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SPA Chapter 49

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Soulful Reunion

Yo, this is Pro here, the main one. After I sent my clone out to explore, I was nearly forced in a youthful challenge, but I was luckily able to use the excuse of being weakened by the daily lightning shower to deny the challenge. I goaded the poor, honest bloke into thinking that he’s fighting me when I am handicapped, and he righteously declared that he will wait until I heal before they fought. Of course, the lightning was still coming down upon me still, so healed up will not happen anytime soon. Glad, that I escaped that calamity though.

So after a month of time spent with these insane fools, I did learn some interesting things. For example, the monk was actually not a monk, but was actually a skillful thief. However, when he tried robbing the Ying empire’s Royal family, he was subdued by a sect of monks and forced to become a monk. Since he couldn’t escape from the old things that repeatedly wanted him to repent, he decided to get them to kick him out. So, he went around as a “monk” of the sect and tried to destroy the reputation of the sect by enhancing his occupation from a general thief to a flower thief.

Well, it did work finally, but a bit too effective because not only did that sect want to kick him out, they were after his life, so he had to escape to the newly built Fu empire that had no connections to the Ying empire. After he got to the new empire, he reminisced his wonderful time picking flowers, so he wanted to continue being a healthy gardener. Hence, he decided that he wanted to water the new Fu emperor’s garden as there were too much flowers for the emperor to water by himself.

Unfortunately, although his level of Violet Dan was above the emperor who was Indigo Dan at that time, behind the emperor stood a wicked, perverted Gold Dan, who was the puppeteer of this empire and the emperor’s garden was actually his garden. Hence, poor old monk was captured when he openly tried to water flowers after sneaking past all the palace’s defense mechanisms and locked here to be watered down for his secret of being able to sneak past formations undetected.

Then, there was Old Pan and Old Xia who were brothers. They had a flying sword controlling technique that allowed them to clone swords in battle and basically rain swords down upon their opponents. Sounds really OP because they can even clone treasure swords, but they still couldn’t beat the Gold Dan geezer that easily suppressed and shattered their swords due to cultivation level difference.

As for the old man that was silent throughout, I was told by the others that he was here longer than them all, and after constantly annoying him all these years, they only managed to get one word from him, “waiting”. As for what, they were unsure because that old man never talked again. As for that old man’s cultivation, it was unknown, but Old Pan and Xia who were the strongest here said that the old man gave off an intimidating presence to them. Well, basically I learned that there is another monster in here, probably a golden one too. As for why he’s just chilling here, who knows.

After my daily lightning shower today, my “rival” can’t seem to hold back his fists anymore and forcefully declared that we were to exchange fists whether I like it or not because he needed to exercise. I pitifully had to show them that I can easily sneak out of my cell with {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} while trying to think up ideas of how to get out of this situation today, but before I could, a strong tug was felt as I suddenly watched my body collapse after I got a warning message from my clone that some god forsaken evil spirit is trying to take my soul away.

[Host’s soul has been pulled out of body by unknown force. Host will return to body was unknown force has been dispelled.]

Alright, thanks for the notice, but tell me how to dispel it god dang it!

I watched myself fly through the darkness of the maze and through many, many walls for a couple of minutes, then I entered a circular room where I landed into the hands of that evil spirit. Then, both my and that “evil spirit” stared at each other in shock.

“F-Father?! Wait, no my father died up there while holding off the enemies from chasing me, how can his soul get trapped down here?” I mused out loud.

“Y-you’re really my .. son?! It can’t be wrong, your soul has my Xiong Aura on it!” my father replied to shock, then he looked at the clone as he continued, “Then who’s this?! How is it possible that I feel a fake sensation when your soul is real?”

“Oh, that’s probably because he’s my clone. It’s a skill I learned on my travels, pretty useful. But are you really my father? Are you sure you’re not some ancestor spirit that is waiting for someone to inherit a legacy or something?” I questioned the middle aged spirit.


The spirit smacked me across my head.

“You unfial son, not even being able to recognize your father?! And I sent the remaining wisp of my soul down here to wait for you, too. Yet, you ungrateful brat dare to question my identity?!”

“*cough* Father did say that there was no way we should be able to recognize him at first glance due to only seeing him as a baby,” my clone supplemented.

“That’s right, how did you recognize me … could it be …, ” my father pondered then suddenly glared at me with excitement while continuing, “Son! Did you gain cognition as soon as you were born?!”

Well, that was true since I was reborn here from a different world, so I nodded.

“Hahahaha, the heavens have not forsaken my Xiong Clan! My son is a heaven born genius! Hahaha, you old b*st**ds, one day retribution will find you!” my father roared towards the ceiling.

Alright, there’s just a tiny misunderstanding here. First, I’m not a genius since I was pretty much a dull, poor man in my previous life. Then, in this life, the only “genius” things that happened to me were the ways in which I die. However, being mistaken as a genius is not such a bad thing … right?

“Son! It’s good that you’re here. Father has waited a long time for you. Father shall now tell you the truth behind our massacre and our true enemy! And as a genius, one day you shall overtake them and get revenge for your father, mother, and the rest of the Xiong empire!” my father excitedly said as he stared at me with a very stern gaze.

Oi, maybe I don’t want to bear this genius title, but with how my father was staring at me like he would devour me if I decline, I have no choice. sob (-_-)

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