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SPA Chapter 68

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Misfortune

After so much usage, I guess I finally had ingrained a go to tactic to escape all dangerous situations. I instinctively grabbed Fatty and activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}’s void form, allowing the ball to pass on top of us. The ball crashed right into the doorway as I heard a loud clunk while we were now in darkness. Before the timer ran out on void form, I pulled Fatty up and hurriedly dashed forward, out of the midst of the ball.

We gradually faded back in next to the staircase. We looked back at the ball which now had a very angry face.

“Hahahaha! You f**king ball! Eat s**t! Dare to chase this young master around?! I’ll show you who’s boss!” the Fatty boasted as he tried to give the ball some kicks.

The ball’s face then disappeared before rolling backwards and crashing into the doorway again. I could now see some dust along with gravel falling off the doorway as if it was crumbling. The Fatty hurriedly backed off as well.

“H-hahaha, you can’t get through! I see you’re so afraid of this young master that you don’t dare to come through that doorway. Hah, I dare you, but what you gonna do about it?! Haahaha!” the Fatty taunted in a mocking tone.

I thought this Fatty was an idiot as I started backing off down the stairway. With a glance down, all I saw was a narrow, straight path downwards. When, I looked back at the Fatty, I noticed that he had stopped laughing. When I looked further, I saw the ball backed off in the far distance. Then, it charged at the doorway again.


The force from the impact shocked the Fatty enough to fall on his buttocks. Now, I can see cracks on the walls. I had an ominous feeling as I quickly jogged down the stairs.

“H-hahaha, don’t have to be so … attracted to this young master. Please take your time. You won’t get through anyways-” the Fatty continued albeit a bit anxious while the ball drew back for another charge.

I knew that idiotic Fatty will perish if he continued being an idiot, so I yelled, “Fatty, hurry and RUN!”

The Fatty took the signal and immediately leapt into the stairway as the ball rammed right through the doorway. Then, the ball landed loudly at the top of the stairway because it couldn’t go through, but the force from the landing gave the Fatty a shove, and down he rolled.

Of course, with me being the barrier to Fatty’s adventure down the stairs of truth, I naturally joined him in his adventures as he bashed right into me before pulling me along for the ride. I could only scream at the top of my lungs, but fortunately, there was at least the walls to the side of the staircases that prevented us from unnecessary falling to our death. Just that they also served as bruisers which constantly pummeled our bodies.

Eventually, we rolled down to what seemed to be a flatly angled flooring. We continued rolling until we hit a wall, where I went splat against the wall with the Fatty serving as the other wall. My mind went into shock for a bit due to the impact. I seemed to had heard some voice that I could not make out, but not long after, my mind returned to a state that could comprehend words once again.

“A-ahh? W-why are there so many rooms right next to each other? Eh? Was that you Bro Pro? Why does your voice sound so weird?” I heard the Fatty ask in a muffled voice.

Although I had no clue what the Fatty was talking about, I tried to raise my voice to tell the Fatty to get off of me, but all I made was muffled noises. I tried to shove him away, but my strength was not coming to me as I felt like puking.

“A-aahh? Why is there a massage on my back- ahhh! That’s the spot! Keep going!” the Fatty’s muffled voice resounded once more.

I struggled bitterly once more, but I felt an acid-like feeling going up my throat. Hence I could only puke it out, but then with the Fatty’s body blocking the entrance to my mouth, the puke stayed in my mouth. I choked before re-swallowing the puke, tasting a strong sweat-like taste followed by a burning feeling in my throat. This caused me to puke once again, but once again, I had to swallow it back down. As if it was mocking me, the system resounded with consecutive notifications.

[Host has consumed content with corrosive properties. Host has gained experience in {Corrosive Armor}.]

AHhhhh?! What kind of misfortune is this?! Why do I have to deal with this! F**king Fatty get off of me! I summoned my {Earth Dragon’s Fang} and stabbed the Fatty’s buttock.

“Heee!” the Fatty howled in pain while rolling away.

I am finally free. No, it should be mouth that was finally free as I simply got on all fours to puke out the fulfilling load of puke that I consumed; however, a certain Fatty didn’t want to let me have my alone time.

“You fking b*std! Are you trying to kill this young master?! Why would you stab me there?!” the Fatty scampered over to grab me before shaking me back and forth, demanding for an explanation.

Unfortunately, the shaking only made my sickness worse as I instantly puked all over the poor guy’s face.

“Ahhhh! What have you done to this young master’s handsome face?! Even if we are Bros, there’s a line you shouldn’t cross! I’ll f**king kill you!” the Fatty howled in anger.

“Ack- *cough* Wait, wait, let me explain. This was clearly your fault-” I tried to explain to the Fatty, but the Fatty that is now crazy, probably resulting from him still being in a confused state from the trip, did not listen to me.

He simply picked me up and threw me across the room. I went smack against the walls, granting me an extra bit of dizziness.

[Ding~ Due to Host suffering through constant state of dizziness for 10 minutes or more, Host has gained ability {Seasickness Resistance}.]

[Seasickness Resistance]
Level : 1 {0%}
This ability’s progress to the next level can be raised by sailing on the seas. As this ability’s level increases, the chance of resisting dizziness increases by 1% per level. It also decreases the time spent in dizziness by 1 second per level.
Current Dizziness resistance : 1%
Current Time Reduction (second) : 1

What the- … how did I get something to do with the sea from getting dizzy in the middle of a tunnel? Unfortunately, I had no time to worry about that because with the gaining of the ability, I became sober and noticed the Fatty charging in my direction. While he is still a bit far away, I should run away! However, before the Fatty even got near to me, I heard a loud clunk as the floor sunk in on one of the Fatty’s steps. Then, a robotic voice resounded.

[Intruders has consented to trial by stepping on activation device. Trial #2 begins now. ‘Friendly Rain’ shall commence.]

What trial? But before I could think further, pores opened on all sides of the room, including the floors and ceilings. Green needles swiftly shot out of random pores all over. Before I could react, I a sharp piercing pain came from my back that was facing the wall.


[Host has been hit with unknown poisoned object with deadly poison.]

[Host’s {Poison Body} skill has activated. Poison was resisted.]

Holy s**t! It’s poison! I hurriedly activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}’s void form, narrowly dodging another few darts flying my way; however, before I could relax, I remembered that the Fatty was still in the room.

I looked over to see a pale Fatty as he stared at tens of darts flying his way. It seems he had become the main target due to the misfortune of being the trigger of the trap, and he doesn’t have poison resistance like me! If he gets hit …

I didn’t want to see another one who I have been acquainted with die, hence I rushed over as fast as I could while yelling, “FATTY YUN! RUN OVER HERE NOW!”

Alas, I wished I could have ran faster when I still could.

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