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SPA Chapter 90

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Spring is Coming

The wait seemed to be forever, but Master Ma finally came back at night. He told me to follow him to begin training. Of course, I invited the Fatty as well, but the Fatty dashed off very quickly for some reason, but I was too excited about learning pill refining to notice.

I followed Master Ma through the mansion. We came before a bookshelf which slid open after Master Ma twisted a vase. Honestly, I thought security was very lax since it relied on a vase like in dramas, but apparently, there is actually some Qi recognition device on that vase. There would be no way for me to enter unless I had a special talisman key on my body. So much for easy break ins and looting like in television dramas.

After going down a winding stair, we entered a basement filled with many vials, cauldrons, and shelves of books. Then there were the assortments of eyeballs, fingernails, and species of unknown creatures in jars. Hmm … no matter how I looked at it, it looked like an evil alchemist’s lair. Oh f**k.

I made the smartest decision of my life and hurriedly scurried out of that basement; however, when I reached the top of the stairs, my way out was gone. The bookcase didn’t slide to the side no matter how much I shoved it, nor was there a hidden switch. It was like a wall that was originally stuck there. Although I tried to go through with {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}, I encountered some invisible wall that bounced me back. It was then that the old fox told me that there is a space lock barrier in order to prevent accidents from escaping and that it is impossible to exit without the key talisman.

I could only calm myself down by telling myself that my own master won’t treat me that bad will he. Not long after, I found myself strapped to a table by chains. The old fox told me to watch how he refined the pills. Although I told him it would be easier for me to watch if I was unstrapped, he told me it is for my own safety in the future. So, I watched as a disgusting pill came out. Black fumes also escaped the cauldron but the old fox giggled before bringing over the black pill.

“Here, try this. Don’t worry, I’ll save you when it gets dangerous,” the old fox said.
Choking, going into heat, spitting out gunk, suffering through this and that was how my first month as a disciple was spent.

— One Month Later —

It was not as bad as expected. Besides learning up to level 2 of {Basic Alchemy}, I actually gained a bunch of experience from the medicinal pills for both my {Divine Blood Rebirth} and my {Poison Body}. There was even an extra bonus to my {Divine Mental Fortress} and I wonder why, but I can care less now because as soon as the old fox unstrapped me from that table after a month, I grabbed his key and bolted out of there.

[Basic Alchemy]
Level : 2 {13%}
Basic Alchemy allows for user to craft product through fusion of materials. There will be a 1% increase in successful fusion chance as this skill levels up. This skill can gain experience through successfully fusing materials. Recipes sold separately.
Current fusion bonus : 2%

Not long after I dashed out, I bumped into Fatty, who is now actually fat again. Fatty looked at me as if he’s seen a ghost before hugging my thigh and crying his eyes out while bawling, “I thought I will never see you again.”

So he DID know about the ‘training’. After giving a satisfactory amount of kicks to Fatty’s a**, Jia Chun came by with a smile.

His injuries was all healed as he greeted me, “Brother Pro survived Master’s training and is still standing, this one here respects you.”

Fatty stated as he giggled, “I remember when Bro Chun came out, he laid in bed for 2 months!”

“Then there’s you who didn’t even live through half the training,” Jia Chun retorted back.

*cough* Let’s not talk about trivial details about the past. Ah! How about we go celebrate Bro Pro’s survival! Let’s go to that place!” Fatty hollered with a very wicked grin as drool slopped out of his mouth.

“*cough* As a gentleman, I must not enter such forbidden-” Jia Chun started, but he was interrupted, by Fatty, “Pei! You already went there plenty, probably even more than me! No need to pretend!”

I looked at them confusedly as Fatty stared back at me with a dirty face before stating, “Don’t you remember? Bro Pro, you promised that we would go have a drink at Spring’s Night when we come back~”

Spring’s Night? Oh yes, Spring is coming tonight. A smile appeared on my face as I said in a gentle manner, “My brothers, although this one doesn’t usually go to those places, this one will accompany you two in order to watch over your unruly actions and will stop you before you two go overboard.”

With that, the three of us gave a grin that only men would understand. Then I followed the Fatty and Jia Chun out of the mansion through a side door. Hmmm … I feel like we forgot about something that that old fox told us; however, I believe that nothing that old fox says should be remembered, hence I ignored my instincts.

— On the Busy Street —

Hence, three men strutted along the wide road as people avoided them naturally due to their disgusting expressions on their faces.

As they continued on, unnoticed by the other two who are lost in lust, one of the skinny man’s face started to show discomfort while clenching a hand over his heart. As he continued walking on the road, the discomfort kept increasing until his heart was about to burst his chest as if telling him to look to the side now for his Spring is there! In the edge of the young man’s vision, he saw a clean white robe that seems to belong to a woman. A faint, familiar smell drifted into his nose.

“Xiao Ling’er! Watch out!” a faint voice hollered from above in the busy street.

The young man immediately looked towards the side of that white robe, but suddenly a carriage pulled by horses dashed past his vision, blocking the view to the other side. After the carriage passed, the young man frantically looked across the busy street, but there was only the busy pedestrians cursing the crazy driver.

“Oi Bro Pro! What are you doing dilly dallying back there. Did you get cold feet?” Fatty’s voice resounded from afar.

Pro shook his head as he muttered, “Must be my imagination.”

Then, he hollered, “Coming~” as dashed off to catch up to his two buddies.

Unnoticed by him, in a tea-house balcony, a girl in white robe stared at him from afar with complicated eyes as another older girl in yellow robe pestered her for being careless.

Unnoticed by both of these parties, laying hidden in the shadows of the buildings were cultivators dressed in black cloth. As if they had made a decision, all of them left their surveillance of the girl in white robe and sped after the trio in the distance. It’s time for the shadows to spring a trap.

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