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SPA Chapter 70

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Pros Don’t Sacrifice

In order to slip out from the Fatty’s grasp, I activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}’s void form with some Qi that I had recovered. Then, the Fatty’s body phased through me as I got up and stepped away from his body.

With a glance, I noticed the room to be as empty as before. There wasn’t even any signs of the needles, but I did not have the leisure to ponder upon that. I slowly knelt down beside the Fatty as I touched upon the many holes made by the needles on his fat. I noticed that the needles were no longer there as it seems they had dissolved or disappeared; however, the green tinted blood flowing out from the tiny holes signified that the poison needles had done their duty.

My heart clenched once more because I realized once more that I was a cause of misfortune to others. Although the Fatty was a nuisance, maybe even the harbinger of trouble to me; however, in the end, he was still one of the few individuals I could consider a friend. He even took me as his brother, but before I could even agree, he had already perished. I gently reached out my hands to touch the many needle holes over his body, in hopes of stopping the blood flow…

Wait. Blood flow? Don’t blood stop flowing after one’s death as there is no longer any pump for it? How is the blood still flowing here, and yet it is also so fast?! Could it be-
I hurriedly reached out my hand to the Fatty’s nose, but I felt nothing there. However, I did not give up. I gently turned the Fatty over so he was lying on his back full of holes. Then, I tried listening in on his heart which obviously failed due to the amount of fat in the way. Hence, I checked his carotid pulse on his neck. I could not feel anything at first, but I pressed down harder and harder. Eventually, I felt a faint pulse! The Fatty was still alive!

However, I knew he won’t be alive for long if I don’t save him. I already thought up of a plan to save him before. All I had to do was to suck out the poison blood from his wound! Hence, I hurriedly flipped the Fatty around, taking off his final inner layer of clothing. Then, I sat him up, supporting him with my body in order to prepare to suck his poison blood out; however, it was at that point I noticed that there were too many holes. I despaired over the fact that I might not suck out the poison in time, but I knew I had to try because even if there was a slim chance of saving the Fatty, I will give it my all; however, before I even started, I was interrupted by a robotic voice.

“Trial 2 has been passed. Intruders may proceed to Trial 3.”

What the f**k?! What trial? Although I did not understand who was speaking to me, I could not help but curse,” Screw your trials! I need to save my friend, I don’t got time to deal with your nonsense!”

I prepared to begin to suck the poison blood out, however, what the voice said next stopped me in my tracks.

“Processing… It seems that one intruder is dying from poison X0Y8. Processing … intruder can be saved. Antidote to stop poison has been found.”

WHAT?! Fatty can be saved! I was excited and could not help but yell, “Whoever you are! Please give me the antidote! I will be very grateful if you do me this favor!”

“Processing… Request can be granted, but a price must be paid,” the robotic voice responded.

“What price? I have a lot of money! If that’s what you want, I can give you all of it! If you need me to do something, I will do it for you once I get out of here!” I offered bravely, but not sincerely.

Of course, after I get out… hee hee, what makes you think you can make me do what you want?!

“Processing… the price is but a small one, but must be done in this room,” the robotic voice responded.

Well, d**m it, should have known it won’t be that easy.

Then, some tiles on the floor slid apart revealing a boxy shaped hole. From that hole, a small platform rose up with a bottle sitting on top of it. Is that the antidote?

“This bottle contains a poison five times as potent as poison X0Y8. All you must do is to consume this bottle of poison, and the antidote will be administered to your companion,” the robotic voice responded, but I felt a chill down my spine at its voice this time.

The f**k? Isn’t this trade a bit too unfair? If it was other people, that poison can probably grant them instant death. Basically it would be sacrificing a life to save another; however, too bad it has met me. Heh, Pros don’t need to make unnecessary sacrifices. Drink poison? Heh, that’s exactly what I need. I can simply absorb the poison to boost my {Poison Body} skill! It was my original plan when I decided to suck the poison out of the Fatty’s body.

Huh? Do you think I was stupid enough to sacrifice my life for another? Pshh~ Sorry, I ain’t no martyr, and even if I am, I still need to get my revenge first. Also, why would anyone sacrifice their life to save some side character that only serves to drag them down? Well, that’s exactly what a protagonist would do because these side characters are usually the ones that pop up at critical moments in the future to give the pro a push at critical moments. As a protagonist, cultivating a future meat shield can not be ignored!

I easily grabbed the bottle before cheekily asking, “Humph, just some poison, it won’t scare me, but how do I know that you will administer the antidote to the Fatty? What happens if you go back on your word?”

“Processing… If the contract is broken, all intruders will be terminated, and system will reset,” the robotic voice responded.

What the f**k? Why are we dying when you’re the one that makes a mistake?! Ah, whatever, it’s not like I lose anything by drinking this. I better do as it says before it changes its mind. I hurried chugged down the bottle of poison.


[Host has consumed unknown poisonous substance.]

[Host’s ability {Slime’s Greed} has activated. Unknown poisonous substance has been absorbed. Host’s ability {Poison Body} has progressed by 10000 points.]

[{Poison Body} has leveled up to level 5.]

Hahaha! Gimme all the poison you want, for this Pro has poise on everything he does!

“Processing… Content in bottle has been used. No traces of poison found in room. Scanning… No traces of poison found in spacial storage devices. Scanning… No traces of poison found on foreign objects. Processing… Intruder has administered poison without deception. No elimination required. Providing first aid as requested,” the voice resounded.

Then, another hole opened up on ground where a metal robotic arm popped out. It was holding a syringe with green liquid which it injected into the Fatty before I could even react. What the f**k! I asked to save him, not to inject more poison!

“Treatment has been administer. Poison has been eliminated. Target is no longer in life threatening danger. Target will be waking shortly,” the robotic voice stated.

True to its word, the Fatty made some grunting sound before waking up.

“H-huh? Am I not dead? Why is it so dark? Is this what heaven is like, because I’m sure that I won’t be going to hell,” the Fatty asked confusedly.

“Hahaha! Fatty, you’re still alive! Quit blundering around and thank yours truly for saving you in exchange for drinking poison!” I boasted as I walked up in front of the Fatty.

“Ah?! I’m alive?! B-bro Pro, is that you?! Where are you? How come I don’t see you?” the Fatty yelled excitedly before looking about randomly even though I was standing in front of him.

My heart sunk as I watched the Fatty continuously looking around with his eyes wide opened. I tried probing, “Fatty, I’m standing right behind you. You … can you not see me?”

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