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SPA Chapter 57

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 57

Chapter 57: God-Send Teammate

The central continent, surrounded while being protected by the four empires, served as the center point of trade and commerce. Located on a large mountain range towards the center of this part of the continent is the Xian Supersect. Although it’s a bit far, it would only take about a month for a cultivator to reach the sect from any empire, maybe even sooner if they had techniques to move faster or had transportation.

Hai! Hai! It’s me, Pro once again. I’ve already been traveling for a month, and I believe that I’m almost there; however, I am oddly still in a forest. To be precise, I’m still in the forest that I was in a month ago. It seems that I’m lost.

Although it may seem that I’m trapped in this forest, but I’m not because there wasn’t any formations that would confuse my sense of direction. The real reason was that I really didn’t know the direction. Although the stars pointed me in the right direction, it was only a general direction, hence I can only use it as a corrective action; however, whenever it is daytime, I would be lost once again. Silly old me should have “borrowed” a map before the empire got destroyed, dang it. Why didn’t I pay attention to Sis Mei’s geography lessons?

If it was just simply walking in a single direction, it would still had been easy, but unfortunately, there was “friendly” critters living in this forest. Just some really big angry buddies or some small poisonous folks. Yup, I’m fine without making friends, so I decided to detour around them. Although I could also walk straight through them with {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}, but my Qi would not last long enough if I landed in another monster’s territory. Otherwise, my journey is pretty peaceful as I could still escape easily from the big bullies while befriending the weak ones so they can share a meal with me, with them being the meal of course.

However, today was different as while I was traversing the forest, I could hear screaming in the distance. It seemed to be cries for help, but as a honest man, I believed the right thing to do was to ignore it because by the time I get there, whoever it was will be dead already. Plus, I don’t need a saving damsel in distress because there shall only be one in my heart, no need to give a chance for Mr.Aura to throw fan girls on me.

So, I turned away and walked away from the yells for help. As I continued to walk, I could not help but notice that the voice was getting closer and closer. I could not help but realized I took the wrong route as walking away from the direction that the cry from help is coming from basically put me in the path for encounter. I quickly changed my direction and sped off as fast as I could to avoid the collision; however, it seemed the pitiful cry was a homing bullet as it simply got closer.

Although I gritted my teeth as I tried to outrun it, but with some clearly pitiful squeals, an enormous silhouette simply flashed up next to me, tackling my legs before hooking unto my legs as it wept, “Ahhh~ Please save me young hero! Don’t leave me behind!”

My steps could not help but falter as what seemed to be a heavy rock was bounded to my legs. As I took a look at the culprit, I saw a young man dressed in a luxurious robe. It was the typical rare encounter with what seemed to be a young master of a powerful clan, but my only thoughts were how could this fatty be so fat? Yes, the young man was very chubby, like freaking Choji from Naruto, except he doesn’t have those muscles, but simply white, jade-like smooth fatty skin. Irritation surfaced in my heart as I tried to shake that fatty off my legs, but he held on for dear life. What the f**k?! Before I could even attack him, I heard footsteps as a group of bandit looking men surrounded us. Like it wasn’t bad enough, this fatty decided to drag me into the boiling pot with his next words.

“Heh! Idiots! Look at my God-Send teammate right here! I already told him everything, and you will all never escape!” the fatty said righteously.

Oi! I don’t even know you! What the f**k are you doing dragging me down with you?! As I was about to activate {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} to escape, a telepathic voice transmitted to me, “Big brother hero! You’ve got to help me out! These lackeys are sent to kidnap me to blackmail my grandfather. My grandfather is the richest grand elder in the Xian Supreme Sect! If you help me, I’ll definitely repay you!”

I could not help but hesitate because it seems that this was a god-send opportunity to get into the Xian Supersect and gain a powerful backing.

As if the fatty understood that I was hesitating, he persuaded me further, “If you’re worried about their cultivation, then don’t worry. Their highest level is only in Orange Dan! Heh, I’m already at the late stages of Yellow Dan. If you work with me, we can easily take them out!”

Although it was convincing, but I could not help but doubt why the fatty was escaping if he was at a higher dan. Like the fatty could understand me, he continued, “Although I am at a higher cultivation level, unfortunately there are still too many of them. As the saying goes, no matter how handsome I am, I can’t stop my face from being beaten if there are too many to them. So help me out alright brother hero? This one, Ma Yun, vow to repay this favor!”

As I hesitated further due to how favorable this god-send opportunity was, it seemed that the cultivators surrounding us had set up a formation as some sort of transparent barrier enclosed all of us in. Then, the cultivators released their cultivation which were at Orange Dan alright, but they were all at their peaks. I began to sweat, but as I remembered the fatty who was at Yellow Dan, I relaxed a little; however what a cultivator said gave me a bad feeling.

“Heh, Ma Yun, all you know how to do is run! Let’s see how much further you can run now! We’ve already set up the Space Locking Formation, even a ghost won’t be able to escape!”

“Hahaha! I don’t need to run! With my good brother here, we can easily defeat you all!” the fatty arrogantly responded after he released me and stood up.

“Ahahahah! You two defeat us all?! One is a cripple at the Orange Dan. Then, there’s you who’s already at the Yellow Dan, but have never won a fight in your life, only able to run away with zero fighting power. I really want to see how you’ll beat all of us!” the cultivator responded.

I could not help, but looked at the fatty as he messaged me, “It’s not really my fault that I haven’t won fights. I just didn’t learn any battle techniques because they are below this handsome’s criteria. No worries though, although I can’t fight, I will stand behind to support you!”

Stand behind and support my a**! At that point, I realized, what god sent me was not an OP brother as support, but a pig-like teammate.

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