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SPA Chapter 34

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 34

Chapter 34: A Smokey Hot Scene

After traveling through many twists and turns, we finally entered the dog emperor’s bedchamber. If this was one of those female protagonist in the imperial harem novels, then me, the protagonist would definitely be in for some not smokey hot but painful memories. Honestly, who the hell wants to do it with this dog emperor? If you do, go ahead and take my spot, but you probably won’t be satisfied.

After the dog emperor enters the room, he sat down on the large, lavish royal bed. Then he took me from the eunuch’s hand, and …

“Go get Imperial Concubine Fei for me. Tonight, this emperor shall dote on her,” the dog emperor commands the eunuch to go get his partner for tonight’s smokey hot scene.

The old eunuch with a shaved face bows then heads out, leaving me all alone with the dog emperor. Oi, the dog won’t be in heat so bad that he wanted me to be used for “that” kind of play right? If you don’t understand what “that” is, then good for you, stay pure my friend.

While we waited for the female dog to come along, the dog emperor gave me pokes here and here, flipped me around in circles, tried doing basically all sorts of stuff with my body. No, it’s not “that” kind of stuff, don’t dirty my mind that way.

After what seems like hours, the Fei chick finally decides to come in to “fly” with the emperor. The eunuch stepped in to announce the arrival of female dog and the dog emperor commanded the eunuch to stash the interesting “treasure” me away into his secret treasure room, which just so happens to be in his bedchamber! Once she came in, I was freed from the evil clutches of the dog emperor as he allowed for the female dog to come in, and my last scene of them was their silhouettes behind the curtain getting ready to “fly” high. Sorry, but no R-18, my mind and eyes are too pure. I’m not jealous, you’re the one that’s jealous.

But, heh! It’s finally here! The eunuch brought me to the back of the bedchamber next to a bookshelf where he took out a talisman, whispered an incantation, and with a golden glow, the bookshelf slid out of the way. Apparently requiring such a key is the reason why nobody can get in, add on the fact that its hidden inside the bedchamber of the emperor while the world believed it to be under heavy guard out in the open. Man, this dog emperor is not as dumb as he looks.

As we entered the hidden chamber, I noticed 4 pedestals where upon each laid a spatial storage ring. The rest of the chamber was empty denoting that all the treasures were stored in the rings. Very organized indeed, this would also serve as a good way to check if a “treasure” brought in was a living being or not because we can’t store living “treasure” inside a spatial ring. Well f***ing son of a b*t*h, this might be the end of me.

Oh f*** lord, what do I do?!

As the eunuch step by step got closer to the third pedestal, I racked my brain for a solution, and I decided I could only risk it by relying on chance. I took out the {Ghost Emperor’s Mask} from my inventory and dropped it into my body for absorbing.

[Host has absorbed {Ghost Emperor’s Mask}. Host has gained skill {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}.]

[Ghost Emperor’s Voyage] 3/3
This ability has no level and this ability’s strength scales with the host’s cultivation.
When this ability is active, host, along with items host equips, will be completely hidden all organisms cyan level or below. Host can still be discovered if host has contact with organism(s) or through usage of stealth reveal skills, but if the organism(s) is within 1 grade (10 level) above host, then the organism will not be able to discover host no matter what.

It costs 1 Qi per second to use this ability and the ability will dispel once host initiates an attack. Host must wait 1 second after not attacking to reactivate ability in battle. Host can also spend 5 Qi to activate ghost form and become a void form for 3 seconds. Host can only use this ability 3 times per stealth. Host must leave stealth for at least 1 second to reset count for ghost form.

It’s here! My personal OP skill and lifesaver! Because the main body gave me the extra remaining Qi he had, I have 10 Qi, enough for 10 seconds of stealth! I can only hope this works! I wait for the eunuch to go up to the pedestal. After the eunuch picked up the ring, I carefully watched him. As soon as I saw his eyebrow twitch, I knew he tried to store me into the ring, but failed, so I activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}’s stealth and leaped off of his hands to the edge of the pedestal as lightly as I could, although I don’t make much sound in the first place. Then, I stayed still, trying to give the illusion that I was stored in the ring, albeit delayed.

The eunuch frowned and stood there staring at the ring as the timer on my stealth counted down. Then, he shook his head and muttered “Must be getting old”, and placed the ring back to the pedestal. Then, he turned around and walked out. By the time he walked out and the shelf returned to its position, I only had 1 Qi left, fortunately. YES! I deserve the title, Godly Thie- janitor! Although there’s plenty of time, but I know that once the dog emperor is done “flying” with Fei, then he’ll come mess with me again.

Time to loot- cough “clean” this “mess”.

I took out the items in each of the four quickly, and absorbed what I could, absorbed the rings, and stored everything else. Although it was quick, it still took nearly an hour. I don’t even have time to check the notifications when the dog emperor with a short “endurance” was opening the hidden chamber. I instantly used my stealth to drain my remaining Qi to pop, and by the time the dog emperor got a glance of the chamber, all he was left with was a hot heist-*cough* “clean” scene with smokey effects.

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