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SPA Chapter 45

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 45

Chapter 45: The Inescapable Prison

F***! You got to know that when I used my divine sense to take a look, I found out that none of the other 5 “friends” were locked up! They were either leaning against the wall or sleeping on the ground. F***! Wait, calm down. Although they have higher cultivation and aren’t locked up, it is probably sealed like mine so they can’t do s**t to me … I hope.

“Hahahaha, I’m really happy to make a new friend at the same level as I am today! Although your cultivation is currently sealed, but it should only take a couple of months at most to break the seal, then you can easily shatter the locks and maybe we can exchange fists. It’s pretty boring being constantly beaten up by those old things,” Jing’er spoke excitedly while leaning against the wall.

Wait … does that mean that their cultivation have been unsealed?! I searched once again with my divine sense and noticed shattered metal pieces in the corners of each cell. F*** you! Exchange what fists?! Probably one light hit from you will shatter my fists!

“A-ahhahaha, it’s not that I don’t want to, but you see, using my divine sense to see is a bit too hard, so I rather not fight-” I tried to find an excuse.

“Nonsense! How can a trifling barrier as such stop our youthful exchange of fists. Old Xia, give him the technique,” Jing’er spoke.

“Aii~ Alright, my {Night Eyes} is not that much of a secret anyways,” the monk responded then some force entered my mind.

I didn’t want to learn whatever this is because it will probably get rid of my excuse, but unfortunately-

[Unknown mental force entering host’s mind. Force determined to have no threat nor harm, so {Divine Mental Fortress} is not activated.]

[Host has received a cultivation skill through direct mental message. {Strongest Protagonist’s Aura} has activated. Host has gained ability {Night Emperor’s Eye}.]

[Night Emperor’s Eyes]
Level : 12
This ability’s level is scaled with the host’s cultivation level. This ability allows the host to ignore the effects of darkness on host’s visions. Each increase in the ability’s level increases the host’s night vision by 1% and resistance to vision impairment effects by 1%. When night vision boost reaches 100%, host will be able to see in the darkness as if it were in the light. Any increase in percent after that would increase host’s vision clarity and distance in the darkness.
Current night vision boost : 12%
Resistance to Vision Impairment : 12%

OMG! My protagonist’s aura kicked in to help me for the first time ever and basically evolved a f**king skill! Now it’s so freaking OP! Except, that I can still barely see up to the blurry edge of my cell and everything is in grey because my cultivation is too low.

“Aii~ Jing’er, although we can’t see his cultivation now, once he unseals himself, he might be at a higher cultivation than even you! Be careful what you wish for,” the monk snickered while Jing’er glares in his direction.

What f**king higher cultivation!? Please let me off big brothers! No! I need to get out of here! Although I didn’t get killed by that dog emperor, if I stay here, I may get killed by a single fist! These f**kers are even higher level than the dog emperor!

“U-ummm … b-big brothers, is there any way to get out of this place? I really need to go … settle my scores with that dog emperor …” I tried probing. “Heh, if there was, we would have long gone out. F**k that god forsaken maze, making me all dizzy,” Old Pan said.

“Heh, Old Pan, that’s just you. Getting dizzy over a trifling maze. Hah!” the deep voice said.

“F*** you! If you’re so good, why the f*** are you still trapped here! You can’t get through that Labyrinth either!” Old Pan yelled back.

Labyrinth? They are trapped by a simple maze?!

“Seniors, with your level of cultivation, a simple maze shouldn’t have stopped you should it? Can’t you use your divine sense to traverse the maze?” I curiously questioned.

“Brat, you know nothing! That Labyrinth is not as simple as a simple maze! It’s an ever-changing maze that has infinitely many routes. If one could cover it with divine sense then yes it would be easy, but this stinking maze spans a distance even larger than the capital city! Even with our divine sense, we can’t even see the edge of this thing!” Old Pan growled at me.

“Plus, it’s also indestructible with our cultivation. Old Pan and me tried blasting our way out, but we got heavily injured from the rebound of our attacks instead while only managing to make a hole in a wall,” the deep voice also voiced his support.

“Yes, and we are trapped in the center of the maze. No matter how we walk that maze, we will eventually be led back here, the center. There’s probably some mechanism that makes sure we are trapped here as well. Like that’s not bad enough, if you are outside your cell for more than a day, the maze will transfer you back into your cell with a spacial transfer, causing all your exploration of the maze to be useless, and there’s no way to stop it,” Jing’er said.

Oi, seriously? Ever-changing, indestructible maze, add on intelligence and return to start after a time limit to that. What the F***! I can’t escape?! But then, how would that work as a prison waiting for confessions?

“That doesn’t make sense though. If the dog emperor wants to know your secrets, he must have a way of getting it. So, if a guard is sent in, can’t you just follow the guard that brings the confession out?” I questioned.

“Hah, like any guard would walk to their death like that. Hence they built this interesting mechanism in the wall. There’s a chute that delivers food and water. Another chute has a scroll with a pen for you to write with. You can write your confession and then put it in the chute that will suck it up to bring it to the emperor. Of course, after you shouldn’t do that. That’s the dumbest thing you could do,” Jing’er said.

“Why?” I questioned.

“Heh. Let me tell you this newbie. There was actually another “newbie” that arrived not long ago, maybe a year? Well, we here personally witnessed him confessing. And you know what happened?” the monk cheekily questioned.


“Heh. Not long after he delivered his confession of his secrets, we personally witnessed a hidden mechanism sprouting from the top of his room. I happen to know that it was the well known Lightning Emperor’s Killing Formation, a Rainbow Grade formation, being embedded into the mechanism. It came out and literally shocked the poor bloke to death with nonstop rain of lightning. Idiot, confessing means death,” the monk mockingly said. I shuddered and stared at the walls around me.

There’s something hidden back there that can kill me anytime?! F***! At least I know that it won’t activate if I don’t confess.

Maybe because I jinxed it with my foul mouth or maybe it’s just Mr.Aura writing away again, but I felt a chill as a clunk was heard. Then in the ceiling of the cell, a gap opened and out came a metal like machine with a spiral staircase like tip. At the end of that tip was a bead glowing with rainbow light.

“Oh HELL! It’s the Lightning Emperor’s Killing Formation! Did that brat already confess?! But he’s still locked up! If he confessed before he came in, he would already be killed!” the monk shouted in shock.

My body froze as cold sweat ran down my back. Oi. Oi. Oi! Are you f**king with me?! Killing me off on day one in prison?! I haven’t even told you my secrets yet even though I don’t have any?! I watched as the machine charge up as lightning started gathering at its tip.

Great. It’s about to fry my a** off.

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