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SPA Chapter 50

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Cliche

“You may not handle what I am about to speak of, but it is the truth. Let’s begin with the history of this world-” father began explaining, but I cut him off.

“Can we skip that? I think I already know-“

“Know dog fart! There’s more to it than what you can simply get by living in this empire! Not even the emperors of the empires are privy to this info. You know how-” father roared as he smacked my head.

“But if you say that not even the emperors can know, than how can you as an emperor know?” I questioned cheekily.

“That’s because of your mother! Your mother is not from a normal background! Lucky brat with a good mother and don’t even know how to appreciate it!” my father berated as he smacked my head again.

“Does that mean that your status didn’t match my mother? Wow~ was my father a gigolo-” I mused.


“Brat just sit down and listen like an obedient son!” my father glared at me as he smacked my head again.

I think my spirit might dissipate at this rate, so I just quieted down and listened. How come when other father and soon reunite, they cry their balls off with some dramatic dialogue while I only get constantly smacked?

“As you probably know, this world has the four empires ruled by the super-sect which makes up a continent. There are four such continents making up the four major powers which is the info you are privy to. These continents are named Xian Xiafan, Long Wang, Fenghuang, and Changshou Gui. However, what you don’t know is that there is a fifth continent, that is usually hidden for decades before making an appearance. This last mysterious power continent, that controls the other four continents, is named Shen Ren. It is also the continent that your mother came from. Your mother was a respected cultivator with unmatched beauty in that continent. She was also part of the most powerful clan there, the Shen Nu clan,” my father solemnly spoke.

Oi, this is the cliche trope where my OP mother is the cause of all problems because she ran away from home isn’t it?

“However, one day, a holy glow covered the sky of the continent as a divine message descended which everyone heard. It was a prophecy stating that the child who would either bring glory or destruction 20 years later to the Shen Ren continent would be born to a lady in the most powerful clan of the continent 4 years later. When the Shen Nu clan heard this news, they rejoiced, but unfortunately there were those who covet the position of top power. Hence, using the excuse of the child bring destruction to the continent to rally all clans and sects, the four major powers under the Shen Nu clan revolted. Although the Shen Nu clan was powerful, alas it eventually could not hold its ground against the endless waves of cultivators gathered from across the continent. Hence, the Shen Nu clan secretly sent away all of the young ladies of the clan, including your mother, through a random teleportation formation that they have set up to avoid disasters. Of course, the teleportation formation was destroyed, and the ladies escaped successfully into one of the other four continents. And your mother, just so happened to have ended up in the Xian Xiafan continent,” father continued.

Holy s**t, this is one of those cliche prophecy bulls**t isn’t it? Am I that prophesied child?

“I met your mother on one of my adventures, and I fell in love with her when she assisted me in saving my life, and she fell in love with my handsomeness. At that time, I was still a prince, but after 3 years of toiling and with a tiny bit of help from your mother, I was able to become emperor,” father declared righteously.

Oi. I don’t need to know that shameless old man.

“Then, one year later, we have given birth to you. At that time, we were not worried that we would be hunted down by the prophecy because the Shen Ren continent had already hidden itself once again. Alas, we didn’t expect that before it went into hiding, the new ruling power of Shen Ren continent had passed down an order to the four super-sects to kill all children that have been born at the time stated by the prophecy. Our enemies, the Hu Clan took advantage of that and requested assistance in wiping out the Xiong empire once they learned that your mother was about to give birth. Hence the tragedy unfolded,” father lamented.

Oi. So in the end, it all ended up back to being my fault?! Again?!

“Of course, man plans, but god disposes, you are still alive standing in front of me now. It seems their effort to search for you have met with failure. Hahahaa!” father chuckled.

“Err…father, I’m kind of locked up in the prison here, so technically they already caught me. Also, I can’t really escape the maze,” I embarrassingly replied.

“Ah~ No worries about that. See this sword here, it’s the key to this Labyrinth. As long as you have it, with a thought a path would open up to the entrance,” father proudly replies.

Oh, escape acquired! Drop a {Location Marker} here my clone and name it {Prison Key}. Sweet, now to convince this father of mine that I’m not the prophecy child because I ain’t taking no s**t title that sounds like it’ll bring trouble to me like it did to Harry Potter.

“Err…father, the thing is, I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one born at that time, so I might not even be the prophecy child they were looking for-” I tried to interrupt, but *smack*.

“Humph! You are the prophecy child, there’s no denying it!” father exclaimed.

“How do you know that?!” I yelled back.

“Because I have faith in it, and it sounds more cool that way,” father explained like it was fact.

F**king bullst. Are you a child with eighth-grade syndrome? I was about to argue back, but my soul suddenly felt a tug, like a spring reaching its full capacity and was about to shrink back.

“Mmm…it seems that your time is up. My power could only pull your soul here for this long, any longer and there might be permanent damages to both mine and your soul. Hence, it’s time for you to go back,” father calmly explained.

Already? I need to grab the key! As I was about to do so, my father chuckled and dashed my hopes, “Son, you’ll need to bring your real body to pull this key out. It only recognizes a true owner of the Xiong Imperial bloodline.”

Nooo! So close, yet so far! *sob* I watched as the scene zooms past me once again and my soul returns to my body. Well, at least I found a way out now. Life is finally looking up- “Oi rival, don’t think you can skimp out on our duel just by pretending to faint. There are a lot of things that I can do to your body if you don’t wake up soon. I’ve given you enough time to quit pretending, if you don’t get up now, I’ll really do the unimaginable,” Jing’er’s voice resounded in my ear.

Oh s**t, my main body was still stuck in a confrontation with my so called rival! I might not live long enough to escape the prison! Why the f**k would you give me hope and then dash it?! Why you do dis?! (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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