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SPA Chapter 36

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Am I Fated To Be A Slime?

Alright, time to check out these OP sounding gear. Let’s start with this rapier that literally just had a heart-shaped handle.

[Heart Severing Sword] (Rainbow – Upper)
Durability: 1/∞
This sword has an unlimited power depending on how much power the host can imagine, but this sword can only be used against the one that host loves. In order to power and repair itself, this sword will consume host’s emotions as fuel. With continuous use of this sword and with higher levels of power exerted, this sword can turn the host into a emotionless being, one who had severed the heart that loves.

Oh s***! A Rainbow upper grade right off the bat with UNLIMITED power, but f***ing completely useless! Only usable against lover? Who would do that?! Plus, it’ll turn me into a emotionless killing machine? No derp this is gonna be trash. I don’t even want to absorb this and end up with some cursed ability.

Next up were my Soul Gathering Pills, and there was 2 at that!

[Soul Gathering Pills] (Rainbow – Upper)
Durability: One time use
Each pill is a one use item. This pill is used to gather the soul of a deceased, near deceased, or abnormal condition inflicted individual. The gathered soul will be returned the the body of the target or the target will awaken from condition. If no suitable body is available, the gathered soul will be in a dormant state and slowly scatter over time. Simply insert 1 Qi into pill to activate near target’s body or where the soul has scattered and once pill’s effect run out, it will shatter.

Wow, Clone Pro #1 really did it this time, I’m very proud of myself. Maybe it’s because I added some extra Qi to him so he managed to sneak into the prison, but not likely. Was this pill held somewhere else? Eh, I’ll find out where he pops. But let’s put one of these into my {Protagonist’s Rebirth} ability.

[Host’s innate ability {Protagonist’s Rebirth} has absorbed a {Soul Gathering Pill}. Host has gained +1 chance.]

Yay~ now I can use it again. Let’s go to the denoted options in the skill and set it so that I will transform back to a human next time I go through rebirth. Let’s also set the rebirth to manual so I don’t just instant rebirth into a destroyed body like the first time and it’ll allow me to choose to reconstruct my body any time I have chance left. Alright next item.

[Fate Doll] (Rainbow – Upper)
Durability: One time use
This doll can be used to curse the fate of any organism. The target with a cursed fate will constantly suffer in life-or-death situations until the target’s soul perishes. The user only requires a drop of blood of the target and be within a range of 1000 miles from target to cast ritual. Ritual requires 1 hour to perform, and after ritual is complete with target cursed, the user of this doll shall pay the price with his or her heart. User must have a heart to use this doll and must not be close to death, with at least 50% lifespan left.

*shiver* This is one scary doll. I would use it on my target for assassination, but seriously, it’s not worth it to sacrifice my heart on such a worthless b*st**d. Also, it’ll be difficult just to get the blood of the target. So verdict: pretty useless unless you’re a crazy b*st**d yourself.

[Shield of Cowardice] (Rainbow – Upper)
Durability: ∞
This shield will never break. This shield can block any sort of damage as long as the user fears for the death of another target, but if used otherwise, user will be cursed by cowardice, eternally living in fear of everything including the user’s self. The user must be standing in front of the target in order to equip and use this shield.

Oh! An actual useful one this time! Three jackpots yet only one that is usable, but the restriction is really, a bit too much. I’m not afraid to live as a coward for the rest of my life, but I would rather not use it if I don’t meet the conditions. Next, it’s actually my first skill book! I’m so going to learn this unless it’s a s*** skill.

[Fate’s Song] ??? Skill Book
Use to learn innate skill {Control Fate}
Cost: All of user’s cultivation, 99% of user’s stats, all of user’s other skills, all the user’s other abilities, 50% of user’s lifespan, and user’s fate. User will not be able to learn any other abilities or skills after learning this skill.

Holy s***! A skill book so strong that it’s ???. Though, not even sure if anyone can identify this besides me because literally it’s a freaking unrecognizable symbols if I didn’t have this system. I don’t even know how I have this appraisal skill, but must have came along with basic system. Still, the cost to use learn this skill is a bit extreme. I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it, even though {Control Fate} sounds like a really, really OP skill. Next is just a high-grade spacial storage back, just a normal bag, but larger. Then, the next one looks interesting. It’s a necklace with a heart-shaped stone that glints with rainbow color.

[Lover’s Charm] ???
Durability: ???
This necklace can be split into two necklace of Yin and Yang. User can equip the appropriate necklace (Yang-Male, Yin-Female) and have user’s lover equip the other. After equipping, the necklace will be hidden inside both individual’s soul. The two individual will be henceforth soul-bound and will always be alerted if the other is in danger or dies. Individuals can also vaguely sense each other if they are within 1000 miles of each other. This charm will never break unless any of the lovers forsake the other for another partner. This charm can only be equipped willingly. May the lovers gain eternal peace together.

Oh my, another ???. Is this supposed to be OP? I mean sensing each other, I can pretty much already do that with one of my skills… but I guess it’ll make a great gift to Ling’er. After all, this is just to repay her for saving my life, yup, that’s all there is to it. She’ll accept it right? I mean I’m such a handsome … slime.

I guess that’s it. I got some very OP stuff, but yet, useless at same time. Though now I’m already having thoughts of staying a slime for a while. Being a slime is so OP. It lets me cultivate fast and gave me all this boost in my stats and- eh? What’s this {Poison Body} ability above my {Hunter’s Mark} ability. When did that get there?

[Poison Body]
Level : 1 | Current progress to next level : 137/1000
This ability’s progress to the next level can be increased by absorbing poison product. Each increase in level in this ability will increase host’s poison resistance by 1%. Every 10 level increases would grant the host a +1 poison damage in all Qi attacks.
Current Poison Resistance : 1%
Current Poison Damage Boost : +0

Hmm? Did Clone Pro #1 get poisoned while “cleaning”? But then, Clone Pro #1 popped, and I received his memories. There was definitely no poison in there. Huh? Then where did this come from? Could it be- then the clone I left with Ling’er, Clone Pro #0, popped. I clearly remembered the last scene in that memory, and it was one of Ling’er lying in a pool of blood on the ground of a dark, small room while surrounded by bandit-like b*st**ds. And I understood that my journey as a slime has come to an end because I will need my human body in order to save Ling’er.

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