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SPA Chapter 88

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Fists of Fury

Pan froze in shock as his attack passed through the smoke. A ominous feeling arose in his heart. I watched as a frown appeared on his face, but before he could think further, I made my move.

My clones materialized from thin air as they rushed towards the other assailant. I already had this place surrounded with many clones in invisibility, each of them charging up a special attack, my fists of fury.

Now it is the time. My clones all closed in on the assailant as they took aim. As for what they aimed at? Of course it makes sense for the fists of fury to punch the balls of fury. Screams of agony filled the place as the assailants luckily turned out to be all males. Seriously, if they didn’t scream from the charged up {Invincible Fist} hitting their balls, I would doubt they are real man. It’s a fallacy that real men don’t scream in pain.

I watched as Pan turned around swiftly in shock, but it’s too late. I specially prepared two charged clones for him so a threesome can happen. Of course it would be a painful one. I watched as he reacted in time to dissipate the clone coming from the front, but he failed to block the one coming from behind. The clone aimed his fists upwards, landing a critical strike on the Pan’s lower handle.

Pan’s face scrunched up in an ugly expression with bulging eyes as his mouth gaped open, but no sound came out. Oh, he’s not a real man I see, but it doesn’t matter as it would no longer matter. I spawned two more clones who rushed up to grab onto Pan, one of each side. Then, the threesome rushed off the cliff. Truly, a Broken-Heart Chasm.
After what seems to be minutes, my clones that jumped off popped from unknown attacks, bringing back the image of Pan’s still-falling body. Mmm, I definitely should not jump down this cliff unless I have no heart for it to splatter as that is one god d*mn long and dangerous drop.

After ending the lives of the survivors(eunuchs), my clones popped with an exception of a few as my true body materialized next to Fatty and the old grandpa while my clones went over to carry Jia Chun into the carriage.

“You alright Fatty?” I asked as I helped the weak Fatty up.

“Yeah, I’m alright Bro Pro. *cough* Aii~ Bro Pro, you saved us again,” Fatty said with a half-smile as he seemed to be depressed over the betrayal.

“No problem, let’s go in and rest up. Then we can head back to the sect,” I stated as I helped Fatty towards the carriage.

“OI! Did you forget this old man!? This old man needs help as well! You can’t forsake your master like this you un-filial disciple!” the old fox hollered.

“Pei! You should be fine as you should have cleared most of the drug away already you old fox! You aren’t a pill master for nothing. And, who’s your disciple!” I glared at the old fox.

“*cough* Let’s not mind the small details. You already did all of this for me! I will not be able to live with myself if I don’t take you as my disciple! I knew you cared for us kid, now don’t deny your true feelings and be my disciple!” the old fox hollered as he got up and stalked me.

I ignored the old man as I hurried the Fatty who was giggling on the side to the carriage.

“Alright, alright. This old man knows. Although this old man was unwilling before, after all you have done, this old man is willing to offer up anything. Just say it, what do you want. I have riches for all your needs! Money! Cultivation manuals! Pills to make you stronger! Hell, I even have pills to bring people back to life-” the old grandpa continued, but I jolted to a stop as I heard the last sentence.

Hope bubbled in me as I hurried grabbed the old man to confirm, “You really have pills that can bring people back to life?!”

The old man froze in shock before he realized something.

He looked at me with sympathy before calmly stating, “You know that although it can, there are restrictions. The pill is called a {Soul Gathering Pill} and will only work if you have their intact body…”

I do know what a Soul Gathering Pill is as depression came to shatter my hopes once more as I muttered the one name that I couldn’t forget, “Ling’er”.

“EH? Ling’er? It can’t be …” the old man thought but then as if enlightened by a sly plan, he excitedly said to me, “Brat, believe me, if you become my disciple and learn under me, I will let you see a Ling’er once again!”

Eh? He’ll let me see Ling’er? What does he mean? Is he lying to me? I looked at the old fox with distrustful eyes.

“Oi, don’t look at me like that! I’m speaking the truth! I will let you meet a Ling’er again if you pay your respects to me as your master. My life as a pill master is very precious, but I shall swear on my life!” the old man said with a sly smile as he stroke his beard arrogantly.

My heart shook. Although I had a hard time believing it, but I can’t help but have my hopes bloom. Maybe he speaks the truth. After all, in novels, godly pill masters can create pills that bring people back to life! I excitedly asked once again to confirm, “Will you really help me meet my Ling’er again?”

The old man choked a bit at my sincere expression as if guilty, but coughed before stating, “O-of course. I will help you meet ‘A’ Ling’er again.”

Excitement filled me as I hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed. The prospects of being able to revive Ling’er caused me to willingly take the sly old fox as my master.

“Xiong Zhi Ye pays his respect to Master Ma,” I respectfully said, but for some reason it sounded very wrong.

I couldn’t help but doubt what was wrong. Wait, did he say ‘A’ Ling’er? What does that mean?

“Master, what do you mean by ‘A’ Ling-” I tried questioning, but was cut off by master Ma, “*Cough* Don’t mind the small details. As you had already recognized me as your master, you shall be my disciple for life whether you like it or not.”

“But, I only did it for my Ling-” I tried to retort as my doubts increased but I was cut off once again.

“Oh! I forgot! Xiao Chun is badly injured! We must quickly go treat him! He’s your Senior Brother now, so we are all a family. You can’t just let him die arguing over such a small matter now right? Go, go. Let’s go treat him!” Master Ma stated as he hurriedly strolled away.

The Fatty and I awkwardly stared at each other before the Fatty patted my shoulders before asking, “Bro Pro, you won’t back off on your words right? You’re my bro right?”

Then he strolled off. My mouth twitched. It felt like I’ve been scammed, but I guess it’s better in the end to have someone to rely on. Hence I sighed before following along. At least this master doesn’t look too bad right? He won’t treat me bad right?

A wind of fury swept across my back, giving me chills as if warning me about my choice, but I ignored it. It can’t be worst than what I already experienced right?

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