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SPA Chapter 87

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 87

Chapter 87: True Ambush

A safe journey? I should have known that Mr. Aura won’t let me off that easily.

The old grandpa turned to me before stating, “Brat, when I distract them. Get out of here as soon as possible. Xiao Yun told me you can. If you can, please take Xiao Yun-“

“No! Grandpa! I am not leaving you! I would rather die! No discussion!” Fatty declared before rushing out.

“*sigh* This child,” the old man said with a sad face, “Then, just go. This has nothing to do with you, but the sect is not far away. Get help if it is possible.”

Then, I watched as the group stepped out of the carriage with grave faces. A conflicting feeling brewed in my heart for a moment. Then, I took a deep breath before I decided on what I would do.

A while later, I stepped out of the carriage. The old fox was already negotiating with our assailants. There were about ten of them, all dressed and masked in black. Like seriously, if you’re going to dress in black, ambush us at night not in the freaking morning.

“Must we do this? Do you think you all will be able to finish this cleanly?” the old fox stated in a confident tone as he looked over at me in shock.

“Hah! Old man, we already got information from our sources that you are injured. Why else did you think we are here!” one of the assailants answered.

The old fox frowned in deep thought as he said gravely, “Hoh? I don’t know where you got that information from, but I can clearly tell you even if I am injured, I would have recovered by now. With just your measly powers, do you think you can take all of us on?”

“Hahaha! Of course we are not able to, at least, not just with us” the black assailant stated with a smirk.

The old fox’s frown deepened as confusion surfaced on his face. I glanced around trying to see if there was any other assailants hiding out there, preparing to join the fight when it breaks out. There wasn’t, then what was the man talking about-

Then a bad feeling arose in me as I hurriedly looked over to the old grandpa’s direction. Unfortunately, I was too late to warn him as the true ambush was already too close.


“Grandpa!” “Master!” Fatty and Jia Chun hollered in agony as they rushed over.

I watched as the old grandpa toppled over onto his knees as he spitted out mouthfuls of blood. He turned around and glared furiously at the unexpected assailant as the assailant backed up to join the group of assailants.

“HAHAHAHA! Fool, you have grown old! To not even be able to dodge this, but then again, it was the doing by this one’s brilliant hands, of course you can’t dodge,” Pan stated with a wicked smile.

“You! Xiao Pan, why?!” the old grandpa howled furiously at the former Uncle Pan before spitting out another mouthful of blood.

“Hahaha! There is no why! It’s more like when! I’ve been preparing for this moment since I had been placed in your household! Your old skull was still so hard to crack until today! I’ve waited so long for this day!” Pan laughed uproariously.

The old grandpa glared at Pan before stating in a grave tone, “The divine glory faction sent you didn’t they?”

I did not know who the divine glory faction was, but I noticed that Jia Chun clenched his hands when he heard that name. Is it an spiteful enemy organization?

“Hahaha! Although old, seems that your brain still hasn’t gone dull. However, it doesn’t matter because you will not be able to use that brain of yours after today while I get to live a life of luxury!” Pan smirked.

The old grandpa sighed in anger as he got up before stating, “Xiao Pan, with our many years of relationship, go. You know even with this hit, I can still take everyone here down. Since I also don’t have much enmity with you and due to your many years of service, I will forgive your greed this once.”

“Hahahaha! This is the funniest thing I had heard old fool. Did you think I would so confidently reveal myself if I had not prepared in advance? I had already drugged the food for days. None of you should be able to circulate any Qi!” Pan stated confidently.

The old grandpa frowned as he tried to circulate his Qi before despair formed on his face. I also realized that the bonus experience that I got from the refreshment we ate wasn’t really a bonus for others.

“Hahaha! That face! That’s the face I wanted to see! Oh, I might as well tell you this as a parting gift. Your son and daughter-in-law. I was the one that schemed them towards their death. Now you know and can’t get revenge for them, how do you feel?! Hahahaha!” Pan stated.

I watched as Fatty and the old grandpa froze before rage surfaced on their face.

“I will KILL YOU!” Fatty roared before bolting over wantonly with the old grandpa doing the same with an ugly face.

Of course, it was to no avail as two assailants stepped up at with one palm sent the two sprawling to the ground, coughing up blood. Jia Chun hurriedly rush up to help them as he glared angrily at the assailants, but was helpless knowing that he couldn’t beat them.

“Alright, that’s enough of playing around. It’s time to send you to the other side. Kill them all, but just capture Jia Chun as we were ordered not to harm him. As for me, I’ll handle that obnoxious brat that joined us recently, ” Pan stated with a smirk as he strolled over to me while the assailants slowly strolled over to the rest.

I glared at him, but he only smiled and said with a sneer, “Oh, don’t glare at me like that. You can’t blame me but your misfortune from being caught up in this mess, but I really have to thank you. If not for you, the old skull won’t be so easy to break. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a quick death as a reward. Of course, that is after I dig your obnoxious eyes that keep glaring at me out.”

Before I could react, Pan appeared in front of me as his hands quickly reached for my eyes. Although I wanted to react, I never expected our level difference to be this big, especially since he seemed to have went all out. Don’t villains usually go easy on the good guys at the start!? Why the full onslaught?!

Suddenly, I felt a shove as I was blasted off to the side. A muffled thud resounded as I watched Pan’s attack hit Jia Chun’s chest, sending him flying back a distance. He coughed up multiple mouthfuls of blood before looking in my direction, mouthing “I don’t forget my debt” before passing out.

My heart clenched at his sacrifice. It was not needed! Why is he so stupid!? Why is everyone so stupid to always sacrifice for me!? Anger bubbled in me.

“Tsk- Although it was orders, this was unavoidable if he was seeking death. At least I pulled back at the last moment. Now that he’s out of the way, I want to see what can save you this time!” Pan said as he rushed towards me.

This time however, I was already prepared as I rushed towards the direction of the chasm before stopping near it. Pan chased after me but stopped a distance away from me before smirking, “Oh? Want to lure me in and perform a duo suicide? You wish. Do you think I’m so stupid?”

I glared at him before I smiled and rushed off to the side, following the edge of the chasm, but not jumping in.

“Oh? Using my vigilance to escape? Smart, but do you think I’m really afraid of a mere chasm? Even, if you pull me down, I’ll be able to get back up before I fall,” Pan sneered before dashing over to me.

Then, he aimed a palm gushing with purple Qi at me. The palm came closer and closer, but I had no power to dodge as the level difference was too large; however, I never intended to dodge in the first place. Both of us smirked as it seemed both of us achieved our goals, but the smirk on one of our face’s froze as my clone vanished in a puff of smoke on hit. Let the true ambush begin.

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