it seems that is a true treasure you got there boya. Such a treasure should not belong in your hands, but in mine. Since I have the Hua girl now, you are no longer needed,” the demoness said as greed shown in her eyes before vanishing from my sight.


[Host has taken fatal damage.]

[{Rise From the Dead} has activated and negated fatal damage.]

I was hit from the side before I realized it, and I was sent flying into another tree. My sword flew out of my hand from the impact of hitting the tree. I glanced up to see the demoness picking up my sword. I watched her slide her bare hands on the edge of my sword as a faint trace of blood leaked from a cut. Dark clouds gathered in the night sky as if to signify my doom after losing my weapon.

“Such a sharp sword. A true treasure indeed. I’m surprised you did not die from that hit, but I think it’s the perfect time to test the sharpness of this sword,” the demoness said and before I recognized what she meant, a sword was already piercing through me, but it seemed that the direction was changed at the last moment.

I then glared up at the demoness who had a vicious grin before raising my fist and throwing a punch at her legs.

*puff* I spit out a mouthful of blood as she slowly pulls the sword out and laughs.

“Hahaha! Was that all you got? A weak punch like that? Well, I must commend the Hua girl there for still having the strength to change my attack trajectory,” the demoness mocked as she glared at Ling’er who is glaring at her beside me.

I knew I had to go all out or Ling’er will be in danger! Hence, I instantly summoned many clones who all dashed towards the demoness at once, trying to hold her down. Albeit a bit surprised at the start which allowed a couple of my clones to land some hits, the demoness quickly caught on and with a couple of waves of the sword, all my clones were dispelled.

However, it was enough time for me to struggle up, grab Ling’er, and use {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}. I planned to escape, but was stopped by the demoness’s words, “Ahahaha! Boya, you really have interesting abilities. Unfortunately, I already set up a space lock barrier here to prevent the both of you from escaping the moment you two stopped. Unless I die, you will never escape.”

I pulled Ling’er away from our original spot, but kept hiding as my injuries slowly recovered due to {Divine Blood Rebirth}. I watched as the demoness laughed wickedly as lightning started flashing in the background. I knew I couldn’t keep hiding forever. Since I had no weapon that was strong enough, I could only use numbers to win. Hence, I continued to spawn clones to swarm the demoness until I had Qi left for one minute of stealth. Although it wasn’t very effective, but I still managed to get multiple hits in. Now, I just needed to wait. Although Ling’er wanted to fight, I held her back and told her to wait.

As time ticked away from my stealth, sweat could not help but roll down my back, but it seemed karma stood on my side this time. Slowly, the demoness’s brow scrunched up as if she was in pain. Not long after my stealth was dispelled, but the demoness had already dropped to her knees weakly as she spat out mouthfuls of black blood.

Ling’er and I vigilantly strolled up to the demoness who had even lost the grip on my sword. She glared at me and asked in a hoarse voice, “H-how? I had Qi circulating me to dispel any poison gas or dust that I knew about! How did you poison me!”

I smiled as I picked up my sword and explained, “Simple, my attacks itself directly inject poison.”

With level 18 {Poison Body} which granted +1 poison attack combined with my {Invincible Fist} skill which counted as a Qi attack and many clones, the poison really stacked up big time. Then, give some time for it to circulate and wala.

“Heh, even so, do you think you can kill- No! Y-you can’t do this to me! I am part of the divine glory faction! I am Hu Mei, part of the Hu Clan! If you kill me, they will not let you go even if you’re the Sect-” the demoness tried to beg, but with a swift slash, I chopped her head off.

“All the more reason for you to die if you’re part of the Hu Jia,” I grimly spoke, but then I froze. Ah sh*t! I should have let her finish what she was saying as that seemed to be some cliche factor that should not be ignore! But oh well, it’s too late.

[Ding~ Host has slayed a major revenge target. {Protagonist’s Vengeance}’s Luck Boost +1.]

After putting my sword away, a bubbly feeling arose in my heart as I glanced over at Ling’er. As if noticing my glance, Ling’er also turned over to look at me. Our hearts seemed to sync as they beated. Finally, it’s time for me to see my Ling’er again. I turned over and was about to reach my hands out to unveil my Ling’er, but suddenly, I felt like a certain stick from my lower body hit something soft.

Both Ling’er and I looked down to see my still exposed little brother. Before I could react, Ling’er broke free from my hands with a blush, pulled out a robe from her storage which she tossed in my face, and dashed off. I stood in shock for a moment before hurriedly chasing after her while I wore the new robe over my old one, “Ling’er! I didn’t’ mean to- Wait for me!”

And two silhouettes dashed off into the distant forest, leaving a cooling corpse on the ground. As if the heavens wanted to cool down the corpse as well, rain began to fall upon the forest, gradually turning the corpse into a cold corpse in the dark forest that is no longer illuminated by Qi. A while later-


A lightning flashed, revealing a lonely silhouette standing next to the corpse on the ground. The silhouette slowly knelt upon the ground, hugging the corpse closely as if the corpse belong to the silhouette’s dearest person. It was unknown if it was rain or tears that leaked from the silhouette’s eyes.


With another lightning flash, a taller silhouette suddenly appeared to be standing behind the kneeling one. Like the whispers of the devil, the taller silhouette bent down slowly and asked, “Do you want revenge? If so, tell me everything.”


What was now revealed by the lightning was an empty forest devoid of corpse or silhouettes. Only traces of blood remain, which are slowly being washed away as well, as if the event never happened; however, karma had been sowed, and debts will have to be paid.

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