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SPA Chapter 44

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 44

Chapter 44: New “Friends”

Ding~ [Host has awoken from hibernation.]


[Due to surviving from yet another fatality, host’s ability {Rise From the Dead} has increased by a level.]

[Host’s body is heavily injured. Physical stats are greatly reduced temporarily.]

[Host’s current cultivation is sealed. Host must circulate 10000 external Qi to break down seal.]

Urrggg … the pain. I feel like a lot of the bones on my body are broken. No, it’s not feel like, it IS broken. Tsk, what happened to get me into this horrible situation-

Then, I remembered the last scene I saw. I was shocked out of my daze. No! That couldn’t be. I can’t keep sleeping here. I must get up and save Ling’er! I tried to move my body, but I was not able to. Is it because my body is so heavily injured that I can’t move? No … it feels more like something is keeping me from moving …

I slowly opened my eyes, and I saw something. Huh? Did I not open my eyes yet? I made that I got the feeling that I got closed my eyes, then I reopened it again. I couldn’t see! Did I become blind?! What happened while I slept?! System!

[Name] Xiong Zhi Ye (Pro)

[Cultivation Level] Orange Dan Level : 2 (Sealed)

[Usable Qi] —/300

[Mental Power] 35/35

Strength : 24 (-20)
Endurance : 24 (-14)
Agility : 16 (-12)
Intellect : 26 (-1)
Comprehension : 13 (-3)
Luck : 1

{Missing Left Arm}
{Sealed Cultivation} 0/10000
{Heavy Physical Injury}

[Innate Ability]
Strongest Protagonist’s Aura
Protagonist’s Vengeance
Protagonist’s Rebirth
Protagonist’s Sacrifice for Love

Rise From the Dead : Lvl 3 -> 4
Escape Death : Lvl 2
Winter’s Child : Lvl 13
Indestructible Body : lvl 6
Beast Controller : Lvl 12
Divine Mental Fortress : Lvl 6
Divine Blood Rebirth : Lvl 9
Poison Body : Lvl 1
Hunter’s Mark : Lvl 5
Slime’s Greed : Lvl 1

Present Xian Xiafan Language {100%}
Colorless Emperor’s Rainbow Mountain {12%} 1366/30000
Location Marker : Lvl 2
Clone : 0
Spacial Storage : Lvl 15 | 12/35
Corrosive Armor : Lvl 2 | 137/2000
Ghost Emperor’s Voyage : 3/3
Clone Network : Lvl 1

Eh? I don’t have a blind status … so I’m not blind, but … I tried to feel my left arm. I could only feel a stinging feeling at my shoulder, nothing else. It’s truly … gone. Although I can’t see it, but I know, it’s the price I paid, a small price compared to my life. I also know that all my effort were in vain because in the end, I wasn’t strong enough to protect Ling’er. Is Ling’er already a breeding tool of the demon? I shuddered at the thought as my heart clenched. I felt a drop of water roll down my cheeks. Is there water running in here?

“Oh? It seems the brat is awake! Yo old things! Come greet our new “friend”!” a hoarse voice boomed.

Huh? Where is that coming from? Is there other people here?

“Hahahaha! Finally a new face. It’s been so long since we’ve been confined here, and it’s been getting boring with you old things,” another deep voice responded.

“Oi. Old things, don’t just speak among yourself and let’s get to know our new friend.

After all, it’s rare to have another fellow daoist of our level being sent here,” a younger sounding voice sounded.

“Yep! Yep! That’s right! Oi, brat, what “crime” did you commit to get locked down here with our old bones? Did you slaughter the Royal Army? Tried to assassinate the emperor? Or did you try to put a green hat on the emperor?” a cheeky voice questioned.

Um … what? What is up with those dangerous sounding crimes? And locked down here? Is this a prison?! But I didn’t commit any crime … well maybe some may consider my cleaning services a crime, but hey, it’s not as deadly as the ones just listed right? Right?!


“Um … I didn’t really commit any “crime”. I was enjoying my life with my sweetheart, but then the emperor came and then-” I tried responding but my throat choked and clogged when I reminded myself of the event.

“Aiii~ Another unfortunate soul just like Jing’er over there. Jing’er’s lover also was kidnapped by that dog emperor, but she was killed due to resisting. Then when Jing’er tried to get revenge, he was defeated and locked up here. He’s the newest one before you,” the hoarse voice sounded once again.

“Oi Old things, don’t go driving wedges into my sorrow. It’s not like you guys had it any better. We already had enough of reminiscing our sorrows all these years. Enough is enough. Let’s talk with the new guy instead,” the younger voice sounded once again.

“True, true. How can we miss this chance to learn some new secrets! So, newbie what secrets does the dog emperor want to learn from you? Don’t have to go in-depth about it, just a general gist. For example this handsome gentleman was able to sneak into the palace undetected to pick fresh flowers, ” the cheeky voice sounded.

Huh? Secrets? Although I learned many from Sis Mei, but the dog emperor doesn’t know that. So, what secrets could he want?

“I don’t think I have any secrets that the dog emperor wants to know …” I replied.

“Bulls**t! How can you be locked down here if you don’t got secrets that the dog emperor wants to know? For example us, we would be long dead if we don’t have secrets that dog emperor wants to know. For me, it’s my flying sword cultivation technique, but HAH, I’ll tell that him in a million years! Hence this old man is trapped here. Just look at me, I’m so pitiful,” the deep voice growled.

“Um … I can’t really see anything right now, so can’t really look over,” I responded in a light voice.

“Of course you can’t. You’re locked in this prison that’s nearly always in darkness. You’ll need good eyes by getting used to it, or simply use divine sense,” the younger voice sounded.

So, that’s how it is. My mental power was not sealed so I activated my divine sense and checked out my location. I was inside a jail cell, locked up to the wall completely by metal rings. There were two cells next to me on each side and three across from me, for six cells total. Extending my senses, I saw my five new “friends”.

There were two old man with long, messy white hair while dressed in rags located in the two rooms next to me. Based on the directions of the voices, those two were the deep voice to the left of me and the hoarse voice to the right. Then across from the left man’s cell, we had a younger looking man with an overgrown beard. He’s most likely the younger voice I heard. Inside the cell across from the my right cell is a bald man with six dots on his head and a goatee on his chin. Then across from me was an old man with grey hair draping down like he was asleep. So, he must not have talked so that cheeky voice that “picked flowers” must be the monk?!

“Oh, although not extremely strong, but still able to use divine sense. Brat, you’re so young and can already enter Violet Dan? No wonder you’re locked down here with us,” the hoarse voice sounded. Violet Dan? What? I think they misunderstood me because it is commonly known that most cultivators must reach Violet Dan to unlock divine sense, even if they are a mental power cultivators, but for me, I’m able to use divine sense-like skill through infusing mental power into my system’s scan-like function.

Wait … locked down here with them? Does that mean they are…

“A-are y-you all Violet Dans …?” I asked while stuttering.

“Pei! Violet Dan? Only Jing’er is still at that realm, although at the peak. This handsome here is already a Brown Dan. As for those old things, not much stronger than this handsome master but still Brown Dan,” the cheeky voice sounded.

“Oi! What do you mean not much stronger? I’m already close to breaking through to Gold Dan with Old Pan! You brat are only at the beginning stages of Brown Dan! Quit being so cheeky!” the deep voice growled.

Oi. Oi. Oi. Call that being cheeky for ONLY at Brown Dan! I’m at orange Dan! F*** me! I just got placed with a den full of monsters!

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