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SPA Chapter 48

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Discovered?!

Hai hai! It’s Clone Pro #0 here, the enhanced version with a hefty 150 Qi to spare! Ohhh~ So excited, but I know my mission is a dangerous and important one. I must rescue my main body from the dog emperor’s special treatment or else all those new “friends” of mine will want to exchange fists with me due to envy. Still, how does that dog emperor have enough resources to use that so long? I’m pretty sure his loot was already stolen? Did he have another loot box elsewhere? I might need to provide Afterword cleaning services when I leave … hehehe.

So, I have actually heard some rumors about this maze from Sis Mei. She told me that if I were to sneak in, I must first go steal all the maps from the special, hidden team that specializes in mapping out the changes in this maze. Unfortunately, I was brought in here before I could. So, I’ll have to manually scour through this ever changing maze and hope I find a way out, then I can drop a {Location Marker} which would help my following adventures.

Although I’ll probably be teleported back at the 24 hour time limit, that shouldn’t matter much because I’ll just come out again sneak out again. Also, my main body will probably send out more clones when his Qi recovers. Although, pity, I wonder if he escaped the youthful challenge. Heh, not my problem though.

The maze walls were made of some strange-looking, black and glossy metal, enhancing the difficulty of seeing my path. I looked up and it seemed that the height of the maze exceeded the range of my sights. If I could fly, I still won’t be able to get out probably. As I dizzily traversed the maze, I hear occasional clunks here and there, which signified that the maze was changing.

I was surprised there were no traps nor danger in the maze, but still walking in the dark really put a chill on my back, especially when I knew this was a prison where lots of prisoners were tortured to death. I kept trying to reassure myself that no resentful ghosts would pop up to eat me, but the occasional weird noises I hear made me shiver more and more. I heard what seemed to be distant howls while feeling a bit breezy. Then, there’s the occasional metal colliding sounds with clunks. Like that’s not bad enough, I’ve just got to start hearing things.

“Come~ here~” a soothing voice drifted to me from a path behind me.

I shivered as I heard that dreadful sound enticing me to walk to my doom once again. Don’t look back and keep walking straight forward. Then, without knowing it, I would have walked back to what seems to be the prison cell area so I would use {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} and sneaked out to another pathway. How am I able to do so?

Well, apparently, although these walls can’t be destroyed, I’m still able to pass through them with my void form! Heh, once I find the exit and place a {Location Marker}, none shall stop my escape! Just you wait dog emperor, I will come out and clean your hole out, and f*** you up for what you did to- Urrggg, why does that sound a bit wrong? It might be just me … so, Mwahahaha!

As I continued exploring the maze, unknowingly, 24 hours have passed. I didn’t even notice because for some odd reason, I was not teleported back to the cell. Now, this is odd. There must have been some mechanism that only teleported prisoners back to cell, and not everyone because if that was the case, then poor guards that deliver the prisoners. Still, this means that there is some sort of sensor or marking on my main body probably that would send me back, or maybe there was an error when processing my detainment.

As I was happy that I can keep exploring, that now annoying voice once again beckoned me to go to him. *sigh* After listening to it and being tensed for a day already, any fear of it already dissipated as it sounded like a Uncle trying to lure a little girl with a lollipop, but the girl was actually a legal aged genius loli who was able to see through all that Uncle’s tricks. Alright, fine, I’ll come and check yo a** out. Worst case is a fright and then death, then the other clones won’t be so stupid to come to you.

Hence, I traversed in the direction where the voice came from. After around 4 hours of going straight, I finally passed through a wall and entered what seem to be a large, circular room with no entrances or exit. In the center of the room was a large, circular pedestal floated a pure black, ominous long sword.

“Who are you … and how do you have the bloodline the Xiong family?” a deep voice resounded.

I looked around shocked for the source of the voice, and I noticed a transparent silhouette materialize behind the sword as he leaned against the sword. Oh F***! GHOST! MOMMY SAVE ME! Oh wait she’s dead. Then, FATHER SAVE ME! Why father? Well that’s because that ghost or whatever it is has the same exact look as my birth father in this world.

“Err … I guess I can say I’m the last surviving member of the Xiong Clan. By the way … are you some grand ancestor of the Xiong Clan, maybe the founder? Because you look so much like my father…” I replied based on my knowledge of the flow of light novels.

You know, it can’t be like he’s my father right? This isn’t Star Wars.

“You’re … impossible! Who are you to be impersonating my son and what did you do to my son?! I sense that you have my son’s blood in you, but there is something off, like you not being the real thing! Plus, my son will not recognize this face because he was only a child!”

Oh? Was I discovered?! And man, this guy’s actually my father.

“Speak now! Where did you keep my son?! If you don’t …”

Oi, old man, seriously, what CAN you do if I don’t tell you. What, lock me in here? I’ll just go pop back to my main body. You’re probably like the cliche novel evil spirit that is permanently anchored to this maze or something, trying to find a way out to seek revenge on everyone. Although, you look like my father, there’s no way to prove you are!

“If you don’t, heh, it’s been a long time since I’ve employed the torture techniques I used when I was still an emperor, but I don’t mind pulling your soul out see who you really are! Then, I’ll shred it to pieces so you’ll never reincarnate,” my self-proclaimed father threatened.

Psshh~ well I’ll just get out of here now, see what you can do. I tried to pop, but nothing happened.

“Heh, trying to escape? I’ve already locked down the space in addition to all your abilities. Now, hand over you soul!”

Losing my soul here won’t affect my main body right? This is just my wishful thinking for I know that even curses can transfer through souls to my main body’s soul. Well s**t!

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