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SPA Chapter 46

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Awakening

As I watched that formation to finish charging, I tried my hardest to break free from my locks, but to no avail. I know I can’t escape this, so I can only hope that it isn’t as bad as the monk says.

The formation finished charging after about a minute, then with a flash of blinding light, lightning exploded out of the bead and descended all over my cell. Some magical restriction prevented the lightning from escaping the cell as the lightning bounced off the walls continuously until it ran out of energy.

Naturally, as the resident of that cell, I got the full onslaught of the lightning. As the first lightning hit my body, I absolutely did not feel anything at first. Not long after, my mind went blank as my blood boiled to crazy temperatures.

[Host has taken heavy lightning damage. 5% of host’s blood has been evaporated due to overheat.]

AHHHH! I knew I shouted, but I couldn’t even process the sound of my shout. With boiling blood, it felt like I was being cooked alive from the inside. All my organs, tissues, veins, and arteries were being roasted as the lightning seem to enhance my sense of pain as it courses through my body. Smoke rose from my body which have been changed into a shade of red. Before I could relax due to the first lightning’s energy fading away, the second bolt struck, then the third…

Notifications constantly popped up, but my brain could not register them as my vision started blacking out. Is this it? Am I going to die here? Will I get to see Ling’er … again-

[Host has entered hibernation.]

In a luxurious room, complete with many exquisite furniture, lied a unconscious beautiful girl on a large bed with lacy curtains. Two middle age man with worried faces were sitting on chairs by the bed, awaiting the girl’s awakening while a maidservant stood beside the bed constantly watching the girl. A doctor dressed in a lavish robe stood by the side of the middle age man wearing a green robe silently as he sweated due to the chilling temperature in the room caused by the man in the green robe.

“You said my Ling’er’s body was completely healthy. How come my Ling’er hasn’t awoken yet?” the green robe man spoke with a chilling voice.

The doctor immediately dropped to his knees and started kowtowing, “Y-your Majesty please quench your anger. This lousy servant is useless, unable to treat the princess. P-please give this servant another chance!”

“Quench my anger … quench my anger- How about I quench your life instead?! If my Ling’er doesn’t awaken in the next hour, there is no need for me to keep a quack doctor like you around!” the green robed man roared in anger as he slammed his hands onto the table between his chair and the other man’s chair, shattering the table to pieces.

“Your Majesty! Please spare this servant! Mercy your Majesty! Merc-” as the doctor pleaded for mercy, a sudden shriek from the maidservant grabbed everyone’s attention as everyone saw the girl on the bed sitting up suddenly.

The green robed man instantly appeared beside the bed, swept away the curtains, and sat down onto the bed as he grabbed his daughter’s small hands.

“Ling’er, you’re awake! Are you alright? Are you still hurting anywhere?” the green robed man anxiously asked.

Ling’er didn’t even bother responding to the anxious father, but instead grabbed her heart with her hands. She felt a weird, aching feeling in her heart, telling her someone was in danger, but she could not remember who that certain someone is. As she tried to recall that someone, her mind only returned the empty feeling of missing something, something important that she believes that she holds dear, but can’t just can’t remember.

“DOCTOR! Ling’er seems to have an injury on her heart area! Hurry and come to check! NOW!” the green robed man noticed Ling’er grabbing her heart area and thought she was injured there.

Although Ling’er was frustrated, she could only reply to her father to stop him, “Father, I’m alright.”

“Ah~ it’s good that you’re alright. That’s good. *sigh* Ling’er you scared me there. Father thought he would never see you again when your Uncle messaged me that you were captured by the Fu Emperor,” the green robed man worriedly responded.

“Father, as you can see, I’m alright. But I understand that I am not strong enough because I have caused worry to Father. So, Father I would like to cultivate now,” Ling’er coldly responded.

“Yes, yes. Ling’er wants to cultivate now. Father will exc-” as the green robed man was talking, he suddenly froze as glass could be heard shattering in the background due to the Uncle dropping his tea cup.

Both man stared wide-eyed at Ling’er like they couldn’t believe what she just said. Then, suddenly, both man drew out their swords and pointed it at Ling’er and roared, “Who are you?! What have you done with Ling’er?!”

“Why would father ask that?” Ling’er coldly questioned.

“Because Ling’er would never willingly cultivate nor speak in that tone to me! Which demon are you to dare to possess my daughter?!” the green robed man howled as his eyes went bloodshot.

Ling’er coldly glared at her father then responded, “Before I was stuck as a child due to the trauma that mother’s death had left me, unwilling to move forward. However, after I woke up, I remembered everything. Everything is clear now. How do you expect me my tone to be when speaking to you after knowing what you did to mother!”

The green robed man froze then his hands shivered as he dropped his sword.

“Ah. So you remembered,” the green robed man said with a face of guilt and regret, “Ling’er, you know that father did that to prot-“

“Enough! I don’t want to hear your pathetic excuses. Leave me alone. I need to cultivate. Please excuse yourselfs and arrange for me to go to the Sect, I don’t want to stay here any longer,” Ling’er coldly glanced at the entourage of people, sat in lotus position, then closed her eyes to meditate.

“I- sigh“, the green robed man shook his head depressingly, waved his hands to collect his sword, and sadly strolled out of the room with the others in a solemn, depressed mood.

After the doors closed, Ling’er reopened her eyes as she placed her hands at the position of her rapidly beating heart that was still aching.

“Just who are you to make me feel … this way? Will I … meet you again?”

Ling’er blankly glanced into space hoping to see the one, but to no avail. As she closed her eyes to start her cultivation, a single, silent tear slid down her face.

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