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SPA Chapter 92

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Is it Spring?

NOTE: This chapter has minor sexual content, skip for your own safety~

Urgggg. A heavy headache assaulted me for a bit before I slowly opened my eyes. I slowly glanced around in front of me. I seemed to be in some sort of luxurious room, albeit a small one. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t. I looked down to see a metallic color rope strapping me to a metal chair that seemed to have been nailed to the ground. My only free arm was tied against the side of my body by the rope as well. I tried using {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} void form, but some rune marks glowed on the straps which seemed to prevent me from escaping. The runes faded away as I turned off my ability.

“Ohoh? Interesting, to disappear like that right in front of my eyes … it seems you have more secrets to you then I expected,” a charming voice resounded behind me.

Sh*t! I froze before I turned my head back. There, I saw a beautiful, mature woman lazily lying on a luxurious bed. She was wearing a short, loose pink silk top that did not do much to cover up her smooth white body, fully revealing her belly. Her full volume cleavage jiggled occasionally as her moist eyes on her smooth, thin face glanced in my direction. Long silky black hair flowed down her back to her waist. I could see her sexy, long legs stretching out on the bed as a pink panty gloriously covered her secret spot. She lazily got up before slowly stepping over to me bare-footed. Holy sh*t! It’s a real sl**ty fox!

I hurriedly turned away from the tempting sight as I recited my mantra to calm down. I heard a giggle before I felt a soft bump squishing against the top of my head as two smooth arms wrapped around my body. A flowery perfume drifted into my nose that caused my mind to blank for a moment, but a notification woke me up as the drug was absorbed by my {Poison Body}.

Then, she leaned her head on shoulder as she sweetly whispered, “Are you … interested for a good time? If you are willing to tell me all your secrets, I will … make sure you release more than you can in dreams~”

I gulped, but I bit my lips to awaken my senses. I cannot be tempted! I must not fall for such low leveled trickery! Ignore the soft, ticklish sensation from the devil’s red lips blowing wind against my ear!

“I-I will never reveal my secrets! Whoever you are, l-let me go this instant,” I stuttered out as I mentally continued to chant my mantra with my eyes closed.

“Hoh? Don’t want to tell me your secrets? That is fine, let’s not talk about that. As for who I am, you can say I belong to the divine glory faction. All I am in charge of is the Ma Family, but since my ambush failed, I now have to result to this. So, I will present you a deal in which you won’t lose anything from. Simply tell me the plans of the Ma family and I will give you a very pleasant time,” the devil whispered again as her hands naughtily moved about my chest.

Eh? What plans? I’ve been trapped in a basement and experimented on for a month! What plans could I even know?! So, I responded, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Ohoh? I like difficult ones like you. You will all hold onto your righteous belief of not betraying your friends, family. But in the end, men only listen to … ” the devil whispered in my ear as her hands slowly slid down my body.

I opened my eyes wide in shock as I felt a grip over the pants that protect my little brother Pro. I shivered as the hands gave a little squeeze while a giggle was heard by my ear, “This is all men listen to, isn’t it?”

I gulped as I hurriedly chanted my mantra. I shook my head furiously before stuttering, “I- I am an honest man! I do not lust! D-do not tempt me with such trivial tricks!”

“Ohoh? A naughty one aren’t you? But it seems the little one isn’t really as honest as you is he?” the devil said with a charming giggle as she slowly strolled in front of me, grasping my little brother who is ignoring my command to stay down due to me having a direct view of the pink panty and long white legs.

“Hee hee, normally, I don’t like doing this for my prisoners. I would result to pain as that usually is faster, but I took pity that you would not be able to experience it being so young, so I decided to give you some special service that may help you change your mind~” the seductress stated before slowly kneeling down in front of me.

Then, I watched as the seductress cut the lower part of my robe with a knife she pulled out of thin air and took it off. The underwear naturally followed as my little brother stood upright, ready for battle. Oi! I don’t want you to battle this seductress though little brother!!!

The seductress looked up into my eyes and licked her red lips as she looked down at my little brother. She slowly unbuttoned the front of her silk robes, revealing her two mountains which caused me to fail in my suppression of my little brother’s rise to power.

“Look how cute this little one is, very honest indeed. Although some may find me dirty, but I can say I had learned a lot serving the older ones. It’s rare I get to pleasure a young one like you, are you ready to have a taste of my technique boya? ” the seductress said in a charming voice as her hands taunted my little brother.

“N-No- I can’t-” I tried responding as I recited my mantra, but a single finger shushed me as my mantra shattered into disorganized pieces.

Then I watched as the pretty face slowly bent towards my little brother Pro, attempting to give it the kiss that will mark me for death.

I had an ominous feeling that told me to resist with all I can. This isn’t the Spring I want! I can’t fall here or I will never see my Ling’er again! I can’t fall here-

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