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SPA Chapter 71

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 71

Chapter 71: All Trials Passed!

“A-ah! Hahaha! So there you are Bro Pro! Of course, I can see you. Why can’t-” the Fatty responded cheerfully as he turned around to grab me, but he froze when he grabbed empty air as I was standing in front of him.

Then, the Fatty quietly retracted his hand as if he realized that he couldn’t fool me nor himself any longer. Anger bubbled inside me as I realized that the Fatty is now blind.

“Oi! What the f**k is the meaning of this! You said you were going to save him! You fking lied to me you b*std! Give me the medicine to treat his eyes right now!” I howled in anger at the unknown voice.

“Processing… The proposed contract was to save the target from death. There was no clause to heal the damage that the poison has done to the target. Blindness is a side effect of the treatment poison and cannot be treated by medicine,” the voice replied without emotions.

“What the f**k?! Does that mean that the Fatty will be blind for the rest of his life?! Isn’t that basically just sentencing him to death? If he can’t see, how is he supposed to run? If you don’t heal him, I will f**k you over,” I howled angrily.

“Processing… threat detected. Elimination procedures activating. If threat persists, threat must be eliminated,” the robotic voice responded nonchalantly.

My mouth twitched as I could only blankly stare into space, wanting to shred that annoying voice to pieces, yet I couldn’t. Seriously, it results to violence to solve all of its problem!

“Ah-hahaha … Bro Pro, it’s already good that I’m alive. Plus, there’s still skills out there that allows for blind people to see, I just have to ask around a bit for it as it is a bit rare … This young master doesn’t believe that simple blindness can stop this young master from enjoying my time at Spring’s Night! So, let’s not anger our ‘friend’ any longer,” the Fatty persuaded while tugging the edge of my clothes.

My mouth twitched even more listening to the Fatty. He’s already blind yet all he thinks about is fleshly pleasures, yet I couldn’t blame the bloke. I guess one’s got to look for something to enjoy when they lose another.

I sighed as I calmly asked the voice, “Is there anyway to resolve his blindness?”

“Processing… the blindness is not permanent. As long as target gets exposed to sunlight or moonlight within 24 hours, the blindness will dissolve. Other hidden injuries must be treated by medicine,” the voice responded.

Phew. Both the Fatty and I breathed a sigh in relief as we realized that the Fatty’s blindness is not permanent; however, there is a time limit.

I reached out my hands and helped the Fatty up before asking, “Alright, we need to get out within 24 hours, please point us the way out.”

“Processing… As the trials had been accepted, there is only one way out which is to pass the trials and accept the inheritances,” the voice responded.

Inheritance? Oi, it just sounds like you’re forcing someone’s legacy onto us whether we like it or not.

“Inheritance?! No way! I thought those old crackpots were just cooking up another one of their nefarious plans when they said that there was a ruin in this forest, but it was for real! Bro Pro! We’ve struck gold!” the Fatty howled in excitement, but almost tumbles over when hopping in joy.

“Is inheritance really that great for you to be this excited?” I asked nonchalantly.

“Pei! Bro Pro, if it was any one else I might not disclose this, but we’re Bros, hence I will tell you,” the Fatty stated as if he’s doing me a favor by disclosing this secret, but I guess I’ll play along. I’m definitely not excited about inheritances. I just can’t stop my hand from twitching.

“You must know, that ruins are separated into three types. There are the normal ruins which usually consist of a hidden area holding treasures. Inheritance ruins is the next type of ruins. Usually they are small enclosed space that consists of trials to help seek an inheritor for a legacy of a high level cultivator. Then, there is the ancient ruins which are usually entire dimensions full of treasures and might even contain inheritances but on a larger scale,” the Fatty explained.

So, we are in some inheritance ground. Basically, we will be forced to accept whatever nonsense training method that will be thrown at us. Heh, did you think that this Pro will care about some mere inheritance?

“Okay, it’s an inheritance ruins. So what?” I said nonchalantly.

“Pei! Bro Yun, were you even listening? Inheritance ruins are small enclosed space, but we are in a large one! Hence we are in the ancient ruins filled with treasures! Not only that, ancient ruin inheritances usually are the legacies of the Gods! That means not only will we get treasures, we might get some godly skill from here!” the Fatty explained in excitement.

A Godly skill! This … is a gift from Mr.Aura?! How can Mr.Aura be so nice?! I had doubts, but I could not resist the temptation of getting a Godly skill- no! I will not be like those cliche MCs that will take all inheritance thrown his or her way so easily! Of course it’s not because I’m scared! Even if there’s some bulls**t God planning to use us as vessels after we get the skill, I don’t believe that my {Protagonist’s Aura} can’t trump that!

However, I decided that I would go take a look because I want to see who wants to scheme against me! As I prepared to ask for the directions to the trial, but before I could, the Fatty beat me to the chase as if he was afraid that I would decline.

“Senior! Please tell us what we must do to gain the inheritance!” the Fatty cheekily said in excitement.

“Processing… All previous trials had been cleared. Inheritance can be picked up by stepping into the next room,” the voice responded as one side of the walls slid open, revealing a tunnel leading straight ahead.

Seriously? It’s just as easy as that? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing as I stared at the familiar looking, but ominous tunnel. Although I believed it to be a trap, I gritted my teeth and chose to handle it if it comes. The excited Fatty couldn’t wait to stroll through the door as he can’t see what we were walking into. Since the Fatty’s going, I could only follow along right? Of course, as the Fatty was blind, I could only show him the direction by leading the way, but of course I will be the one following the Fatty.

Heh, I’m not some cliche Protagonist that will accept any inheritance thrown his way. Definitely not. Maybe a little.

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