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SPA Chapter 93

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Springy Steps

Suddenly, swift screeching sounds resounded in the room as multiple darts flew towards multiple parts of the seductress’s body from the side. The seductress frowned but had no choice but to dodge out of the way by swiftly backing away from where I sat.

Before the seductress could pinpoint the attacker’s position, a couple talisman flew towards her before exploding in clouds of smoke. My vision was also obscured as the smoke quickly filled the room; however, I saw the seductress hurriedly rush towards me as if she knew I was the target.

But before she could, I heard a couple of swift darts sounds again before I saw the seductress scream in pain and backed off to hide in the smoke swiftly.

I felt someone come behind as my heart beat increased swiftly and pasted what seemed to be talisman over a couple spots of the rope. Then with a couple of bang which caused me to whimper a little, the robe broke, giving me freedom; however, that did not last long as whoever broke me free swiftly grabbed me before pulling me off to follow them. Although I did not know who it was that saved me, my heart told me to follow as there seemed to be a connection that told me that this person will not harm me.

We soon broke out of the room with a puff of smoke. As we continued to run, I finally noticed my surroundings which seemed to be a tunnel. It was still too dark to see who it was that saved me, but I could smell a faint, familiar smell which caused my heart to beat. I could hear the seductress scream that she will kill us from behind, but then I heard a boom as she seemed to have stepped into a trap placed by my rescuer.

Surprisingly, there were no assailants in black cloth blocking our way. Hence not long after, I could see the end of the tunnel. As we dashed out of the tunnel, faint moonlight streamed down, illuminating my rescuer who was in front of me. Dressed in white robe and using a white veil to hide her face but failing to hide her small, dainty nose, she had luxurious black hair that danced with the wind as she swiftly pulled me along in our escape.

With one glance to look back at our pursuer, she revealed her lively, azure that I had dreamed of seeing for so long. There was no need to confirm who she is, but I could not believe it to be reality for I know that she is dead. Conflict arose inside me as I could only hope she is who I believe her to be, but I was so afraid that if I let my hopes brew, my hopes would be shattered once more.

My hands could not help but sweat, but I simply gripped onto her hand tighter, not wanting to let go of my hopes. She glanced at me with confusion. Does she not remember me? Is it not her? My heart clenched as I could not help but call out, “Ling’er?”

I watched her eyes widen in shock before her brows scrunched. It’s her! My heart could not help but pick up pace as all sorts of crazy thoughts jumbled in my brain. How is this possible? What do I do now?

However, a raging, sinister shout broke me out of my stupor. I finally realized we were still escaping from the devil that was chasing us. I hurriedly look around us and noticed that we were in the forest once more. It seemed that I was held in a secret room built underground in the forest. I took one glance back and noticed a demoness dressed in rags swiftly catching up to us. Although she was a bit bloody, the rags only outlined her sexy figure, but with her constant curses of ‘I will kill you’, I don’t dare to stop to admire. I swiftly turned around to focus on escaping, with a springy steps as right in front of me was the perfect motivation for me to chase after.

Unfortunately, it seems the level difference was too big. It’s definitely not me dragging us down, it’s the demoness’s level that’s too high. Well, she swiftly caught up to us, so we had no choice but to stop our escape to face off against her as we knew we weren’t escaping.

“Hahahaha! I was wondering who it was, but it turns out to be the Hua girl. Just perfect, I needed to capture you as well to control your father, and now you delivered yourself up to my doors! Save me the trouble!” the demoness laughed excitedly.

Ling’er humphed before pulling out a sword. Then she wanted to pull her other hand back to prepare for battle, but I held on tight, not letting go. She turned to glare at me and said, “Let go.”

I shook my head in refusal. She stared at me before asking, “Why?”

“Because you will leave after the fight if I let you go, so I have to hold on to you so I won’t lose you again,” I stated with a smile.

She glared at me harder before trying to shake off my hand, but I held on tight. She commanded once more, “Let go!”

“I’ll let it go if you promise to not leave afterwards. I want to talk to you,” I declared solemnly.

She scrunched her brows before nodding and stating, “I also want to talk to you.”

I finally let her hands go and she turned to prepare for battle as Indigo Qi flared up on her sword. That’s my girl, Ling’er! While pitiful me was at Yellow Dan, she is already at Indigo Dan!

However, what met us was the demoness’s mocking laughter, “Ahahaha! With your pitiful strength, you came for this lusty guy!”

I glared at the demoness in anger as I stated righteously, “I’m not a lusty guy!”

“Hohoh? Then how do you explain that?” the demoness giggled before pointing towards my lower body.

Then all three pairs of eyes focused on my lower part, where I wasn’t wearing pants. There, little brother Pro was standing tall and ready for battle. Sh*t, I forgot about you!

“*cough* I lost my pants during the escape. Don’t mind the little one. Ling’er we should focus on killing this demoness in front of us,” I said in embarrassment while Ling’er’s eyes shifted away as a blush crept on her cheeks.

Ah! So cute~But we don’t have time for that.

“Hahahaha! Kill me?! I would like to see you try!” the demoness growled in a vicious voice before Brown Qi flared up around her hands as a heavy pressure descended upon us.

Oh f**k! Why do the villains always have to be so strong?! But as the cliche novel goes, the villain will always be defeated no matter the level difference-


[Host has taken fatal damage.] [{Rise From the Dead} has activated and negated fatal damage.]

F**k! I got smashed into a tree right from the gecko. I didn’t even see her coming!


Ling’er was also smashed into a tree nearby, causing her veil to flutter off as she spat out mouthfuls of blood which caused my heart to clench as I confirmed that she was my Ling’er. Then, I saw the demoness appear in front of Ling’er with a vicious expression.

“Hahaha, although I won’t kill you, but I will make sure to rip off your arms and legs so you can’t escape like this!” the demoness laughed viciously as her hands reached for Ling’er.

No. No! NO! Not like this! Not again! I can’t let anything happen to Ling’er again! Time seemed to have slowed as I watched the events transpire. My heart felt like it was ripping apart as I rapidly sprung towards the demoness who had almost grabbed onto Ling’er. Please let me make it in time this time!

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