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SPA Chapter 67

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Will We Escape?

The blinding white light slowly fades away. I faced my head upwards before opening my eyes, in hopes of seeing the blank blue sky or dark sky with stars, but I was met with the dully lit ceiling of the tunnel. Heh. I knew Mr.Aura won’t let me off easily, but at least for the first time ever, Mr.Aura decided to let the ones beside me off.

“Aiii~ guess I’m not so lucky after all. I guess I won’t have the chance to go to Spring’s Night again,” a certain familiar voice mumbled.

I froze, before tilting my head down to be met with a Fatty who was staring at the ceiling.

“W-wait, what are you doing here?!” I asked in shock.

The Fatty suddenly froze before he looked down. He stared in shock at the me that was still here. Then, we both looked down to notice that the talisman was still in our hands, but it had dimmed back to normal now.

“Could this talisman not work if done with two people?” I questioned while confused.

“Ah, then let this young master try it out alone as I was probably the one that was teleported anyways,” the Fatty shamelessly said before taking the talisman out of my hands to insert Qi into.

Once again, the talisman shone with blinding light before fading away, leaving a Fatty and a Pro standing awkwardly in the tunnel.

“I think it just doesn’t work on you. Maybe it has a connection to me and only works for me,” I said as I remembered that the description said that it would teleport the HOST, aka me, somewhere.

I grabbed the talisman out from the frozen Fatty’s hand before inserting Qi into it.
A blinding light shone once again, but then I was greeted by a message this time.

[Host has used {Random Teleportation Talisman} in a space-locked space. Teleportation failed.]

[Due to overuse, {Random Teleportation Talisman} has deteriorated and is no longer functional.]

F**k! I knew it wouldn’t be easy to get out, but hell Mr.Aura ain’t even giving me a chance to get out.

“The space is locked, it’s unusable, not that it matters anymore because it’s broken now,” I told the shocked Fatty while storing the talisman back into my inventory for future studies.

“N-now what?” the Fatty asked with a depressed tone as he looked over at the ball. I looked over as well and saw a ball with a smug face as if it understood that we tried to escape but failed.

If I could pound that face in, I would, but I don’t got the balls to do it under the pressure of being flattened.

“Ahhhh! That face, how dare it show that face to this young master?! Bro, how could you have faulty product like that which can only serve as a minor distraction, causing even a ball to mock us?!” the Fatty howled in anger.

“It’s not my fault it doesn’t work! The space is locked, and it’s not like-” I argued back but then froze as some sort of epiphany hit me, but it was barely out of my grasp so I asked the Fatty, “Can you repeat what you said?”

“Huh? Repeat what I said? Why? Are you alright Bro Pro?” Fatty questioned confusedly.

“Just do it! It might help us escape!” I retorted back angrily as I tried to keep that vague feeling with me.

The Fatty seemed to brighten up as he realized I might have a plan, hence he faithfully repeated what he said. Then, it struck me. That’s right, if the ball wants to chase us, we can move it by using a distraction! I have the perfect skill for that too! But then, I turned to look at the Fatty and frowned.

He seemed to have caught my frown as he shivered before asking frightfully, “B-bro Pro, you’re not going to leave me behind right? We swore to be Bros for life! You can’t do this to me-”

“No, don’t worry, I’m not leaving you behind. I’m just thinking of how to disguise you so that it will fool that ball.

MMm, we gotta some how buff my clone up, and also gotta keep that ugly face covered,” I replied while circling the Fatty.

“What the f**k you mean ugly face?! This young master is the most handsome in the world!” the Fatty retorted but I ignored it as I remembered a certain holy treasure that we can use for our situation.

“I’ve got it! Fatty, give me your ring!” I commanded.

“Huh? W-why? I don’t have anymore treasures in here! Didn’t you already take enough?!” the Fatty complained while hiding his ring like it was his baby.

“Do you want to get out of here or not?” I asked while glaring at him.

The Fatty sighed before staring pitifully at his ring, handing it over after a short farewell with it. I hurriedly looked into a corner of the ring, dumping its content onto the ground. The Fatty stared in shock at the colorful pile of holy treasures.

“W-What do you want with these?! Y-you’re going to eat them?!” the Fatty said while staring at me with a face that said that he realized a whole new world.

“Of course not, it will be the holy sacrifice that will help us escape, here wear this one your head,” I replied while handing Fatty a purple panty I picked up.

“S-sacrificed?! N-no! My treasures! How could you do this?! You won’t even let me keep one?!” the Fatty howled as he dived down to hug his pile of treasures.

“Of course I’ll let you keep one, the one you are wearing on your head, so choose wisely. It also has to be one with a copy,” I grinned as I replied.

The Fatty could only grudgingly choose a pink-laced panty. He stared at me with pity as he asked, “Do I really have to put this on my head?”

“Yup, don’t worry, I’ll do it too so no need for embarrassment,” I replied with a cool tone as I picked up another pink-laced panty.

All I got back was a disgusted look from the Fatty before he put the wore the pink-laced panty on his head with a face as if he was about to be sacrificed, but after he wore it, he had a face of bliss. I told the Fatty to turn around, showing him wearing the panty to the ball, which was met with a disgusted face on the ball.

Then, I pulled down the panty further to cover his face that gives me the creeps before holding him and using {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}. I summoned two clones and had them join us in invisibility. I then had the Fatty take off this large size cloth and put it on one of my clone. I stuffed the inside of that clone with the rest of the panties to fatten him up. Then, for the finishing touch, I added the pink-laced panty onto his head, much to the discontent of the clone which I would understand soon. Then, I allowed both clones to leave stealth as I had them scurry away up the tunnel, and away from the ball. Of course, I also had the clone that was not pretending to be the Fatty provoke the ball before escaping, causing a face of fury to appear on the ball.

As for the real us, we backed up some distance from our original position and hid in stealth silently. The ball had a nonchalant face at first, but then after we hid for a minute, it squinted its eyes before it shot a beam of blue light out to scan around our original spot which rendered an empty return. Then, its face contorted with true anger as it seemed to have remembered the provocation we threw at it.

We watched as the angry face on the ball faded away as it seemed to have mistakenly realized that we had left for the other side of the tunnel. Then, the ball began to quickly roll after my decoys. As it got near, I activated void form to let it pass through. Then, the Fatty and I hurried to the doorway before the ball came back because my clones can’t escape even a single roll due to not having the Qi to use {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} as I had no Qi to spare after all the usage on the way here.

Then, my clones popped earlier than expected, but we were almost at the doorway! We heard the clunks from behind, and with a glance we noticed a ball furiously rolling in our direction as a beam of blue light lit up the tunnel, outlining our position. I deactivated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} and shouted “RUN!”

The ball very quickly caught up to us using the downhill momentum, but we were already at the doorway! But before we could, I felt a strong momentum hitting me from behind. No! We were so close! I grabbed the Fatty and leapt up into the air, using the momentum from the hit in an attempt to go through the doorway. Unfortunately, the Fatty was heavier than I thought, causing us to fall short of the doorway. Time seemed to slow as I watched the ball roll closer and closer. Will we escape?

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