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SPA Chapter 89

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Sect and Schemes

The carriage continued on its walk out of the forest. Of course there isn’t a driver this time, nor any more ambushes. A wide plain laid in my view with barely any obstacles, but I was still able to see interesting landmarks from afar. Far away in the distance to the front was a silhouette of what seems to be the Sect. The Fatty confirmed that was where we were heading.

To the West was a large snowy mountain range. To the East was a stretch of ocean that I could not see the ends of, but I did notice a port in the distance. As the carriage neared our destination, I noticed a large canyon beyond our destination, which I was told that it was a danger zone similar to the forest. How am I able to see of this you say? Apparently windows can be opened on all sides of the carriage as a look-out. We didn’t need it before as we had a driver, but although it costs some energy, we needed it now just to be safe.

Soon, the carriage came upon our destination, the Sect. Outside the Sect laid many campfire pits that seemed to have been recently used. A tall, circular city wall stood as a barrier to the Sect. A large gate was the only entrance on our side, with many guards dressed in cultivator robes. Surprisingly, there was a queue of what seemed to be merchants and villagers. They were slowly marching in after they were inspected.
Of course our carriage took a side path. We neared one side of the wall where Fatty got off and pressed a crest onto a hole on the wall. Then, a part of the wall sunk into the ground, greeting us with a tunnel in which the carriage trudged through.

After entering the Sect no matter how I looked at it, this Sect looked like a bonafide city from an ‘isekai’ novel. The carriage trudged along a paved street with many shops on both sides including an inn. As we continued on in what seemed to be a clockwise direction, I even saw a large plaza where many stalls were set up. Pass the plaza was a moat with a bridge that led to a large, towering fantasy castle where I could see many beams of lights flying around in the air. I was told that’s where most of the regular cultivators live and where important gatherings are held. The Sect Master also lives there as its sole ruler.

Eventually, our carriage turned into the residence area which included many adobe houses packed next to each other; however, there weren’t yards for them. Finally, our carriage moved into a less populated area where many large mansions were located. Our carriage stopped in front of a mansion that had the signage of Ma Family.

I was allocated a room by Master Ma before he swiftly headed off after forbidding us to leave the mansion. He told me he would start training with me tonight and told me to familiarize myself with the mansion. So, I spent my time asking Fatty about the city and trying the food that the servants cooked while waiting in excitement for my path to become the medicine god to begin. Or so I thought.

— In The Hua Mansion —

“Your Majesty, Elder Ma requests an audience,” a soldier in armor respectfully reported to a man in green robe.

“Let him in, ” the man in green robe stated with furrowed brows.

Not long after, a short grandpa stepped into the room. He swiftly walked over and sat down on a chair.

“Ahhh~ Finally back. Honestly, I thought my old bones finally would end up in the soil on this trip,” Elder Ma complained.

“Hahaha, Uncle Ma, if it was so easy for anyone to crack your old bone, those from the divine glory faction would long have done it,” the green robed man laughed.

“Tsk-, you brat still the same as before. Unfortunately these old bones can’t beat you anymore or I would still beat you like in the old days for disrespecting me,” Elder Ma replied.

“Alright, alright. Let’s not talk about the old days. Uncle Ma, what brings you here today. Usually you would be lecturing that brat of yours. Perhaps you finally want to set up a marriage between your brat and my precious daughter? You would already know my daughter’s marriage can’t be decided by me. With her temper~ Aiii~” the green robed man stated in a harmonious tone, but suddenly, he went silent when he noticed the solemn look on Elder Ma’s face.

“Xiao Hua, I’m sorry. This old man made a large blunder,” Elder Ma stated with regret on his face before he explained what happened on his trip.

Silence descended upon the room after the explanation as the green robed man sighed before stating, “Uncle Ma, we still don’t know how much they know. If our plans were leaked, so be it. It would have eventually leaked anyways, but it matters not as the divine glory faction can’t stop us. We can’t delay any longer. You already know, the Shen Ren continent is about to open once again. Our plan must go through while they still don’t have much information on us or else …”

“*sigh* I know, but I just have an ominous feeling, especially since I’m injured. If anything, I don’t want Xiao Yun to get involved in this. With my injury, I might not be able to protect him, so I will be sending him away,” Elder Ma replied.

“Where do you plan to send him?” the green robed man asked.

“The most dangerous place is also the safest place. There are many opportunities in the Shen Ren continent. Perhaps he will meet a master from the realm above,” Elder Ma sighed.

The green robed man was silent as if pondering before asking, “Then, what about Brother Xiong’s …”

“I also plan to send him along with my disciple. After all, it’s better to have someone look after that bumbling grandson of mine,” Elder Ma replied.

“When are you going to send them away?” the green robed man asked.

“At least a month later, but probably not much later. This way when they reach the other continent, it will be opened already instead of forcing them to drift at sea. I will teach as much as I can to the Xiong brat. His father had talent for pill refining, he should be able to pick up something. He also has a special constitution which I can help him train. I’m afraid he’ll have to suffer during this month, but it’s for his own good,” Elder Ma giggled.

The green robed man’s lips twitched as if remembering some nasty memory before sighing as if making a final prayer for some unlucky disciple.

“Ah, by the way. Did you want me to make arrangements for Xiao Ling’er as well?” Elder Ma questioned.

“No need. I’m not so stupid to put my cute daughter in the dirty hands of your brats. I naturally have arrangements for her to leave as well,” the green robed man stated.

“Alright, alright. Pshh~ Like your Ling’er is all that. Fine, this old man won’t bother you any longer. I still need to ‘teach’ the Xiong brat, ” Elder Ma stated grumpily before storming off as the green robed man shook his head with a smile before returning to what he was pondering.

Unnoticed by both men, in a dark room elsewhere, a crystal ball shattered after showing the last scene of their conversation.

“Although this is the last crystal ball, but finally you drop your guard and released some useful information. One month eh? And can’t stop you? Well, we obviously can’t stop you, but I will make sure to capture those children before that. See if you can still proceed with your plans with your children in my hands! Ahahaha!” a dark, sinister laugh of a woman reverberated in the room.

“Shadows of divine glory, go. Watch over those children, and make a move when possible.”

In the calm night, swift shadows cautiously encroached upon the locations of the children, keeping a distance while silently waiting for the perfect opportunity.

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