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SPA Chapter 8

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 8

Chapter 8: There’s inhumane, I call inbaby!

In the camp, while I got hung upside down on a stick by the campfire, those bandits were cheering and drinking what seems to be alcohol or wine in this world. I admit it was exciting when I saw the boss pull tents and food out of thin air. It seemed to have come from our cliche, well-known storage bag hanging on his waist. Although I am excited, but I am still depressed because I know, my doom is coming soon.

I mean there’s nothing I could do, what do you expect a baby that’s not even one year old to do. Not saying that I can do anything even if I’m one year old. Seriously, this is just pure rotten luck I would say. Where’s the good luck that I expected. Maybe I should have chosen Strongest Protagonist’s Halo instead of Aura because I know that it is clear what that did, but because I read a certain Strongest Senior Brother novel which depicted how a protagonist’s halo could be in the end, stolen, I chose the aura which is a thing that is released from me, so it can’t be stolen because it belongs to me instead of wrapping around me like a halo does. But f***, I don’t want to think about this anymore because no choice.

Now that I think about it, that God was probably a freaking Devil wasn’t he. And I idiotically signed the Devil’s Contract didn’t I. F***. No wonder my life’s so horrible. Suffering all the time, this is gonna be an inhumane life probably.

“Hey brothers, why not we play a game. I thought of something fun we could do with the little brat.” One of the bandits hollered to his mates.

And, I got a really bad feeling about this. You know those shivers are not from the cold anymore, especially if you’re next to the fire. And behold, the cheering of the bandits as they gathered around me. Am I going to get cooked alive?

“Heh. So this is what we are gonna do. See the fire? We will surround it in a large circle. Then we will kick the brat around over the fire. See who fails to do so by kicking her into the fire or out of bounds first loses. Losers have to drink. Bros, what do you think?!”
A whole chorus of “goods” and “great ideas” iterated through the crowd as the bandit boss sneered and walked away as silent approval. Oi. Guys. I think I might die.

“Eto… guys I thin-think this is a-a a bad i-idea. Wh-what happens if w-we k-k-k-kill her on accident? We wo-won’t be able to a-a-answer to m-m-m-master.” A timid looking bandit whispered. Oh thank you. You are the savior. Yes listen to him, this is one with brains.

“OH shut UP no-brain coward. You go clean our dirty robes like a good b**** and we won’t beat you up later, unless of course you wa-”

“NO! I mean YES! I will go right away!”, my shining star scurries out of existence. I don’t even want to cuss anymore. The one that decided on the game picked me up and tossed me into the air.

“Alright boiz, game starts now-” BAM.

[Host has taken heavy damage. Left arm have been crippled.]

“Hahaha, my turn~” BOOM.

[Host has taken heavy damage. Right leg have been crippled.]

Oh. I-I-I can’t feel anything anymore. It feels like there’s something ringing in my ears. This inhumane, inbaby b**t**ds. Will this continue until I die? My life- CRACK

[Host has taken heavy damage. Left ribcage has been crippled. Parts of lung has been damaged.]

[Due to taking constant heavy, non-fatal damage, host has gained ability {Indestructible Body}.]

Oh, what’s this. The pain went away a bit. This, this. This IS IT! My road to success! OP indestructible bo- BAM – OW, and what the heck into the fire I go.

[Host has taken medium damage. Skull is damaged minorly.]

[Host is taking fire damage. Skin will constantly be damaged.]

“OW. What the F***! So hard! Did one of you play a trick and put a barrier onto the brat?! Why the F*** it feel like I kicked metal.” One of the bandits yelled with a black face. I think it might be my ability though, but serves you right, not gonna tell you, although I can’t.

“Hahahahah, old Xia. Quit finding excuses for failing your kick. Do you think we are all stupid. You lost, just admit it. Drink up brother. Hahahah!”

A whole chorus of laughter reverberated while the old Xia bandit’s face flushed red. Then he grunted, chugged a cup of alcohol, and stormed away.

“Alright, I guess that’s the game. Well that was more boring that I thought, didn’t really get to kick much since there were so many of us. Alright let’s go back to celebrating. Let’s go brothers!”

The crowd streamed away, leaving me, still in the fire cooking. =_=

Oh! Mr. Shining Star is back. Although I don’t like your timidness, but I must thank you for speaking up for me. Oh! Pulling me out of the fire! I love you. You are the best. Oh and I also get to sleep on a rock instead of dangling. Perfect. Alright you’re leaving already, but thanks. At least there is one person that’s humane over here, knows how to treat a baby right.

Anyways, let’s check out my new ability {Indestructible Body}.

[Indestructible Body]
Level : 1 {21%}
This ability gain progress to the next level through host taking damage. The more damage taken, the more progress towards the next level, depending on the level. Host’s body cannot be destroyed even when dead by abilities under this ability’s level, but host can still take complete damage and lose limbs from abilities at a higher level than this ability.
This ability grants host passive abilities :
Physical Damage Resistance : 10% per level
Elemental Damage Resistance : 5% per level
Body Regeneration Rate Increase : 1% per level

Oh hell yes! No wonder that last kick wasn’t as harmful! I have 10% physical damage resistance! And I managed to survive in the fire for a bit due to elemental damage resistance apparently. A normal baby probably would have died. Then there’s also the fact that I actually had bones protecting me like rib cages and such. Normal babies don’t have that completely. That might have been my cultivator bloodline because it seemed cultivators are much stronger than normal human, as seen by my mother who managed to get up right after giving birth- urgg no think- no remember.

Okie, lastly, the OP body regen rate increase. Although it’s an increase only and barely helps my current body, if I had like a body regen cultivation ability in the future, and I have like 100% increase, oh lord regen from a drop of blood or something. AHahahah! Invincible- urggg, ow. I should try and keep calm for now or not since I’m heading to my doom. sigh Oh well, I’ll just sleep it off and see if I have any lucky encounters like hero saving baby from bandit …

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