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SPA Chapter 10

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 10

Chapter 10: A New Lease on Life

Welp. Hello again. Once again, my name is Xiong Pro, you can just call me Pro. As for what I am? I’m human. Definitely. And as for where I am? Best words for it: A Monster Den.

You’re worried for me? Oh~ No Biggie. It’s just some monster girls that I gotta tame in the future. Nothing bad at all. Oh you say I’ll have my own s*x harem, heh. No thank you. I can honestly tell you, I am a virgin, and I plan to stay that way because my dream job happens to be a Saint~ja NAI! (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻

What the f*** is wrong with this world? Or more like what in the hell hole is wrong with me? I thought I finally got a new lease on life when I got reborn into this world, but noooo~ parents die, and I get stuck crippled. Like that’s not enough, I get kidnapped and used as a scapegoat to be fed into this monster’s den. Alright, if that was all, I would still be fine. I can live with it. A new lease on life inside with demonesses and monster girls, which man haven’t dreamed about that, especially after watching Monster Musume?

But oi, oi, oi. Fate, you don’t really have to be so cruel on me right? Why can’t you make it the body that is the monster part. Gimme that beauty of a head instead, but nooo~ it’s the head that’s a monster, and it’s not a cute one either. It’s ugly enough to disgust you so that you would have no thoughts whatsoever of doing bang bang or pew pew. Of course there’s me, whose a baby. I take back my earlier statement. I can now firmly state that babies have no fantasies about women. Family Guy does not exist, well at least not in this world, that’s for sure.

Well okay. I’m a baby, and these monsters are not gonna eat me. I just gotta deal with their ugly faces, that’s all. I’ll escape as soon as I can crawl-was what I thought, but when I finally managed to crawl 8 months in, I realized, there are no ways out. According to the what I heard from the passing servants, this den just so happens to be situated deep underground at who knows where.

Not only that, I have this bird brain Xiao Ji monster constantly stalking me 24/7 and if I just so happen to move even out of the courtyard for a bit, she will literally- fly me back. Seriously, it’s like my life got put on a leash, and it’s not my life that’s new, but that leash that’s new. So, it won’t break any time soon so I won’t be able to go anywhere soon.

Well, at least here, I could finally spend time exploring all the specs of my system without getting interrupted by a life or death situation. As for my current status now:

[Name] Xiong Zhi Ye (Pro)

[Gender] Male

[Age] 8+ Months (Will disappear after hits 1 Year Old because it’s not really needed in cultivation novel)

[Cultivation Level] None

Strength : 3 -> 5
Endurance : 1 -> 2
Agility : 1 -> 2
Intellect : 10 -> 12
Comprehension : 3 -> 5

Crippled meridians

[Innate Ability]
Strongest Protagonist’s Aura

Rise From the Dead : Lvl 2
Escape Death : Lvl 1
Winter’s Child : Lvl 1
Indestructible Body : lvl 1
Beast Controller : Lvl 0

Language {51%}

Yup, managed to raise some stats through the rigorous training of trying to escape from bird brain. Just crawling, and crawling to the doorway. Then there’s sneaking out at night. Hiding in the bushes. F***, I don’t know how I did not manage to escape from bird brain. I guess bird’s brain aren’t that dumb after all. And as you can see, there’s some level displays and such. Well, there’s apparently options to turn off and on some of the well … options to display. So I decided to turn off age because who needs to see that after you hit one and then I turned on levels so I don’t have to check each skill individually for its level.

Then there’s language. Yes, I know it’s weird, but I can talk now. You say that this system is actually OP and actually enhancing me while it’s not supposed to? Well, it’s definitely not, because it really isn’t that hard to raise that percentage after I started understanding the world’s language. I mean, just look at my intellect, and my comprehension did grow, too. Although, I still haven’t spoken to anyone because I’m not sure if these monsters will eat me, treating me as some elixir to promote their cultivation, if they find out that I can already speak at such a young age, although I’m not sure if that holds true in this world.

Oh, you’re wondering what the {Beast Controller} ability is? I got that just for staying in this monster den for 6 months and observing (aka planning how to escape from) the monsters. Here’s what it does:

[Beast Controller] Growth Type
Level : 0
This ability’s level will grow along with the host’s cultivation level. Allows host to have instant full control over any beast, monster, or being with a relatively close bloodline simply by touching them so the controller imprint can be placed on them. Selected beast must be at or below this ability’s level. The max number of beast that the host can have under his control starts at 1 and will increase by 1 for every 10 levels. Control can be released on the beasts to free up slots.
Current controlled beasts: 0/1

Yup. Definitely OP right. I mean I can control any beast, any time and then can also discard them with no harm. So you’re asking why I’m not using it on any of the monsters around here? Heh, isn’t it obvious? It’s because they are part of my harem-NOT. It’s cause I can’t. I’m level 0. The lowest level monster here is probably the cockroach crawling on the ground I see once in a while, and based on the fact that I couldn’t even beat that with a stick or control it, it’s above level 0.

So, verdict on this beast controller ability? Once again- useless. I’m in a monster den with a monster controlling skill, if I was the protagonist, I would become God, yadi-yada. Nope. I’m just a sicko baby that can’t cultivate, stuck on a lease, guarded by a bird brain that’s still smarter than … well a bird. And then I start wishing every day some super cultivator would come by the den and exterminate the monsters, adopting me as their godson once they realize I am human, bring me back, fix my meridians, and I shall cultivate to become invincible. I waited, and I waited… and it finally came.

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