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SPA Chapter 69

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 69

Chapter 69: To Make A Sacrifice

I could only helplessly watch as the needles pierced the Fatty all over as he howled in pain. My heart clenched as I quickened my pace, reaching the Fatty not long after. Then, I pulled him into my {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} before activating void form again, allowing us to dodge the next few needle.

I pulled the Fatty away from the center spot in hopes that the density of needles shooting at us would lighten, granting us an easier time in dodging them; however, it seems the mechanism that determines the targeting system was pressure plates all over the ground. This means that no matter where we moved, we would be targeted. I looked around for the doorway that we came down from, but no matter where I looked, I could not find it! All the walls seemed like they were part of the room, as if the room was built this way originally. If there was a fake wall in the first place, the pores on all parts of every wall didn’t help me in determining which wall was a fake nor could I near the walls to check as that would mean getting closer to the needles’ spawn point which would raise the chance of being hit.

I then I had no choice but to continuously activate void form in hopes of outlasting the needles. When I run out of void form attempts in one {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} stealth time, I would leave stealth for one second before reactivating it again. In order to dodge the needles, we would jump over to a nearby pressure plate. Of course, the continuous usage of void form drained my Qi extremely quickly. I already noticed that I was almost out yet the test seems to be ongoing. Beads of sweat rolled down my face as I neared the ends of my reserve of Qi.

It seemed the Fatty noticed my worries because he suddenly squeezed my shoulder with his hands.

“B-bro Pro. I-I know you’re already doing your best. B-but listen to me…” the Fatty said lethargically.

I couldn’t help but worry while asking, “Fatty Yun, are you alright? You sound like-“

“B-bro Pro. I know my condition. I-It seems that I was already poisoned, and there is no antidote,” the Fatty said while trying to put on his best smile.

“N-no, you’ll be alright! Whatever is happening will end soon, so just hold on!” I replied guiltily as I felt guilty over the fact that I ate all the pills.

“H-heh, no need to feel guilt. Although I had many pills, I don’t think any of them can cure this poison anyways,” the Fatty tried to comfort me as I gritted my teeth, knowing it was probably a lie.

“F-Fatty, I’m-,” I tried to persuade him to hang on, but the Fatty cut me off.

“L-listen, Bro Pro, I know I won’t last much longer. But this young master feels pity that even when its his time to go, he hasn’t accomplished anything. I’ve always wanted to die like a hero, so Bro Pro…” the Fatty continued, but I denied him.

“No! I will not! We will survive this together! Remember what we agreed upon? If we escape out of the previous situation alive and meet again, we will definitely have a drink together!” I retorted in desperation as I pulled the Fatty with me in a jump to the next pressure plate.

“H-heh, no matter, we can still have next time. Instead, Bro Pro, how about you do me a favor. I remember when we discussed while walking on the tunnel … that you were an orphan now,” Fatty responded with a whisper as he leaned on me weakly.

I nodded in silence as I stared at my nearly depleted Qi that was enough for three more void forms.

“Y-you see, I still have a grandfather at home. I remember I told you. He really dotes on me. Hehehe, because I’m his only grandson. That old geezer will probably be very sad when I go, and he’ll be all alone. So, I was just wondering if you were willing to go accompany him. At least for a bit till he enters his coffin …” the Fatty requested weakly.

“No! Fatty Yun, you listen to me! If you don’t want your grandfather to be lonely, you go out there yourself and accompany him! Don’t f**king drop dead like a martyr! I ain’t taking yo s**t!” I howled at the Fatty as I used my last void form.

“H-heheh, Bro Pro, although I really want to … I know it’s better if at least one of gets out. You’ve already saved me so many times over, I think it’s about time that I do my part…” the Fatty said weakly.

Then, the Fatty grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back before shoving me over to the ground with him completely on top. His fatty flesh completely kept me protected on all sides like a barrier. Although it was suffocating because I had a hard time breathing, my heart was suffocating in another way. Although I wanted to shout in agony, all I could do was listen to the Fatty’s muffled voice filled with pain as the sound of needles piercing fleshing resounded due to me running out of Qi. Although I tried struggling, I could not break out of the Fatty’s grasp without my arm.

I could only howl in agony within at my powerlessness and curse at this cruel twist of fate. Once again, another one who had gotten close to me will perish because of me. Although I knew it was so, I held on to the tiny hope that the Fatty did not die yet as I could hear his muffled voice of pain. I kept telling myself that as long as he’s alive, there’s a way. I began to think up of different plans, going through all my abilities. I completely focused all my thoughts into finding all the uses possible for my abilities, removing unnecessary thoughts such as fear for the Fatty’s death. I did my best to find a way that could save the Fatty from the poison, and I finally found a way not long after.

Although the method was a bit dangerous with a low success rate, I was excited! I can save the Fatty!

However, when I finally escaped from my focused brainstorming, all I heard was silence. There were no longer the sound of needle piercing flesh. There was no robotic sound declaring another test. I wanted to ignore the silence, but my worst fears came true as I could no longer hear the muffled noises of pain from the Fatty.

(A/N: Oi! Did the future meat shield die already?! How is that possible?! We may still need the useless meat shield in a later arc! WTF are you doing author? Oh wait … I’m the author …)

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