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SPA Chapter 76

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 76

Chapter 76: *Beep* this!

The Fatty and I went up to the 10 pedestals that were lined up in a circle in the middle of the room. On each of the pedestals floated a dazzling weapon or gear. There were a sword, bow, staff, helmet, cape, and more, each as godly looking as the other. I could not help but drool at the sight.

“Bro Pro? Why did you go silent? What do you see? How do the godly weapons look?” the Fatty asked curiously.

“Fatty, go now, get us a godly treasure! You don’t need to think on what they look like because they all belong to us! Just think of how much money that’s worth!” I said excitedly.

The Fatty rapidly nodded before bulldozing over to grab a weapon with me on his back, but instead of reaching the pedestals like I expected, we were met with an invisible wall that knocked the Fatty back on his butt. Obviously as the one on his back, I was directly slammed to the ground. The f**k just happened? I noticed a contortion in the air that was slowly disappearing when I looked over at the circle of treasures. It seems that there was a barrier. It was the first time a barrier blocked the way to my treasure hence I was not prepared for it.

“B-bro Pro, what happened? Why did I hit a wall? Did you just point me at a wall for fun just to mock my blindness?” the Fatty asked with a huff.

“Hell no! Would I be so stupid as to have you crash into the wall while I was on your back?! There’s a f**king barrier around the treasures and that’s what we crashed into. It seems we need to break the barrier to get the treasures,” I replied furiously.

“Ah? Then, Bro Pro, think of some idea to get it for us! Use your skill or something,” the Fatty suggested.

I don’t believe I can’t break into that barrier with my {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}. I told the Fatty to carry me again as I activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}’s void form before commanding, “Fatty, charge! For the money!”

Hence, the Fatty bulldozed over once again and we passed through the barrier this time; however, an unknown force swept at us, sending us flying back out and causing us to slam into the walls.

Urgg, I slowly sat myself up against the wall. Seriously, it even has defenses within? I looked up at the barrier that seems impossible to penetrate.

Then I noticed some cyan particles slowly gathered together to form some words in the air inside the barrier, “One must at least be at the Cyan Realm to retrieve a godly treasure.”

Motherf**ker! That’s just bullying! Leaving weapons out in the open yet not letting the inheritor take them unless they are cyan realm?! I could only glare at the treasures in anger.

“Bro Pro, what happened this time? Did you not activate your skill?” the Fatty questioned in a huff of anger.

“Apparently, we have to be cyan realm to get the treasures,” I replied angrily.

“Then, does that mean we can’t get godly treasures? How can this be? It should recognize the handsomeness of this young master and bow before me!” the Fatty howled in anger.

“Humph, I guess we’ll just have to resort to force. I don’t believe that with a charged up attack, I can’t break this barrier! Bring me over Fatty and I’ll show you how it’s done,” I replied with a huff as I commanded the Fatty to bring me over.

The Fatty brought and sat me down right next to the barrier so I could start charging my {Invincible Fist. Heh, I will f**k this barrier up! No one stops this Pro’s cleaning services!

However, not long after I began charging, the Fatty interrupted me with a curious voice, “Um, Bro Pro, what is that annoying beeping noise? Does it have something to do with opening the barrier? Maybe it’s a secret message that we have to understand to open the barrier?”

Beeping noise? After the Fatty quieted down, I listened closely and I began to hear a constant beeping noise that beeped nearly every second. I felt like I’ve heard this noise before in movies. It was a bit faint as it didn’t seem to be from this room. I looked in the direction it was coming from, and it was coming from the doorway which told me it was from the circular room outside. I had an ominous feeling as I stopped charging and told the Fatty to quickly bring me out to check on the noise.

We left the room and went back into the circular room with grounds that were still burning. I used {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}’s void form many times to traverse through the fire in order to follow the beeping noise. Eventually, we stopped at the source of the voice. In front of us was a cracked ball, and it was where the beeping noise was coming from.

Then, a chill went down my back as I saw a creepy grinning face appear on the ball, albeit distorted due to the ball being damaged which actually made it creepier. The face began to laugh although there was no noise, but it sent a chill down my spine as the Fatty stiffened as if he realized that the ball was still alive. Not long after, the distorted face cracked before it disappeared with a shattered glass effect, signifying the death of the ball.

Although I wanted to breathe a sigh in relief, I had no chance as the beeping noise was still ongoing. I looked over at the ball that was no longer moving; however what it was showing us was news that was worst than when it was moving. Inside of the deformed hole that I made in the ball, I saw a timer with red digits that was ticking down every second while making a beep. There was barely over a minute left on the timer.

If I still didn’t understand what will happen next, I would be called the dumbest Pro in history. F**king Mr.Aura, please give me a break! Seriously, f**k this!

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