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SPA Chapter 86

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 86

Chapter 86: The Beginning

Not long after I woke up the next day, the group ate a quick breakfast before we headed out. Once Uncle Pan ushered us out of the tent in a hurry, he turned around and took out a talisman which he inserted some Qi into. Within a moment, the tent shrunk and compacted into a flowing ball of light which flew into the talisman. I stood with my mouth agape at such advanced and handy tech. This means that I can bring a comfy house along with me anywhere, a house where I can do this and that with girls in. They will have no excuse to refuse -*cough* Uncle Pan then put the talisman away before ushering us over to the carriage parked a short distance away.

I noticed how small the carriage was as I watched both the Fatty and Jia Chun file in. Uncle Pan signaled for me to enter with his hands before hopping onto the driver’s seat, waiting impatiently to depart. I looked at him queerly because a driver wasn’t needed due to there being no horses pulling the carriage, but he only looked back at me with a smile that gave me the creeps. I hurriedly went into the carriage.

As expected, the inside of the carriage was expanded through spacial laws, albeit on a much smaller scale than the tent; however, it was still luxuriously decorated. There were comfy couches, a matted floor, along with tables and refreshments. As I looked around, a familiar, deep voice boomed, “Kid, have a seat.”

I looked over towards the voice and saw a tiny grandpa sitting on a mat. Although it was the first time seeing this unfamiliar figure, I instantly recognized his face as the face of my tormentor. I retreated in shock as I drew my sword, ready to fight for my life.

“AH! Bro Pro! Calm down!” Fatty hurriedly yell as he rushed over and held on to me.

“Fatty, that’s the one who tort-” I replied with a whimper, but Fatty quickly stated, “Bro Pro, that’s my grandpa!”

I froze in shock. Huh? Fatty’s grandpa was my tormentor?

“*sigh* Kid, I must apologize for my misdeed. I had thought you were a spy from the enemies, hence I wanted to get information out of you. It was until later that I learned that you were my grandson’s savior. This old man is ashamed. Please forgive this old man, ” the grandpa stated in a grieved tone before bowing deeply.

The heck? Do you think a simple apology will mean all the torture should be forgiven?! I was about to retort, but Fatty beat me by stating, “Bro Pro, although it was, my grandpa was also the one who treated you afterwards. If not, I’m afraid I won’t be able to see you again!”

I hesitated at that statement, but it was technically his fault at first, so that doesn’t mean I should forgive him, but Fatty continued, “And, I don’t know how, but it seemed that grandpa must have exhausted a lot of energy from treating you because he had to rest after he treated you.”

At that statement, I pondered. Energy? Could it be his energy that I absorbed to enhance my abilities? Could it be that I absorbed too much, hence leading him to be weak. *cough* It couldn’t be.

Although I’m one who holds grudges, I’m not so petty to hold it over someone who is so sincere in his apology in addition to being the one who technically saved me. It’s definitely not because I can’t beat him! *cough* Hence under Fatty’s pleading face, I sighed before nodding lightly in the grandpa’s direction.

“Hahaha! It is a blessing you are willing to forgive this old man. This deserves a celebration. Oh why not make it a double celebration of celebrating your forgiveness and you becoming my disciple!” the grandpa stated with a jolly voice.

I was about to agree, but then I stopped as my train of thought registered what this old fox said. Pei! Who wants to be your disciple!

“Oi! I never said I wanted to be your disciple!” I stated with a wry smile.

“Tsk- But no matter. I will be able to convince you by the time we get back to the Sect. Hahahaha!” the old fox stated as cold sweat broke out on me.

I had a feeling that this would be annoying, so I debated whether I should get off the carriage and go separate ways. As if the old fox could read my thoughts, he stated with a jolly voice, “Ah, my little disciple, no need to worry. I will not force you. If you really don’t want to become my disciple by the time we get back, I swear that I will no longer bring up the topic of you becoming my disciple!”

“Tsk! Like I would believe that. Who knows how long this trip will take! Even if you don’t force me, you can annoy me to death! Especially since you are already annoying me before the trip even started!” I retorted in annoyance.

“Hah? Trip not started? Kid, what are you talking about? The trip had started long ago!” the old fox stated.

Then, with a wave of his hands, a large circular window faded into existence on one of the walls. Looking out the window, I could see the scenery of trees speeding by as it seems that the carriage was moving at a very fast pace. Yet, I could not feel even a single bump!

As if understanding my shock, the old fox stated, “Hahaha! Surprised? I am rather proud of this carriage myself as it was one of the creations I modified myself. When traveling, as long there is an energy supply, it can retract its wheels and float, allowing us travel at a fast speed. Of course, the spacial separation helps us in avoiding the feeling of bumps. Not only that, it can navigate itself to avoid collisions!”

Looking at my interested face, the old fox continued, “Of course, if you want to learn, this old man will gladly teach you all about it! Come my disciple, let this old man-“

And, for days, I had to endure the sales pitch of an old man. Of course, I managed to let it go in one ear and out the other as I spent time with the Fatty along with Jia Chun. Even the refreshments here were beneficial to me as it seemed to have medicinal properties that gave experience to my {Poison Body} skill, albeit not as much as from eating poison. These happy days went by fast, maybe too fast.

I enjoyed sleeping by the window as I liked looking at the scenery before falling asleep; however, when I looked out the window after waking up today, I noticed a deep chasm which almost shocked me out of my pants.

Fatty laughed as he explained that we are simply passing a famous landmark by the Sect, the Broken-Heart Chasm. Legend has it that a beauty willingly threw herself into the chasm to find her lover, who was the one that cut apart that chasm during his final battle but disappeared into the chasm due to losing all of his energy. To this day, no one know what’s in it as it’s classified as a death zone.

I looked at the chasm passing by in interest; however, my interest was replaced by excitement as I realized we are almost at the Sect, where the beginning to my rise to power will start! Both Fatty and Jia Chun invited me to join them for a drink at Spring’s Night in order to ‘relax’, and as a good friend, I could not refuse. *cough*

Suddenly, I realized the carriage had stopped as the scenery had stopped moving. I looked over at Fatty in excitement and asked, “We are there already?”

Fatty had a confused face as he shook his head while Jia Chun frowned.

I looked over at the old fox and saw him open his eyes with a serious look. Not long after, the door to the carriage was hurriedly open as Uncle Pan rushed in with a frightened face.

He stated in a grave voice, “We have been surrounded. It’s an ambush.”

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