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SPA Chapter 91

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Spring’s Night

After walking in the open road for a while, we took a turn into a narrow alley. Then, we climbed down a manhole at the end of the alley. I was wondering if we had to go through the sewers to reach our destination, but apparently not. After walking out of the tunnel that the ladder led to, we stepped into a bustling, underground town. Although it was not as populated as above, but there were still many strolling about. Surprisingly, there were not as much shady looking individuals strolling about as I thought.

“Welcome to Night City. This is the underground world for the Sect. Both civilians and cultivators alike come here to sell … their ‘specialties’,” Fatty stated with a vulgar smile.

“Surprised by the size of this town? This town actually spans most of the size of the city above. There are many entrances to the city, and this city is under the protection of the Sect,” Jia Chun explained.

This city is legal?! I thought stuff like this would be the dirty dealings that should not be seen, but to be protected…

“Shocked? Brother Pro, you have to understand that not everyone at the Sect can get enough resource to cultivate. Then, in order to prevent daylight robberies or conflicts, the Sect built this place for cultivators in need to come to sell their ‘specialties’ for resources. These ‘specialties’ are not limited, hence there are many ‘leisure’ places down here. And the largest of all would be Spring’s Night,” Jia Chun explained with a grin as we strolled towards our destination.

Not long after, we stopped in front of a large multistory, luxurious building that seemed to be an auction house. A butler with a mustache greeted us as we strolled up the steps leading into the building.

Walking inside, I noticed a restaurant style layout with a stage at the front. I could see many cultivators in robes, both male and female, lining up to perform on the stage.

“See that Bro Pro? That’s where one can go display their skills if they want to sell their ‘specialty’. The bolder they are, the higher probability of picking up a customer,” Fatty stated proudly as if he owns the place.

Suddenly, a fresh scent drifted into my nose as a plump feeling squeezed against my only arm. I looked over to see a lady dressed in loose clothing which showed her cleavage.

She giggled before stating, “This little brother. Would you be interested in … having some tea with this big sister. This big sister will serve you verrryy well. This big sister will also pay you a spirit stone per hour. How about it?”

I froze in shock as the lady winked at me lustfully. Although she was sexy and beautiful, I honestly wasn’t ready for this.

To calm myself down, I repeatedly recited in my “See Buddha, kill Buddha. See Beauty, f**k Beauty. But if I do, I will get STD.” Jia Chun hurriedly switched over to my side and skillfully unhooked the lady from me before stating with a cheerful smile, “I apologize miss, but we are together.”

“Fuhee hee, I don’t mind having a foursome, but I will not pay for the Fatty over there,” the lady said with a charming smile.

“*cough* Hey! What is wrong with this handsome young master?! You don’t know how many ladies want to sleep with this young master, yet you- Pei! As if we want to make out with a cheap sl*t like you!” Fatty hollered in anger as Jia Chun and me held him back.

“Sorry miss, maybe next time,” I replied as gently as possible.

“Humph, cheap newbies. Don’t know what’s better for you,” the lady scoffed before strolling away. I couldn’t help but glance at Jia Chun to ask if we were going to get in any trouble.

Jia Chun shook his head before explaining, “Don’t worry, nobody can force anyone here. This place has strict rules on that.”

After the Fatty calmed down, Jia Chun strolled over to who seems to be the proprietress to get a room for us. We were then led upstairs into an empty room with a simple dining room setup, enough to house around five individuals. Fatty then hollered to order some wine and side dishes which I’ve never heard of.

The wine arrived after a while. Fatty hurriedly pour each of us a cup and then said, “Bro Pro, I haven’t met you for long, but you’ve saved my life multiple times. I believe we had agreed to the fact that if we returned alive from that tomb, we would drink to become brothers in arms. As Jia Chun is already my brother, then he shall become your brother as well. There’s no problem there is there you two?”

I glanced over at Jia Chun and he smiled back, hence we both nodded to which Fatty raised his cup, “Gan Bei!”

With a chorus of “Gan Bei”, we began to chug our wine; however, only Fatty chugged down the cup of wine. Then he queerly looked at me who had taken a sip and Jia Chun who held the cup up to his nose.

“Eh? Bro Pro? Bro Chun, what are you two doin-” the Fatty spluttered before passing out onto the table.

Jia Chun glanced at me then hurriedly poor his cup of wine under the table. I nodded in understanding because I was warned by a notification.

[Ding~ You have consumed content with medicinal properties. Content has been absorbed by {Divine Blood Rebirth}.]

Then as if planned, both of us went, “Ahhh~ Why am I so dizzy” before plopping down upon the table.

Silence descended upon our room. After a while, I heard the doors to the room open as there seemed to be a group of people sneaking in.

“Hurry and stuff them into the bags before we are discovered,” a gruff voice said.

I heard shuffling sounds as a hand grabbed on to me, but suddenly a scratchy voice questioned, “Eh? Why is the floor so wet?”

“Sh*t! We’ve been played-” the gruff voice resounded.

Before they could think any further, both Jia Chun and me sprung up from our seats. Jia Chun threw a powder into the air near the assailants while I pulled out my sword and cleaved off the head of the one holding onto me. The man with a gruff voice rushed over, but I gave him a punch with the fist I charged up which knocked him out of the room. I turned around and I hurriedly rush over to help Jia Chun finish off the group of five assailants who were scratching their eyes due to the powder. Unfortunately, by the time I turned around, the man with a gruff voice was long gone.

“Jia Chun, take Fatty back first. I’ll go after the last one. Let’s see who’s behind this,” I commanded.

“How are you- ” Jia Chun began before realization dawned upon him, “F**k, that annoying skill of yours. Be safe Brother Pro.”

I nodded before dashing off to follow my marked target. The butler was about to block my way, but I told him that my companion will explain so he nodded and stepped out of the way.

I continued my chase through the surface world as the prey cautiously kept out of others’ sight while I kept a distance so I don’t get discovered. The chase gradually led me outside of the city where I had to use {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}, but as night slowly settled in, I had no worries of being discovered on the plain, so I saved some Qi.

Eventually, reached a familiar forest. I activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} as I entered the forest. I hid behind a tree that was close enough to listen in on the conversation as I watched the prey kneel down in front of a hooded figure.

“Master, we have failed you. The brats were smarter than we thought,” the prey stated.

“Yes, they are indeed smart. Normally, your failure would cost you your life; however … you did your part very well this time. You as a prey had led the other prey into my net,” a woman’s voice resounded.

I suddenly had a chill down my spine as I hurriedly used {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} void form to escape; however, I knocked into a familiar invisible barrier.

“Oh little boya~ Where do you think you’re going~” the sinister woman’s voice resounded ever so close to me before I felt a strong force striking my head causing my consciousness to fade.

Oh for Mr. Aura’s sake, can you get any more cliche than this?!

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