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SPA Chapter 43

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 43

Chapter 43: My Last Sight of Her

As the world and her heart restarted, the demon emperor that was not far from us started. His eyes narrowed as he stared at the now breathing, but still unconscious Ling’er as his breathing quicken as well. He flashed up to Ling’er and inspected her body with his lustful eyes.

“How? How is this possible? She’s able to regain life not long after death. Could it be … that she have a secret inside of her that grants her immortality?! If I can gain the secret to immortality, I don’t have to be afraid of any of those old crackpots with half a foot in the grave!” the demon emperor’s face flushed as he theorized how Ling’er came back to life, then he placed his palm onto Ling’er and inserted some Qi into her.

“HAHAHAHAHA! Heaven has not forsake me! For Heaven has delivered such a wonderful species to be my property! An Immortal Winter’s Child! A perfect body for dual cultivation! With this furnace, my cultivation will soar and I will soon surpass those old crackpots! AHAHAHA! Captain Huai, guard the vicinity and don’t let anyone near. Let this emperor get a taste of power immediately!” the demon emperor laughed happily as he untied the sash on his robe.

My happy, gentle smile from the rebirth of Ling’er instantly turned to a frown of shock and despair. NO! I CAN’T LET HIM TOUCH MY LING’ER! I mustered all my remaining strength in my heavily wounded body and tipped over onto the ground. I then extended my left hand and grabbed onto the b*st**d’s foot, gripping it as tight as I could trying to pull him even a step back.

“Get AWAY from my Ling’er!” I gritted my teeth and yelled while glaring at the son of a b*t*h. The demon emperor froze, then his smile turned into a frown as he looked down on the ant disturbing his meal.

“Trash that doesn’t know when to stop! This emperor shall give you a lesson that you will always remember!” the demon emperor growled as he extended a palm of Purple Qi.

Then, like a magnet, my body lifted up and my neck landed right into the Qi-infused hand of the demon emperor. Some cold flow entered my body as the blood in my body seemed to have dropped in temperature.

[Host’s Qi has been sealed. Host will need to slowly absorb and circulate external Qi to break the seal.]

He clutched my neck until I can barely breathe and sneered.

“It was your left hand that disturbed this emperor was it not?” the demon emperor slyly spoke as I glared back.

“Then, you have no need to keep the hand that has defiled this emperor,” the demon emperor sneered and then-


[Host has suffered heavy damage. Host’s left arm has been lost.]

“Heh. Savor the flavor of being a cripple while you watch me savor your lover,” the demon emperor snickered as he threw me against the wall.


[Host has suffered heavy damage. Host has lost too much blood and will now enter hibernation mode to decrease blood loss.]

Pain. Despair. Can I really not save her from such a fate? As my vision slowly faded out, I watched as the demon slowly disrobed himself. My last sight of her was a scene where the demon was stretching his demon claws towards my Ling’er. Someone … please, save her-

[Host has entered hibernation.]

Emperor Fu Fan’s perspective…

Heh, finally nothing will stop me from my road to immortality. I will keep using this furnace until I hit Gold Dan, then I can lock her up while preparing for Cyan, and use her in the final ritual to boost me to Cyan. HAHAHA! Then I will no longer be afraid of anyone! I will conquer all of this continent and let everyone shiver when they hear my name! As I was about to get a feel of the exposed smooth, jade skin of the tool, heavy pressure suddenly descended upon me.

“WHO DARES TO TOUCH MY DAUGHTER?!” a voice boomed.


My foot sunk into the ground as I spitted out a mouthful of blood. Fear struck me as I turned to look into the sky. A trail of Cyan light lit the sky as an middle aged man appeared in the sky. The man wore a green robe with a flower insignia, and the part that placed fear in my heart was the fact that he was stepping on air as he glared down at my position. The same stage as my master, Cyan Dan! And there’s only one clan that has that insignia and it’s the royal family of the most powerful empire of the four in this continent. His daughter? Cold sweat covered my back as I realized I might have touched someone I should not have.

“YOU DARE TO TOUCH MY DAUGHTER?! HUMPH!” A force pulled me towards the man, and I knew I must prevent it or this would be my end!

“YOU CAN’T KILL ME! My master is a Grand Elder in the Xian Sect! If you kill me, the Xian Sect will destroy your empire!”

I pulled out my trump card, my master in the super sect that rules this continent. The force pulling me abruptly stopped as the man frowned as he considered.

A short man with white hair suddenly appeared by this side, then sighed and said, “Brother, Ling’er’s still in good condition. If we kill him, it’ll be hard to answer to the Sect. It’s time yet, we must endure.”

The man seemed to have recovered his sanity, then he smashed me into the ground with a light wave of his hands. cough It felt like some of my bones are shattered, I grit my teeth as I glared at that man because these injuries would take months to heal, even with external assistance. He waved his hand and the girl gently floated up to his embrace as a white furred cloak materialized and covered her. Then, he sent me another glare and then vanished along with the other man. The sky returned to its normal color. I grind my teeth as I stood up. That b*st**d, ruining my plans, one day I will ruin his empire!

I decided to go back to the palace to plan a suitable revenge while healing my injuries. I turned around and as I headed towards the palace, my trash servant that stalks me like a dog timidly walks up to me and asks, “Y-y-your majesty, w-what do we do with the boy? H-he’s still alive …”

Oh? Still alive after all that? Heh! Alive?! Well, I’ll give him a life worst than death for ruining my plans! And it seems that he has something to do with the culprit that stole my treasures seeing how he had the {Heart Severing Sword}. Heh, I don’t believe I can’t get answers out of you!

“Lock him up in the Labyrinth, and give him the special treatment, but makes sure he doesn’t die until he spits out all the information about the culprit who broke into the palace earlier today!”

My servant heeded my command and dragged the boy off as I stormed back to the palace. Losing so much in day- one day, I’ll make them all PAY!

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