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SPA Chapter 78

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 78

Chapter 78: It’s Him

In a wide open clearing of the forest, a large camp consisting of many tents disturbed the peace of the forest. There were many people strolling about in the camp. Some were chatting, some were trading, and it seems that all of them were cultivators as all of them had weapons of some sort. Occasionally the pitiful roars of a beast resounded as the beasts were smite to death by lightning that originated from one of the four pillars that form a box around the camp.

Suddenly, a part of the camp quieted down as most of the onlookers stared towards one direction. A beauty with a cute face and wearing a white robe was strolling towards one of the tents after coming back from hunting. Although the beauty was admired and envied for her cute face, her cold attitude kept others from getting acquainted with her.

Although some of the lustful young masters wanted to try their luck, but the intimidating man with a scarred face following the young lady as a body guard kept them at bay. Many knew it was best not to mess with that man as he was already at the peak of the Violet Dan. Not only that, the duo had a cyan realm elder to back them up, causing many to have a hard time in communicating with them due to the difference in status. Only until the beauty and the man have entered a tent did the bustling noise resume as before.

As the beauty and the man entered the tent, they reviewed an expansive space, much larger than the area covered by the size of the tent. There were many separate rooms inside the tent, with the general living room as the room that one enters into from the tent flap. There were multiple seats on two sides leading up to two main seats. The beauty strolled up to one of the main seats and sat down while the man took the other.
Not long after taking a seat, the beauty frowned as if she was disturbed.

The man noticed and asked worriedly, “Ling’er, is something wrong? You seem to be in a bad mood today.”

Ling’er replies, “Big Brother Yan, I’m fine.”

“Hmm, are you still angry at your father? You know he has-” Yan tried to continue his explanation, but was cut off by Ling’er.

“That’s enough. I know you’re father’s eldest disciple, but you don’t have to help him at every turn,” Ling’er said with a glare.

“Ai~ Ling’er, I’m doing this to also help you. You two should be father and daughter that are relying on each other. You-” Yan continued but was cut off by Ling’er’s abrupt action of standing.

Ling’er clutched her chest as a suffocating feeling struck her, telling her she needs to go find him. Ling’er had a puzzled face as she internally questioned, “Who’s him?”

“What’s wrong Ling’er? Are your injuries flaring up again?” Yan hopped up as he worriedly asked.

Ling’er didn’t respond, instead she hurriedly walked off, following the directions that the suffocating feeling was pointing her to.

“Ling’er? Wait, Ling’er wait up! Don’t go off on your own or else our enemies will target you!” Yan remarked as he chased after Ling’er.

—Not Long After—

In a forested region, Ling’er slowly glided down to the ground as Yan followed. Lying on the ground was two charred yet bloody bodies, as still as corpses.

“Corpse. Seems like they have been targeted by cultivators of fire type skills, but these marks of burning the body without burning the hair … doesn’t seem like any of the skills from the sect,” Yan observed.

Ling’er frowned as her heart clenched as unnecessary worry seemed to have surfaced in her heart at the mention of corpse. She looked at the two bodies and felt a special attraction towards one of them. She hurriedly bent down to inspect the body.

Although the body was charred, but she was able to make out a face. A realization dawned in her as her heart beat in excitement. It’s him! Although she did not know who he was, but she knew that her feelings were pointing towards this guy. It was this guy who beckoned to her. It was this guy that caused that annoying feeling to well up in her.

As she stared at his damaged body, her heart could not help but clench; however, when she reached out her hand to touch his chest, she noticed a faint beat signifying that he was still alive. Her heart suddenly had a fluttery feeling of joy which she didn’t understand, but she still took out a bottle of pill before feeding it to him. She told herself that she needed to save him, not because of the feeling but because she has questions to ask.

“Ling’er? What are you doing feeding such an expensive pill to the corpse-” Yan questioned in shock, but was hit by realization as he frowned.

Unfortunately, it seems the pill did no good as the injuries stayed the same. Ling’er frowned and looked questionably at Yan, who replied, “Believe me, they are genuine. I bought them off of Elder Ma.”

Ling’er then fed a pill to the other body next to his, and the duo watched as the body healed rapidly to reveal nearly skinny to the bone male. Ling’er scrunched her eyebrows before she made a firm decision.

She hurriedly sat him up, while she sat behind him. Then, before Yan could even interject, she summoned her Qi and injected it into his body.

“Ling’er! What are you doing?! How could you sacrifice your true Qi to save someone random at this stage?! You’re finally about to break into Indigo Dan, nothing can go wrong!” Yan yelled in anger, but was ignored by Ling’er.

As Ling’er continued on, the body seemed to have recovered some life as most of the outer physical injuries had healed. The body seemed to have left the stage of life threatening danger, but Ling’er did not want to stop. She wanted to have him wake up so she could talk to him right away; however, something heavy struck her from behind. She glared in that direction to see her Senior Brother Yan with a apologetic face. Before she lost her consciousness, she glanced back at the male in order to do her best to brand his face into her memory while inserting even a bit more Qi into him.

Yan gently diverted Ling’er’s stream of Qi away from the body with his own to prevent any Qi deviation from occurring. Then, he carried Ling’er on his back as he stared back at the two bodies.

He sighed and said, “I guess I’ll leave it up to fate for you two. My master can’t afford to have new enemies at this time, and it seems you two had offended some rather powerful one.”

Then, Yan glided away with Ling’er, leaving the two living, yet unconscious male to their fate.

Not long after Yan left with Ling’er, rustling sound came from a nearby foliage as a large cat stepped out from behind a set of trees. It was the familiar Family-Bound Cat, and it had smelled a free lunch.

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