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SPA Chapter 9

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Men’s Fantasy? Monster Girls!

Mmmm. There’s a warm stream of energy going through my body.

[Detected external life force in host’s body. Life force is healing host’s injuries.]

Well that’s good. And then what’s this very comfy and soft feeling. It feels just like-
I opened my eyes and my soul almost left my baby body. Because lord and behold, above me is the buns that belong to the category of men’s fantasy.

Ohhh~ I must be in the so called cliche lap pillow. Ehehehe~ oh that’s a creepy laugh. But wait, I’m a baby, so what’s the point of even having these fantasies you ask? Well HELL you gotta get your facts straight, because even a baby can have fantasies alright?! Have you never watched Family Guy? Kids ignore that title. My situation is the dream of all men, big or small (cough men you know what I mean hehe). Anyways, where the heck am I?

Seems to be some sort of throne room or hall. And the beauty holding me is sitting on that precise throne. Welp, hands up, no fantasies on her because woman on throne in a cultivation world clearly gives off the vibes: don’t mess with me. Add on to that black robes and on her face, one of those scary, demon masks that you see in those Ghost festivals in China, welp, you got yourself a crazy b****. And the verdict is: I need to get out of here, like now, but you know I can’t. And lookie over there, another woman in scary mask bowing down to this Demoness that has her claws on me.

“Master, y-you really want to keep this child alive?” The servant woman stuttered, tells me how scary this Demoness is.

“All these years, my decisions were never questioned. What made you change your mind today Zhang Ma?” A enchanting, but chilling voice flowed out of the mask of the woman that’s holding me. Then, the expected servant dropping on the ground kneeling while begging for her life-NOT. Apparently that servant has some importance around here.

“Master, I know about your hatred for him all these years, and to kidnap his child back but not kill him. It’s just asking for future trouble especially when the child grows up. I would advice you to think thrice.”

Well, there you have it. Freaking love triangle. No wonder I was made a scapegoat.

“Zhang Ma. You know although I commit evil deeds throughout the lands, and was nicknamed the Blood Rain Demoness, I’ve long since put that my mantle. I did all of these for him, yet in the end, what did I get? A simple “I can only be with the righteous” from that b**s**d and a broken heart.”


“Zhang Ma. No need to speak anymore. I know what I am doing. You’ve been with me for a lifetime and know I don’t like hurting the innocent. This child is- innocent.”

“Master. Although the child is innocent now, she may not be later. When she grows up, she’ll-“

“Zhang Ma. It’s not a she. It’s a he.”

“Master, he’ll – wait. Master, what did you just say?”

“I said it was a he, not a she.”
“Master … this. Wasn’t his child a girl? How did it become … a boy all of a sudden? Was our information wrong?”

“Zhang Ma. You know Xiao Mei has worked for us for many years and have never failed us once on the information aspect.”

“This- so is Master saying …”

“Yes, they brought back the wrong one. And his child is already back into his hands already. While this child was made in a scapegoat.”

OMG. This lady is a genius. I love you big sis. I guess I don’t have to die after all.

“I see. Master. Although, it’s an innocent child, we absolutely can’t have him stay, you know the rules here. The sect have only female and if this child grows up and have unspoken thoughts towards the other-“

“No worries for that. Rules are made to be broken, and it’s about time since I no longer have to keep up my image for him. *sigh* Also, although the child is male, it’s not like we can’t raise him so that he would behave gentlemanly in the future.”

YES! You are ABSOLUTELY correct big sis, I mean big boss! I swear! I will not touch any of the ladies here without their consent! *cough* Doesn’t mean I won’t see them cough or trick them into giving consent – hehehehe.

“But Master! You know males are evil, just like him-“

“That’s enough Zhang Ma. I have made my decision. You only have that bad of an opinion of that man because of what he did to me, but this child has done nothing. He’s innocent. He’s trainable. And you will take care of him in the future.”

“Aiii~ As you wish Master,” Zhang Ma walks up and takes me from Big Boss’s arms. There goes the dream spot, “I will arrange for Xiao Ji to take care of him with me, for when I’m busy.”

“Alright, do as you wish. Oh, and have Xiao Guo clean up those mercenaries we hired. Dismissed.” With a wave of her hands, the lady on the throne disappears in a flash of golden light.

Zhang Ma and I then had a staring contest. Then I can hear her chuckle as she carried me away to my fantasy. My fantasy of sect harem!!! Yes! Here I come! Oh I wish I could see the beauties under those masks. There are so many of them! Zhang Ma brought us through many corridors, enough to get me lost and there were so many beauties with those perfect sizes hehehe. My future waifus!

We entered a decently sized room. It’s one of those ancient styled ones with candles and such. A bed area, a guest area, and a make up area. There was another beauty current hidden behind the curtains.

“Xiao Ji, wake up. Master’s order. We are to take care of this child in the future.”

“Ehhhhh~ Whyy~ I just want to sleep more~ mmm, but having a child to play with is not too bad either I guess, “the person behind the curtain said as she begins to lift the curtain. Oh that voice though, so sing songy. I can’t wait to see her face!

“Yes that is true. Our future would be pretty interesting with this child around, even if we recalled all our disciples and shut off from the rest of the world, ” said Zhang Ma as she takes off her mask.

And the moment of truth comes. I can’t wait. It was like fate had them both coincidentally and miraculously showing me their faces at the same time. And it was at that time, that I realized, my fantasy never existed nor will ever exist. I also realized why that master of the two traitors didn’t want to take the big boss as a wife probably. It’s because one had the head of a bird and Zhang Ma a snake, my only fantasy is this- a monster’s den, but unlike the one in that one Monster Musume anime, but a real ugly one.

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