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SPA Chapter 60

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Payment As Savior

My vision was flickering between darkness and a blurred vision of the enemy upon me. Although I could feel myself weakening, I could not help but instinctively continue struggling as I did not want to die. I still had to seek justice for those that were dear to me. I kept reiterating to myself that I had a purpose to fulfill to keep my consciousness abound, but I knew this won’t last long. I could not help but curse the Qidian god for ending my life in such a random way.

Please sneeze for the rest of your immortal life as my ghost will constantly haunt you and talk behind your back.

Alas, I believed that the Qidian god became afraid of my curse as a beacon of hope entered my narrow field of vision. The useless fatty actually did something right for once.

I saw him holding a familiar, gun-like weapon against the bandit’s head as he said, “Release his throat this instant or I shall blow your head to pieces smaller than rice. No one from Spring’s Night will ever recognize your ugly face afterwards! Hahaha!”

Although I was still so weakened that I couldn’t move, I could feel the air slowly flow back into my throat as the grip on my throat loosens a bit. It seems that the idiot bandit still has some rationale inside him as he still fears for his own life. As my vision gradually recovers, I finally recognize the gun in the fatty’s hand. It was my {Qi Spike Gun}. I had a very bad feeling as I realized that it was my gun.

“Hahahaha! Never had I thought there was a day that the brilliant and gallant me could have others below my feet- *cough* seek justice for the weak!” the fatty continued ignorantly, “Ha! Since you dare to come after this one’s life, I shall be magnanimous and spare you from torture! Hah! I shall grant you instant death! Go to hell!”

Then, my heart clenched as I watched the fatty pull the trigger while laughing out loud like a villain. The fooled bandit hurriedly leapt off me into the distance, but that was the only interesting thing that happened. Oh, wait there was something even more interesting. The fatty’s laughter stopped. Why? Because the gun literally shattered into pieces when the fatty pressed the trigger, causing the fatty’s mouth freeze while gaping wide open. Now I know what happens when you try to use an item that already ran out of durability.

An awkward silence descended upon to the duo as realization about the situation slowly clouded their minds. I tried to warn the fatty that he shouldn’t be standing there like an idiot, but it was too late as the poor bloke became a target for the bandit who is now angry for being fooled. The bandit immediately dashed over in an attempt to assault the fatty, but this fatty wasn’t simple. Before the bandit could near him, he already glided off leaving after images.

“I-I’m sorry! T-that was just me just … making friends with you! W-we can talk this over! Just stop chasing me!” the fatty howled as he sprinted in circles with the mad man behind him.

Unfortunately, I’m still too weak to stand up, let alone do anything. Hence, I was the forgotten victim left on the ground as I watched the idiotic wild goose chase.

I thought I could just be a bystander as I was originally was so I could recover some fighting Qi, but unfortunately the fatty’s mouth couldn’t help but remind the bandit, “Hey! Don’t forget my friend on the ground! He’s the one that did this to you! Don’t come after me!”

You m*therf**ker! I watched as the mad man screeched to a stop as he turned his head in my direction. F**! I’m screwed! I hurriedly pulled out my sword from my inventory and aimed it at his direction, but obviously he’s not so stupid as to charge into it nor did I have the strength to go to stab him as I could barely hold the sword steadily in my hand. I could see a smirk slowly forming on his face as he slowly strolled over, signifying my impending doom. He walked up to me, then grabbed the tip of my swords, slowly wrenching it out of my hands while I could do nothing but watch him do it. I despaired over the fact that I would be killed by my own sword.

Suddenly, I heard the fatty’s howl, “Ahhhhh, I can’t stop! Get out of my way!”

Then, *BAM*.

The bandit lurched forward hard with the top half of his body making nearly a ninety degree angle, and the sword happened to stab completely through his head. Before I could understand what happened, the sky darkened as a large mass of land rolled over the bandit’s body before planting down upon the me.

Then, I my consciousness was knocked out of me as the last thing I remembered was a voice mentioning, “Eh? Why does it not hurt? This seat is pretty soft and comfortable.”

Probably a couple minutes later, I regained conscious. I slowly sat up in a daze as I tried to make out what transpired. I stared at the dead, messed up corpse right next to me with my sword right through its head. I slowly got up and retrieved my sword. I was about to wonder where the fatty was, but then I noticed noises behind me.

I turned around and saw the fatty running about picking up shiny golden objects as he stuffed them into his storage ring. It slowly dawned upon me that those objects were gold. I wondered where the hell all that gold came from. Not long after, my face contorted as I realized, those were MY gold he’s picking up!

“You f**king fatty! What do you are doing?!” I howled as I scrambled awkwardly towards his direction.

“Are you blind? Isn’t it obvious I’m picking up money?” the fatty nonchalantly replied.

“But that’s my f**king money that you’re taking!” I howled back as I tried to grab him, but he glided away from my grasp naturally as he continued to pick up money.

“Hehe, it’s money on the ground, and money on the ground means its owner-less. It is a gentleman’s code of conduct to pick up money if it’s owner-less!” the fatty replied cheekily.

“You f**ker! I saved your life and this is how you treat me?! I’ll kill you!” I howled towards the fatty as I swung my sword in this direction, but he once again swiftly glided away.

How the hell is he that fast?!

“Heheh! You saved my life, but I also saved yours! So, we’re even! Since we’re bros, we shouldn’t harm our relationship over trifling amounts of money! We’ll simply split this money evenly depending on how much we can pick up! If one of us pick up more than the other, you can just treat it as your payment to your savior!” the fatty replied righteously.

Although I wanted to butcher that fatty, I could not match his speed no matter how hard I tried. Hence, I could only rush about as well, hoarding as much of my own money as I could. Unfortunately, my speed could not match the fatty, leaving me only about one fourth of the amount of gold I originally had, and that was with the fatty picking all the silver as well! Now I only have a pitiful one stack and fifty-three gold bars compared to the original nearly 6 stacks! When I saw that ditzy grin on the fatty’s face as he mumbled lustfully about paying a visit to Spring’s Night, I could not help but want to smack him until he doesn’t recognize his own face!

Unfortunately before I could vent my anger upon him, a heavy roar shocked both of us out of our current states of mind. We could only turn our heads over to pay our greetings to our “friendly” inhabitants that came to “question” us about the ruckus we had causes. Unfortunately, we don’t get a rights to trial for the clear body count on the ground. It seems the inhabitants of these forest has given us the death sentence before we even started communicating.

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