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SPA Chapter 37

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Rewinding Time, I Will Save Her!

Hours before

Hai hai! It’s Ta- Clone Pro #0. Wonderful weather today, don’t you think? You’re asking why? Well, that’s because I’m currently heading out of the Mad Scientist’s lair, and with a beauty in my arms to boot. Okay, I know I don’t got arms, and yes, I’m the one within the beauty’s arms. Jealous? Well, you should be because it’s really~ comfy here.

Oh, so why am I able to leave hell alive you ask? Welp, that’s because a certain, naive short-tempered girl forcefully brought me out. Oh, no it’s not THAT novel’s naive short-tempered girl, I’m talking about Ling’er. How did this happen?

Well, when I had no more clones to summon due to being a clone myself, the madman finally decided to “use” me; however, he was c**k blocked by sweet lil’ Ling’er who refused to let me die. She hugged me, sat on the ground, and cried rivers until the paled-face Uncle had to beg her to keep me. Seriously, women’s tears are a dangerous weapon. Then, the ditzy girl happily bounced up, stored a basket of dumplings into her ring, and then cheerfully went skipping out of the forest while popping dumplings into her mouth. Hence, we are now almost out of the forest. Seriously, I think her cheerfulness is rubbing off on me, now I’m pretty happy myself, or maybe that’s because I’m leaving this place finally.

“Ehehehe~ We are almost out Squishy~ Xiao Ling’er will bring Squishy home to see Father, and Senior Brother, and Senior Sister! Are you happy Squishy? Ehehe~” Ling’er cheerfully exclaims while she bounced her way out of the forest.

I really do want to respond yes, but yup can’t talk, so let’s just hop. *hop* *hop*

“Ehehe~ Of course Squishy agrees! Squishy will always be with Xiao Ling’er from now on and Xiao Ling’er will protect Squishy from evil bad man! Ehehehe~” Ling’er brightly exclaims while hugging me tighter.

Mmm, it’s not bad. Not bad at all. I’m talking about having Ling’er protect me from evil bad man of course, no other “evil” thoughts here. Sheesh, some folks just have “dirty” minds.

So, two new lifelong partners cheerfully bounced around the plains after exiting the forest, they circled around once, twice, but it wasn’t enough. After a couple of hours, they realized that neither knew the way to Ling’er’s home. Welp, of course we didn’t ask for a map beforehand from old man because one of us can’t talk while the other is a ditzy airhead. This airhead then tilts her head and looks innocently at me for the “correct” direction.

Unfortunately, I could not speak and she misunderstood my hops as pointing in a direction, hence we went around in circles. Why are we not bothering to re-enter the forest you ask? Ask the girl, not me, I have no control where we go since I’m in her arms, but I guess this is not too bad after all. Enjoying the beautiful scenery with the accompaniment of a beauty, it can’t get any better, but of course, Mr.Aura had to be the c**k blocker and insert “encounter with a bandits”.

“Ohohoh~ What do we have here? A young miss on the run eh? How about you come back with Big Brothers and we will serve you very well,” one of the three bandits that surrounded us spoke lustfully.

Well, well, I pity these bandits. Seriously, get a clue, although an airhead, you’re messing with some chick with a strong background here. Though, it’s weird, what is Ling’er running from? It seems that they met before? It shouldn’t be a prob-

[Host has absorbed {Enhanced Bone Weakening Powder}. Host has gained ability {Poison Body}.]

[Enhanced Bone Weakening Powder] (Orange – Lower)
Durability: One time use
Simply disperse in the air and any individual(s) that inhale will have temporarily weakened bones and dispersed cultivation. After inhaling powder, individual will pass out not long after depending on resistance to poison.

Oi. Oi. Oi. This doesn’t bode well! Ling’er run! Ah s**t! She already inhaled some already and swaying now.

“Ehehehe~ why is Xiao Ling’er getting dizzy?” the silly girl innocently asks.

“Hohoho~ still up after inhaling that. You’re as tough as I expected, being able to escape the capital surrounded by an army, but that’s what makes you a prize worth catching,” a deep, scratchy voice sounded as a blue glow flashed and a man dressed in black faded into existence next to one of the “bandits”.

F***, they’re after Ling’er! I’ve got to do something or st is gonna go down!

“Eh~ wwhy~ do~ you want to catch Xiao Ling~er?” silly girl sways questions while swaying back and forth.

“Heh! One of the nobles has paid for your body, so now we’ll deliver! Hahaha~ such a decent one too, if only I-” one of the “bandits” lustfully snickered.

“Shut up. Don’t even think about touching a hair on her. That noble is someone none of you b*st**d can offend. Hurry and bring her back to the capital,” the Blue Level man demanded.

“Tsk. Eh, what do we do with this red blob? Do we kill it?” one of the “bandits” walked up and asked.

“Kill it,” the Blue Level man coldly commanded.

The bandit snickered, pulled out his sword, inserted Qi into it and aimed a slash at me, but then it seemed Ling’er suddenly recovered as she pulled a sword out of her ring then weakly, but luckily slashed off the bandit’s arm while declaring:

“No one can hurt my Squishy!” then Ling’er assured me in a soft voice, “Xiao Ling’er promised to protect Squishy so Xiao Ling’er will not anyone hurt Squishy.”

“Oh? Well let’s see if you really can protect him in your state!” the Blue Level man declared then with a step, he appeared in front of Ling’er and aimed a palm of Qi at me.

I guess it ends here. Suddenly, I felt myself being pulled into a warm embrace as a mountain swiftly appeared in the way of the attack.

*puff* Then I felt like the gravity was pulling me towards the ground then thud. Eh? I’m still alive? Eh, why is there red of the ground? Doesn’t look like my body, more like … blood? …I slowly traced the blood up to the one embracing me, and I see an unconscious, paled-face Ling’er with blood leaking from her mouth. I froze as my heart squeezed.

“Stupid girl protecting a worthless trash with her life. Now the good’s damaged. Tsk. Bring her back to the warehouse. Just bring that harmless trash along as well, so she can watch it die as when she wakes up. I’ll go report to noble,” a voice sounded, but my brain did not register who it was.

My entire focus was on that beautiful face, but a bag encloses both me and her, blocking her from my view and awakening me.

Hah. Hahahaha! First it was my parents, they died. Then my sisters, they died. Now it’s Ling’er. I never imagined, once again, someone is protecting me. All of the ones who protected me before has died, but as I laid in Ling’er’s embrace, I can still feel her heart beat. I realized at this moment that just like the others, Ling’er, has become someone important in my life. I … can’t let Ling’er die. No matter what. I’ve had enough of people protecting me. This time it’s my turn to protect her.

I calmly enjoyed being in her embrace as our captors traveled back to their warehouse. As the bandits removed the bag in what seems to be the place, I used my {Location Marker} skill which drained all my Qi. As I dissipated into the air, I took one last look at Ling’er on the already blood-soaked ground. I promise. I will come back to save you.

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