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SPA Chapter 59

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Kill With Money

But, did they think I would be that easy to kill? I rushed towards one of the minions inside a barrier as I activated void form, phasing right into their barrier. Then, with a swish, I lopped off his head. Although the leader launched a sword Qi in my direction, it was blocked by the vanishing barrier. Not long after the barrier vanished itself due losing connection with its power source, I vanished once again.

“What nonsense is this?! How can he-“

Before the bandits could regain their calm, I phased into a nearby barrier and aimed my sword at the bandit inside. Unfortunately, my attack was no longer unexpected, hence the bandit was alert enough to react in time, blocking my attack with his blade.

“B-Boss! I got him! He’s over he-“

Before the idiot could say anymore, I switched out my sword for my {Earth Dragon’s Fang}, inserting a full 100 Qi into it. A heavy weight followed as the fang dunked down upon the bandit’s blade, shattering it. Then, it pierced right through the bandit’s body, leaving a gaping hole on the ground as it landed. Okay, that may have been overkill and now my arm is a bit sore as well. I switch out the dagger for my sword as I vanished once more amidst the howling rage of the leader who has failed to break the barrier once more.

“Ahhhh! Idiots! Dispel the useless barriers! The four of you gather up back to back!” the leader hoarsely commanded as he grabbed the fatty who paled and placed his sword on the fatty’s throat.

“Hah! If you don’t obediently come out, I will kill your young master here! Even if you go back, you will be hunted down for not doing your duty!” the leader smirked like he found my Achilles’s heel.

I can’t help but stare at this idiot because honestly, I had nothing to do with that fatty; however, they won’t believe me even if I say that. If they believed that they can threaten me with that, they are idiots. Instead of fighting head on which didn’t seem that smart anymore as there are much less gaps to exploit now, I switched out my sword for my {Qi Spike Gun}.

[Qi Spike Gun] (Green – Lower)
Durability: 21/25
Can insert 5 Qi to fire a Qi spike at 2000 feet per second at the direction that the gun head is pointed towards. The Qi spike will explode in a small radius of 6 inches on impact. Costs 1 durability per use.

Although the gun was fast, I’m not quite sure that it will be able to land a hit if they managed to dodge or activate a barrier in time. The damage would not kill them if it’s not a head shot as the {Qi Spike Gun} was only a lower green grade item. Hence, I needed to distract them. What better as a distraction than money?

Hence, I walked to a corner right next to the group, and opened up my inventory, dumping all my silver bars in a cluster. Then, I quickly dumped two piles of gold bars on top neatly before any attention was drawn, surrounding it to make it look like a pile of gold bars. Heh, wonder how they will react?

“B-boss! T-there’s a pile of gold over there!” a minion mentioned as his eyes were fixated in the direction of the gold.

The attention of the rest were attracted to the pile as greed shown in their eyes, but the leader recovered quickly as he awoke his group from their stupor, “You idiots! How can you be distracted from a mere pile of gold! After we finish this assignment, we will get much more than a measly pile of gold!”

“A small pile of gold like that, who would want it? That’s how much I get for a monthly allowance!” the fatty chimed in as he scoffed.

I watched as the minions reined in their greed as they became vigilant once more. Tsk, this fatty ain’t helping! Idiot!

Guess it’s not enough? Well I’ve got more! So, I dumped another three piles of gold over the current pile. The sound of clinking grabbed the attention of the greedy bandits like how a hot chick would attract a guy when she gives an upward glance while playing goldfish.

Even the fatty’s eyes widen in shock as his mouth gaped open while muttering, “Oh, that’s … one, two, three beauties every day at Spring’s Night!”

(A/N : If you don’t understand, than good for you.)

“B-B-Boss, t-there’s m-more .. a l-lot!” the minion stuttered as drool started leaking out of their mouths.

“I-I’ve never seen so much before Boss!” another minion chimed in as his eyes went bloodshot.

“T-This, I’m sure we will get more when we complete our assignment! Yes, I’m sure!” the leader said, but he was no longer confident as his eyes were also glued to the pile.

Now, for the finishing touch, I sneaked up to the bunch, then I threw my scattered my remaining pile of 57 gold over their heads, making it rain gold literally. The minions couldn’t hold back anymore as they leapt at the gold, shoving each other in the process. The leader tried to hold back his minions with his words at first, but failed, so he let go of the fatty as he rushed towards the giant pile of gold to claim it as his, forgetting that we are still in a battlefield. The fatty was about to rush for it too, but I pulled the idiot into stealth with me. I dragged the poor guy along, telling him if he joins in, he’ll die.

Heh, first time playing with a gun but this ought to be fun.

Backing off, far enough, I held on to the fatty as I aimed the gun at the bunch of idiots that were bunched up, asking to be slaughtered, and opened fire. As I thought that once wasn’t enough, I shot all 21 times, showing no mercy. I watched as some fast invisible force blasted into the crowd as explosion after explosion occurred, spreading blood, gore, and smoke in a small radius. With the 105 Qi depleted, I was pretty much out of Qi as I faded into existence once more; however, the beautiful explosion from the 21 shots left me feeling no worry about having to fight anymore as it seemed to be overkill.

I smiled, but as I noticed those greedy eyes of the fatty, I knew I can’t leave my money out for long or it will no longer end up in my hand. So, before the smoke cleared, I rushed over in hopes of picking up my gold before the fatty loses control from seeing them.

However, as luck would have it, with a ferocious roar, a bloody, mangled body pounced upon me when I neared the smoke, slamming me to the ground. My {Qi Spike Gun} was knocked out of my hands as a ferocious grip tightened around my neck, suffocating the air out of me. I summoned my sword, but before I could raise my hand, it was strapped down upon the ground by the beast’s other hand as it continued to strangle me.

“I’ll f**king kill you b*st**d!” the barely recognizable leader of the bandits roared as he glared at me with bloodshot eyes.

I did all I could, trying to push the beast off with my body, but without the help of my hands and being suffocated at the same time, it was difficult, if not impossible to free myself from the beast, especially since it had a higher cultivation level than me. It was times like this that I regret not having an extra hand, but there was no time to complain about that now.

I can feel the life slowly get choked out of my as my vision began to darken. I knew I shouldn’t be so careless, but the greed for money, even if it was my own, is now the reason I am being killed.

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