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SPA Chapter 35

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Finally We’re Online!

Hai~ this is Pro, the actual main one. After 2 days of “torture” by the “evil” brats, I finally managed to sneak away one night by spamming clones for them to catch. Yup, that was after my noticed my cultivation had leveled up, probably due to Clone Pro #1’s effort. I didn’t get any notifications because only the clone gets the notifications, but I will see them as memories once the clone pops.

It’s a good thing because if in the future I send out millions of clones steal-“cleaning” different things, I don’t have to worry about getting a million notifications, but yet at the same time, I won’t know when I grow stronger unless I check. Oh, you ask what power spikes my other clones besides Clone Pro #1 gave me? Well jack s***.

Unfortunately, none of the other clones were able to take a single step inside the clan let alone get anything. I don’t know how Clone Pro #1 did it, but none of the other clones could, so they popped and I realized that as a slime, I can’t exactly push open a heavy, stone backdoor. I would call my clones stupid, but unfortunately they are me, so I can’t really curse them out without cursing myself. Then, there’s Clone Pro #1 who’s a solo pro, except that he’s been gone for nearly 3 days now. Why is it always “useless” me or “stuck who knows where” me?

Oh? My items increased, and so did my cultivation! Clone Pro #1 must have offered cleaning service 101 to someone else. Lots of Spirit Stones must have been cleaned!

[Name] Xiong Zhi Ye (Pro)

[Cultivation Level] Orange Dan Level : 2

[Usable Qi] 290/300 (-10)

[Mental Power] 35/35

Strength : 18 -> 24
Endurance : 18 -> 24
Agility : 13 -> 16
Intellect : 24 -> 26
Comprehension : 12 -> 13
Luck : 1

Slime Body

[Innate Ability]
Strongest Protagonist’s Aura
Protagonist’s Vengeance
Protagonist’s Rebirth

Rise From the Dead : Lvl 3
Escape Death : Lvl 2
Winter’s Child : Lvl 13
Indestructible Body : lvl 5
Beast Controller : Lvl 12
Divine Mental Fortress : Lvl 6
Divine Blood Rebirth : Lvl 6 -> 9
Poison Body : Lvl 1

Present Xian Xiafan Language {100%} – No function to speak on body
Colorless Emperor’s Rainbow Mountain {12%} 1366/30000
Location Marker : Lvl 2
Clone : 2
Spacial Storage : Lvl 15 | 22/35
Corrosive Armor : Lvl 2 | 137/2000
Ghost Emperor’s Voyage : 3/3
[Spacial Storage] Level : 15 {0%}
Current slots used : 22/35
Bar of Gold (99)Bar of Silver (99)Bar of Silver (88)
Qi Spike GunRandom Teleportation TalismanWind Wolf’s Boots
Wind Wolf’s CloakEarth Dragon’s FangBar of Gold (99)
Bar of Gold (99)Bar of Gold (99)Bar of Gold (99)
Bar of Gold (57)Mid-grade Sound Transmission Talisman (9)Hidden Qi Pigeon Transmitter
Heart Severing SwordSoul Gathering Pill (2)Fate Doll
Shield of CowardiceFate’s Song Skill BookHigh-grade Spacial Storage Bag
Lover’s Charm

OHHH! I’m a millionaire?! IS this it? The rest of my life I can live in peace? I can probably support Ling’er as a mistress, too. Hehehe~ Let’s see what these items do.

[Mid-grade Sound Transmission Talisman] (Blue – Upper)
Durability: One time use
Allows for transmitting a message to a target within 2500 miles of host. Targets must be someone host knows, or have met. Messages can be written on the back of the talisman. Host only has to think of the target’s name or appearance, then activate the talisman with 1 Qi.

Oh, pretty useful, after all communication is power. Maybe this will allow me to communicate with my clones if I absorb them!

[Host has absorbed Mid-grade Sound Transmission Talisman. Host has gained skill {Hunter’s Mark}.]

[Hunter’s Mark]
Level : 1 {0%}
This ability’s progress to the next level can be raised through absorbing sound transmission treasures. This ability allows host to set a hidden mark on any target host comes into contact with at the cost of 5 Qi. Then, host can sense the location of the marking at the cost of 1 Qi per second if the marking is within a certain range of host. The default range is 1 mile, and each increase in level would increase the range by 1 mile. Increases in level will also increase the number of markings host can have and the duration in which the marking will stay on a target, with the default as 1 marking and 1 year respectively. Marking will also disappear if host wills it or if target discovers marking and removes with a special technique that is not below this ability’s level.
Current markings : 0/1
Sense distance mile(s) : 1
Max marking duration year(s) : 1

Welp, not what I expected, but I guess it’ll be useful … for stalking someone? Let’s just absorb all of this so I can have a longer range.

[Host has absorbed Mid-grade Sound Transmission Talisman (8). Host has gained 4 levels in {Hunter’s Mark}.]

This way, Ling’er won’t be able to escape- *cough* I mean, so I can keep Ling’er safe one day. After all with that ditzy personality of hers, everyone would worry for her. I’m not some “evil” uncle trying to prepare my dinner. *ahem* Let’s check on the next item, a wooden pigeon.

[Hidden Qi Pigeon Transmitter] (Orange – Upper)
Durability: 188/275
A treasure that allows for user to conjure a Qi pigeon to send the user’s thoughts to a target. Targets must be someone host knows, or have met. It cost 1 durability and 25 Qi to send one message. There is no distance limitation as long as target is in same dimension and space. The Qi pigeon conjured will become invisible once it takes off and will travel at a speed of at least 2500 feet per second, ignoring physical objects and living organisms.

The pigeon can reach a max speed of 5000 feet per second depending on the amount of Qi interference and other interference in which it passes through, more interference means decreased speed with the possibility of being destroyed or intercepted if interference is strong enough.

Oh yes! This one may just do it! Absorb!

[Host has absorbed {Hidden Qi Pigeon Transmitter}. Host has gained skill {Clone Network}.]

[Clone Network]
Level : 1 {0%}
This ability’s level can be increased by absorbing thought transmission treasures. Host can send transmissions to clones, and clones can send transmissions to main body, both with a simple thought, with no delay, at the cost of 1 Qi of the sender. Messages will appear as a notification in system and can be viewed when host desires. In order to send or receive messages, clone must have at least 25 Max Usable Qi. The transmission distance increases as the ability’s level increase, with a default of 10 miles and increase in increments of 10 miles.
Current max transmission distance miles : 10

And now, I’m officially online. Except that I’ll need to put more Qi into clones and also I’ll have to slowly extend my network to provide “coverage” for the world. I can’t have unfortunate clones not having internet due to “living” at unfortunate areas just like those poor souls back on Earth.

Well, now that I’ve got that out of the way, time to broaden our horizon with those OP sounding treasures!

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