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SPA Chapter 72

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Nothing is Free!

Surprisingly, the tunnel did not have any traps. We eventually reached a doorway that opened up to a large, circular ball-like room. The room was like a hallowed out ball with the floors sloped at an angle that was fairly steep. As we entered the room, the doorway closed behind us which gave me an ominous feeling, but I ignored it because I noticed a pedestal with a glowing ball of light at the center of the bottom half of the ball-like room.

“Please place your hands on the Light Probe which will check your aptitude. A skill will be imparted directly to you depending on your aptitude,” the robotic voice resounded in the room.

“D-direct skill impart?!” the Fatty howled in excitement, “I heard that only inheritances from Godly beings would require direct skill imparting! We’ve really struck gold this time Bro Pro! Hahaha! Hurry, bring this young master over fast!”

Even I can’t help but be tempted when the fat meat was dangled right in front of me, but I still kept my senses and asked loudly to the voice, “Oi, are you really going to give us the skill this easily? Will the skill require us to give up something? There are no traps? No more random trials when we walk over to get the skill? Is it something where we have to kill each other to get the inheritance?”

“Processing… Yes, the skill will be imparted immediately and can be used right afterwards. The costs of using the skill will be clearly stated, but you have free choice on the usage of the skill. There are no traps in this room, and all trials for receiving the inheritance has been completed. There is no need to kill each other as both of you have passed the trial. Simply, place one of your hands each on the Light Probe and you shall be granted the skill,” the voice responded.

With the confirmation, both the Fatty and I could not help but be excited. Although we wanted to speed over, the Fatty and I carefully walked down the slope as we didn’t want to slip and roll. Eventually, we reached the ball of light. Then, I guided the Fatty’s hand to the ball of light before placing my hand on the light as well.

The ball of light’s glow slowly extended to cover our entire bodies. Although the light glow covered my eyes also, I was surprised that it did not blind me. Instead, it gave me a soothing feeling. Not long after, a voice resounded, “Imparting {Ghost Emperor’s Fists}!”
Some sort of information seemed to have invaded my brain as I felt a tinge of pain.

[Unknown mental force entering host’s mind. Force determined to have no threat nor harm, so {Divine Mental Fortress} is not activated.]

A short synopsis telling me what {Ghost Emperor’s Fists} was gradually appeared in my brain.

[Ghost Emperor’s Fists]
A skill that is paired with {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}. While {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} is active, host can spend 10 Qi per second to increase the power of host’s strength on both hands. Every 10 Qi increases host’s attack by 1. Host must be standing still and must not be interrupted when channeling the attack or attack will dissipate. After channeling for at least 10 seconds, host can move to attack. Moving will stop channeling and will also decrease the power of the attack by 10% per second until host’s attack returns to normal. No other skills can be used while channeling.

[Host has received a cultivation skill through direct mental message. {Strongest Protagonist’s Aura} has activated. Host has gained ability {Invincible Fist}.]

[Invincible Fist]
A one handed attack that can strike down all enemies. Every 10 seconds of channel increases host’s attack by one. Host must be standing still and must not be interrupted when channeling the attack or attack will dissipate. After channeling for at least 10 seconds, host can move to attack. Moving will stop channeling and will also decrease the power of the attack by 1% per second until host’s attack returns to normal As soon as the attack lands on a target, host’s stat will return to normal. Other skills can be used while channeling as long as the legs are not used.

Holy s**t! I basically got an OP personalized version of the inheritance. Hah! I need my protagonist’s aura will flip over whatever bulls**t that gets tossed my way! Except that I knew that Mr.Aura won’t be that nice. Although both of these skills are OP as hell at first glance, but the condition that we must not move for at least 10 seconds in order to actually gain any substantial damage made the skill pure bulls**t. Seriously, will any cultivator be such an idiot to stand still for me to charge up and hit them. No! *sigh* At least I got my first attacking skill. I looked over at the Fatty who also had an excited face before his face frowned.

I couldn’t help but wonder if he got trolled too, so I asked, “Fatty Yun, what did you get?”

“Eh… believe it or not, this young master got a Godly skill! The God favors this young master for this young master even escaped death-” the Fatty boasted, but I cut him off.

“Just f**king tell me what you got already,” I growled.

“*cough* Well, I got some skill called O-Beast Emperor’s Sprint. It allows me to gain unlimited speed when using movement skills,” the Fatty said gloatingly.

What the f**k? How did he get such a OP skill?! That doesn’t make sense, how can such an OP skill have no limitations?

Hence, I asked condescendingly, “So, what are the limitations?” “Hahaha, couldn’t fool you can I Bro Pro. Well, it seems that in order to gain the speed buff, I must burn the fat in my body as energy. Basically the more fat I sacrificed, the faster speed buff I get. Of course, the speed buff is temporary, lasting a mere 5 seconds each time,” the Fatty responded sheepishly.

“The f**k? using fat as fuel? Isn’t that skill just made for obese people like you?!” I retorted.

“Ah? Obese? What does that mean Bro Pro?” the Fatty curiously asked as he stared in the opposite direction of where I was standing.

Ah, I just mentioned a modern term on accident as it doesn’t seem to be a word in these times.

“*cough* It’s nothing, just a term I made up to describe handsome people,” I responded slyly.

“Hahaha! Bro Pro, you finally recognize the handsomeness of this young master! Let this young master tell you, the ladies line up from the capital to the seas, waiting to jump into my embrace-” the Fatty boasted, and wanted to continue to ramble on, but was suddenly cut off by the robotic voice.

“Congratulations on attaining your inheritances. Trial to test if inheritances are compatible with host shall now commence.”

What?! There’s still more trials? We were fooled!

“What the heck?! Didn’t you say there were no more trials?” I howled in anger!

“Processing… Note that the statement made was that hosts had completed all trials needed to obtain inheritance, but no claim had been made of having no trials after,” the robotic voice responded as the pedestal with the glowing ball of light sunk into the ground and before the ground closed up once more.

Before I could complain any further, the Fatty pulled my sleeves as he said in a stuttering noise, “B-bro Pro, d-do you find that sound familiar?”

Huh? What sound? I looked around and saw a doorway leading to a tunnel on the wall. The exit! I was excited, but then I also heard a very familiar sound coming from those tunnels. Chills went down my spine as I slowly realized what the sound was.

Then, my worst fears came true as a giant ball rolled up to the doorway. It stopped before a grinning face appeared on the ball, excited at meeting us once again.

F**k! It is true that nothing is free in this world, and this time the cost might be my life!

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