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SPA Chapter 11

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 11

Chapter 11: It’s Finally Here!

Yes. It is finally here. Oh hello again. Why do I keep saying this? Well, you understand, time skip. Yep, now I’m 16. Like finally. And as for what’s finally here you ask?

You say it’s the cultivators invading and saving me? Yea, no, too late for that anyways. I found out it’s not that bad here actually. Although ugly, those monsters are nice, sometimes they are even really cute. Like how Xiao Ji once tried flying me back to the courtyard, but the thing she was flying back was just a wooden board that I carved an ugly version of my looks on. Oh yea, that is how I managed to escape from the courtyard finally.

Yes, I can walk, run, etc. I’m 16 bro. I can do a lot of things, except so far, not much progress on my stats because I haven’t cultivate these past years. Though I did take plenty of hits, mostly accidental though. These monsters don’t know how to control their strength, especially the little monster girls. I don’t even know where they got picked up from, but even though the monster sect was shut in, apparently we still welcomed new blood if they come themselves. Probably stragglers from the recall years back.

[Name] Xiong Zhi Ye (Pro)

[Cultivation Level] None

Strength : 5 -> 10
Endurance : 2 -> 5
Agility : 2 -> 7
Intellect : 12 -> 20
Comprehension : 5 -> 9

Crippled meridians

[Innate Ability]
Strongest Protagonist’s Aura

Rise From the Dead : Lvl 2
Escape Death : Lvl 1
Winter’s Child : Lvl 1
Indestructible Body : lvl 3
Beast Controller : Lvl 0

Present Xian Xiafan Language {100%}

Yup, pretty good. Then there’s also the language mastery. I’m surprised that there was no beast language or the sort. Apparently the entire world has a common language, the Xian Xiafan Language Dianese, due to the Gods of this world spreading it around. I guess this world was made based on Qidian. *sigh*

And yes, there are Gods in this world. They aren’t really God in the sense of the Gods that the religious people back on Earth believe in, but as in the cultivator into God type that us light novel fans believe in. Well, all I learned, is that they are very strong. Can they flip mountains you ask? Actually, they can’t because if they do, lots of innocent people are probably gonna die, but they can flip the sky. By that I mean, they literally can flip the earth to the sky and the sky or air to the earth. Basically mass teleportation, big time, along with space distortion to change the perception of the people on the mass of land.

Alright enough of this gibberish that we only will care about in the future. Let’s talk about what’s finally here. I’m actually heading over right now and I would say, it’s about time. Time to cure my meridians.

I learned that it was not possible to fix my meridians when I was younger than 16, because the pain on one younger than 16 would cause the success rate to be near nil. I don’t know how painful it would be, but it can’t be more painful than men getting kicked there right? Plus, the pain will probably help me enhance my {Indestructible Body} cheat, a win-win, but can’t go against these monsters, not in literal sense, but as in they are powerful sense.

“Xiao Zhi! Come here! Big sis’s got a biggggg~ surprise for you~” A chirpy voice sounded.

No need to guess, that’s Sis Ji. I turn around and there’s the cute flappy bird gliding my way, and I swear if you say THAT flappy bird (if you know what I’m talking about), then p*** off. She’s just a ditsy looking girl with a young, pretty bird face. Yup, still bird. Aii~

“Sis Ji, you know every time you say big surprise, that surprise always causes me to end up with if not a broken arm or broken leg, I end up in a coma for days?” And yes, that’s me. With that handsome voice of the godly handsome 16 year … old. Not even. It’s just a normal voice, at least to these monster girls.

“Mwohhh~ You know that’s not what I intend Xiao Zhi. Big Sis’s just trying to make you a strong enough man so that you can protect yourself in the future.”

“Yes I know Sis Ji. But let’s do that after I have my meridians fixed. We’ll have all the time in the world to play together after that,” I responded kindly. After all, this was the sister that took care of me all these years. She played with me, taught me reading, writing, the history, etc. Although she’s clumsy, and not that bright, but that’s the reason that I can pull secrets out of her mouth that she learns from Sis Mei, the intelligence officers. I also learned from her about the ones who slaughtered my family, as in the family I was born into. I do plan to take revenge once I get stronger, but let’s head to fix my meridians now.

“Alrightsy~ Big Sis will play with you later than! Don’t forget! We’ll meet each other at the old place! If you don’t come, Big Sis will be angry~ Hmph!”

“Yes, yes. Sis Ji, little me will be there on time tonight. No worries.”

“Yayy~” And then the bird flaps away giggling. Just like a child, even though she’s at least already 100 years old, but don’t ask for specific age, because asking “old” female about their age is a bad, BAD idea. Advice, from yours truly.

I continue on to the largest palace where the Master lives. Yes, that’s where I will be fixing my meridians and yes the Master will be doing it. Not really doing “it”, but just a medicine bath tub infused with her Qi. As for what medicine? Not my problem, I trust them.

Once again, I enter that glorious throne room, just now there’s a large wooden tub in there that’s already steaming hot from the fire that Zhang Ma is creating with her Qi.

“Xiao Zhi, are you ready?” Master asked.

Of course I nodded, I stripped (no embarrassment because they already seen everything and they are not my future mates), then hopped into the medicin-

“HOLY it’s hot, fuuu~ calm down,” I don’t think I should have recklessly hopped in, but too late.

“Alright, let’s start. Good luck Xiao Zhi. We will be waiting for you once you get up. After it starts, you and the tub will be deposited in our hidden vault below this room so that you won’t be disturbed until you’re done. Just press the switch to come out, you know where it is,” Master calmly stated, then she inserted Qi to activate the reaction of the medicinal ingredients … then.

My mind went blank. My last thoughts were how I can’t wait to go play with Xiao Ji, but man I never expected expected IT to fulfill my past wish, a wish that changed the path of my future.

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