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SPA Chapter 58

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Idiots

As I watched those bandits slowly tighten the encirclement, I knew that I need to escape, fast. So, I instantly activated {Ghost’s Emperor’s Voyage} and tried to run, but before I could, the pig latched onto my leg once more as if he’s got a sixth sense that told him I will escape.

“Big Brother! Don’t leave without me! If you leave I’ll be slaughtered!!! All this precious fat is going to go to waste!” fatty howled as he rubbed his face all over my body.

Although I tried to shake him off, no matter how hard I tried punching him, it seemed I was punching cotton as those layers of fat act as an insulator to my measly damage. I gritted my teeth, told the fatty to shut up, and I had no choice but to activate {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} with the fatty attached to me as the both of us disappeared.

The bandit cultivators were shocked that we disappeared. I saw the leader pull out his sword and slashed towards our location. Although I wanted to dodge, with the fatty latching on to my leg, there was no way I could. Hence, I could only activate void form, letting the sword phase through us.

“Impossible! How could they escape?! Even if they had concealment techniques, I would still be able to cut them!” the leader like bandit yelled.

“B-boss, could it be a high grade teleportation talisman?” a minion questioned.

“Uggg! That may be possible as that fatty’s old geezer is capable of that. That’s about the only thing that could get past our space lock formation. How could this be?! We were so close!” the leader like bandit sighed as he turned around.

“Um, boss, do we dispel the formation now?” a minion asked.

I could not help but be excited. Now, this is how a protagonist should make his escape; however, before the boss could command for the formation to be dissolved, a certain fatty excitedly boasted away.

“Hahahaha! They can’t see this father! Ha! This father is the most capable indeed! Without lifting a finger or spending a single Qi, this father was able to conceal himself from idiots like you!” the fatty chirped as he leap up, releasing his hold on me, as he arrogantly pointed at the bandits.

F**k! The one that’s an idiot is you! I could only helplessly watch as the fatty slowly materialize into the air as all of the bandits focused in our direction once more.

“Boss! They are still here! They were using some unknown concealment technique!”
“Hahahaha! Heavens has not forsaken me! The fat piece of meat shall not escape this time!” the leader hollered as he glared at the fatty who is now frozen in shock.

Obviously, as a honest man, in a situation like this, the best strategy is to make a strategic retreat. So, I sprinted off towards the edge of the formation while still in stealth, and when I got near, I used void form in hopes of passing through the formation. Alas, it seems that Mr.Aura would not make it easy for me as I simply bounced back and landed on my butt. So much for a void form that can pass through anything! Lies! I want my money back!

I turned back to see the fatty already bundled up in ropes by the bandits as the leader commanded, “Search for the other one! Even if he wants to hide, he can’t hide all day! He can’t escape!”

I knew that the leader was right, I can’t hide all day. I’m not too sure how long this formation lasts, but I have an inkling that it would outlast me as they were prepared. I knew I had to fight this out before I run out of Qi. I pulled out the sword I inherited from my father.

[Hell’s Thorn] (Rainbow – Upper)
Durability: ∞
A sword made from an ancient tree from an otherworldly dimension. It can easily cut through anything that has a soul, but will be a normal wooden sword otherwise. This sword cannot be broken from clashing with items of lower grade. When broken, this sword can be repaired through absorbing souls.

I silently counted ten bandits as they slowly spread out, searching for me. I ran towards the one coming towards my direction, slipped behind him, and then stabbed him right through the neck with my sword. That’s one down, easier than I thought.

“There he is! Get him!” the leader yelled, but I vanished once more before they could catch me.

I silently sneak up to another fool who was frantically looking around, and stabbed him through the neck as well. Although the leader hollered in anger as he slashed a sword Qi at me at the second I appeared, I used {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} and void form to avoid the strike, watching as the slash diced the fool that I killed in half instead.

“AHhhh! Fools! Gather up! I want to see how this b*st**d sneak up on us when we watch all sides!” the leader hollered as the group of eight gathered in a circle around the fatty.

“Come out if you dare you b*st**d!” the leader provoked, but does he think I don’t dare?

I materialized in front of another minion on side of the circle opposite of the leader, and aimed a strike at him. Even though he was shocked, he still managed to react and raised his sword to block. The minions at his side also thrust their swords to block my strike, but like the idiots they were, they left themselves wide open. Hence, I changed my target and aimed at one of the minions at the side, slicing right through his upper body smoothly before I disappeared once more. The leader only had time to raise his sword before I disappeared because a circular formation is honestly not very effective. Ha! Even Mr.Aura would be pleased by my display of skills fitting of a protagonist!

“Arggg! Spread out a bit more and deploy the Qi barriers! I want to see how he can get through that!” the leader hollered.

I watched as every one of those cultivators pulled out a talisman which glowed blue. Then, a blue glow surfaced before a bubble-like barrier surrounded each cultivator individually. I scrunched my brows, but as a test, I still attacked the barrier, but my sword only bounced back. I hurriedly back up as the group charged in my direction, activating {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} once again.

“Humph! Now let’s see if your stealth would last longer or our Qi will support our shields longer!” the leader snickered as the rest of the cultivators vigilantly grouped up once more.

I knew I can no longer fight them head on, so I guess I’ll have to wait it out because pretty sure my Qi would last longer…

“Prepare to launch Qi slashes! Let us snuff this b*st**d out, don’t even give him a chance to think!” the leader hollered before slashing a sword Qi out in a random direction.

The other cultivators followed along as a barrage of sword Qi of different shapes flew in random directions, with some coming in my direction. I had no choice but to activate void form to dodge some of them; however, my void form use is limited, and I would get hit sooner or later at this rate!

D**n it, I was an idiot to believe Mr.Aura would be this easy to please!

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