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SPA Chapter 77

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Run!

I should have known when that voice told us to leave as soon as possible! Alas, we couldn’t resist the treasures, but I knew it was too late for regrets. Hence, I could only howl to the Fatty at the top of my lungs while pushing his face in the direction of the escape tunnel, “There’s a f**king bomb in here! It’s going to blow and kill us in one minute! Fatty, f**king run and burn your fat cause both of our lives depend on it!”

I felt the Fatty shivered, and without even responding, the Fatty blasted off with insane speed. I could feel the fat on the skinny Fatty draining once more as the circular room was quickly left behind. We were in the dull tunnel once more, but this time it seemed to be a path that I paid the utmost attention to, trying to find the our lifeline, the exit.
Unfortunately, the same scenery of a dull tunnel wall flickered past my eyes. The tunnel seemed never ending, but I still tell the Fatty to keep running. The Fatty understood as well that if we don’t run, we might not get the chance to anymore.

Although others may say that it is just a bomb and that the explosion radius won’t be that far, I could only say that I trust my instincts. My instincts are telling me that bomb would be like a nuclear bomb as a bomb made by the Gods, in a cultivation world to boot, won’t be a simple small explosion.

Although it seemed like a long time, one minute was truly not that long. Both the Fatty and I shuddered as we heard a deafening explosion that almost caused the Fatty to crash into a wall as our balance senses were disrupted for a second by the sound wave, but I activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}’s void form just in time to avoid the rest of it. The Fatty’s face scrunched up in horror as he dashed off once more. However, not long after the explosion, I felt intense heat coming up from right behind. I turned around to see a wave of green fire racing towards us, wanting to devour us. The tunnel served as its direction guide as it would only have to worry about catching up to us.

The Fatty felt it to as he howled in agony while trying to raise his speed. I gravely said to the Fatty, “Look ahead and keep running. Although it may burn a bit, but I’ll do my best to keep most of it off! No matter what happens, keep running! Let us Bros get out of this alive!”

The Fatty howled in agreement as he blasted off at a faster speed; however, not long after, the fire quickly caught up to us. Although it wasn’t the best idea, I hurriedly activated {Ghost Emperor Voyage}’s void form, dodging the initial burn of the fire as the fire completely washed past us. Now, it’s the time for the real thing. I had to reactivate void form as soon as possible after the previous one ends. Every mistake caused us to suffer through a bout of burns. The worst part was when I had to leave {Ghost Emperor Voyage}’s stealth to reset the void form as that caused us to burn for a second! I had already lost feeling over a large part of my back as it seemed to be burned badly. I’m also sure that some of my internal organs were burned as well as ending void form while in fire ended with fire inside our bodies.

Surprisingly, I managed to get an ability out of that.

[Ding~ Due to the host’s organs suffering through constant burns, host has gained ability {Fire Tempering}]

[Fire Tempering]
Temper your organs with fire to increase your endurance. Each organ needs individual tempering, but can be tempered at the same time. As organs become more tempered, higher levels of fire will be required for tempering. Also, host will be able to come into contact with stronger fire without being turned into ashes, but will still be burned; however, burn degree will decrease for lower leveled fires. Host can extend this buff to those with contact with the host by expending 1 Qi per second per target. Tempering an entire organ will grant a special buff.
Organs To Be Tempered:
{Lungs (1%)} {Liver (1%)} {Kidney (1%) (1%)} {Stomach (1%)} {Heart (0.1%)} {Brain (0.01%)}

For once, I thanked Mr.Aura for granting a lifeline not just for me, but for others as well. I instantly activated the buff so that the Fatty won’t be burned to ashes because even if burned, we will still live as long as our body still has a physical form.

Although the ability helped a bit, as time went on, my mind was beginning to go blank from the pain, but I still constantly encouraged the Fatty to run when I could for I understood that as soon as he stops, we will stop forever. I made both of us believe that we were almost there even though I truly didn’t know how much longer we had to run.
Eventually, my encouragement died down to a simple hoarse ‘Run!’.

I don’t know how many times I activated void form nor did I know how long we ran. I’m not even sure if I had ran out of Qi because I couldn’t feel the burn anymore nor could I see any longer. What kept me alert enough to know that I was living was the constant notifications from the system, constantly bringing me to my senses as I know that I only simply got burned, but not yet dead. I could feel that we were still moving from the constant bump from the Fatty’s movement, hence I knew the Fatty was still alive.

I don’t know when it happened, but it seemed that we crashed into some sort of barrier that slowed us down greatly as if we were swimming in thick honey. I could feel a tug from behind as if the devil was pulling us back in, but I howled for the Fatty to push on while I held on with my dear life, except I wasn’t even sure I did. I’m not sure if we made it.

Then, I felt that I was in a warm, familiar embrace. Ah? How can I feel anything? Why does this smell so familiar? It smells like … Ling’er. Maybe that was all but a nightmare was what I thought; however nothing else matters now as I can be with Ling’er again. I felt comfort wash over me as I allowed myself to sink into her warmth. It’s about time my story comes to an end.

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