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SPA Chapter 95

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Sweetness

“Wait up Ling’er!”

I hurriedly chased after Ling’er. Although I made sure to mark her with {Hunter’s Mark}, but I did not want to let her out of my sight because who knows how Mr.Aura will separate us.

Unfortunately, her level is much higher than mine, hence the distance between us could only slowly increase. I know she’s just embarrassed and doesn’t really want to run away from me because if she wanted to, she probably could have disappeared by now; however, I didn’t want this chase to continue on any longer. Hence, I could only employ a very common, but useful tactic.

“Aiya! My chest! It must have been the sword stab from before! I-I can’t hold on any longer,” I hollered before dropping to the ground dramatically while yelping in pain.

Ling’er didn’t seem to fall for my trick. Hence after a few more yelps, I fell silent. As the saying goes, ‘Curiosity kills the cat’. Ling’er was just like a curious cat, and she couldn’t help but swiftly come back to check if I was really injured. Sweetness brewed in my heart as I peeked at her worried look as she pulled out a pill, but when she was just about to feed me, I hurriedly grabbed her hand tightly.

Ling’er froze in shock before stuttering angrily, “Y-You!”

“I knew you care about me Ling’er,” I said with a cheeky grin.

“Y-You! Who cares about you?! Let me go!” Ling’er stated in a panicky voice.

“No, I refuse. If I let you go, you will run away again,” I shamelessly said as I sat up while strengthening my grasp on her hand.

Ling’er angrily looked at me before roughly trying to shake off my hand, but I quickly pulled her down and had her under me so she couldn’t escape.

Ling’er bit her lips as she looked up at me with watery eyes as if she had been wronged. No! You can’t do this! It’s too cute, I can’t resist!

My head gradually lowered, aiming to seal the deal as a furious blush appear on Ling’er’s face. With no resistance from Ling’er, my face went closer and closer; however, right before I could taste the sweetness, a clap of thunder resounded, followed by heavy rain which drenched us and destroyed the mood. Oi, old Heavens! Are you playing with me?!
Although I wanted to continue in the rain, Ling’er already turned her face to the side to avoid the rain and said, “W-we should find shelter.”

Although most would be reluctant to leave here, I just so happen to know the perfect place in which I dropped a location marker at, in hopes of raiding with reinforcements. So, I got up and held Ling’er’s hand while I led the way. Of course, no matter how she tried, I didn’t let go.

Not long after, we returned to the underground base that we escaped from. After stepping into the luxurious room through the destroyed doorway, I saw the cute blush on Ling’er’s face as she hurriedly try to shake off my hands. The reason? Well, there’s a comfy bed in this room. What other reason could a girl think of when a man drags her to such a place? The first instinct should be to escape or else the big bad wolf will eat you. Of course this big bad wolf has to convince Lil’ Ling’er otherwise.

“Ling’er, we finally found shelter. I can’t let you go out to drench yourself in rain,” I said righteously.

“Humph! Then, you go out!” Ling’er stated with a pout.

“*cough* *cough* Ling’er, I’m still injured. It won’t be so good if I go out. Let’s just stay here together, shall we?” I said shamelessly.

“Humph! Don’t think I don’t know what you men are thinking. All of you are just as bad as the other,” Ling’er said with a frown.

“Ling’er, don’t worry! Believe me, I’m a good man. I won’t do anything to you, I swear!” I stated righteously. First step is to make her stay!

“Humph, you better not,” Ling’er stated before stalking off to the bed.

“Let’s first take our clothes off and let them dry shall we,” I stated righteously as I started stripping.

However, all I got was a glare before Ling’er channeled Qi that caused water droplets to spray out from her robe, drying it completely. F**k! Curse the one who invented such a skill! That’s destroying one of man’s dreams right there!

“Ahaha … Ling’er mind helping me with that as well?” I said as I slowly stepped up to her.

“Y-you, stay back!” Ling’er said as she glared at me while backing up the bed a bit.

“Ahaha, Ling’er, how can you help me dry my clothes if I stay back. If you want me to stay back, I’ll stay back after you dry my clothes alright? I swear,” I slyly said.

Ling’er didn’t seem to find anything wrong with my statement, hence she allowed me to get closer. Of course, I can’t let her dry my clothes so simply yet can I now? Hence with a pounce, both of us were on the bed and I tightly hugged Ling’er.

“Y-You! Let go of me you pervert!” Ling’er screamed as she struggled, aiming a palm of Qi at me, but I ignored it as I held on tight.

“I will not let go! We used to do this all the time! You don’t have to be so embarrassed about it!” I stated as honest as I could.

Ling’er froze before questioning, “What do you mean? Did I know you?”

“Of course you did, I was your lover. Do you not remember Ling’er?” I shamelessly stated while I looked at her pitifully.

Ling’er was silent before asking, “Was I really … your lover?”

I nodded before narrating our story back at Fu Empire. Of course, I emphasized our relationship when possible, and slyly left out the fact that most of the time I was a slime; however, I did truthfully report our final moments together for that I can not lie about. I felt a shiver down my spine as if some entity was angry over me disclosing the content, but I ignored it.

Ling’er was silent afterwards as if in doubt, but she was lying calmly in my embrace so I had no complaints. Not long after though, as if realizing something, Ling’er asked a question with a soft voice, “Is that why I keep having this weird feeling that seems to lead me to you?”

Although I don’t know what that is, but it might have to do with the love charm that connects us. So, I nodded while slyly saying, “That just means you truly love me.”
Ling’er blushed a bit before her eyes shifted a bit. I knew it was time, hence I swiftly dived in for the kiss! My lips connected with her soft, plump lips as I had a taste of her sweet scent. Although I wanted to continue, a notification caused me to stop.

[Lover’s Charm hidden ability, “One Heart for Two” has been enabled.]

I queerly stared at that message, but I was unable to get any more information as I can’t exactly inspect the Lover’s Charm item anymore nor did the ability appear in my status page.

So, I turned back to Ling’er with the desire to continue my taste test. Unfortunately, Ling’er had already twisted herself to face the other side. Although I tried to convince her to turn back, she vehemently refused as a red blush tinted her ears. So, I had no choice but to be satisfied with hugging her.

Not long after, Ling’er circulated her Qi to dry us without turning over. Then she told me she’ll leave as soon as the rain stops. It then hit me that it truly might be dangerous if we stay here as it was the enemy lair. I was surprised that there were no black cloth cultivators getting in our way earlier, so I could not help but ask Ling’er. She told me that when she was rescuing me, there was no black cloth cultivators in the vicinity, but only torn black cloth at most instead.

I had an ominous feeling because I knew I wasn’t the one that killed them nor would the demoness have any reason to as well. However, I threw it to the back of my mind as I knew that this place was safe. Hence, with a beauty in my embrace, I enjoyed my first peaceful night’s rest.

Unknown to me, it will be the only one for a long time to come.

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