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SPA Chapter 7

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Saved?! I Beg To Differ!

Ding~ [Host has awaken from hibernation.]


[Host has gained ability {Winter’s Child} from surviving from the brink of death by Freezing (95% or more).]

[Due to surviving from yet another fatality, host’s ability {Rise From the Dead} has increased by a level.]

Well sweet. I wake up to yet another notification that tells me that I was just about to die … once again. Oh, by the way, where am I? And who are these handsome and beauty? Bro and sis, were you two the ones that saved me? I thank you- err, can’t even hear me anyways, but thanks, I’m grateful. Though, where are they even bringing me. But oh hey, we are moving at inhuman speeds! So this is what a cultivator can do! Oh man I wished I could glide like that some day, too. Such a beautiful scene gliding on snow without a lame ol’ snowboard or ski.

And eyyy~ is that my future sworn brother or wifey wrapped in the bundle in that lady’s arm. Ahah! I knew it! The Protagonist’s Aura is OP as ever, sorry I doubted you. Although looking at the description I felt wronged, but it seemed that it’s still kicking in with good effects. Maybe the system was wrong. And looking at these two lively and good looking fellas, it seems that I will be living in some OP sect soon where I can begin my rise to the top of the world! Mwahahah! Man, why do I always make this laugh. Not even funny.

Anyways, I should start checking out my other abilities since it seems that it will take a while for us to get to my future sect. Yes. MY future sect. Ahahaha! Ok. System, show me the description for my {Rise From the Dead} ability first. It did level up.

[Rise From the Dead]
Level : 2
Surviving from fatalities would increase the level of this ability. Every level increase in this ability would increase the number of fatal hits that can be ignored in a day. The fatal hit reset counts will reset at midnight of everyday whether used or not.
Current number of fatal hits that will be ignored in a day : 2/2

Ahahahah! OP is finally here! Ignoring two! TWO!! That means I have three lives every single day! But sadly, the condition to raise it requires me to go seek death, and sorry, I’ve done enough of that last lifetime, not doing that anymore. Not-uh. Now let’s check the other ability I got, it was {Escape Death} I believe.

[Escape Death]
Level : 1
Surviving from the brink of death would increase the level of this ability. Every level increase in this ability would extend the duration of hibernation before death and increase the fatal ignore chance slightly.
Current max hibernation time : 48 hours
Current Fatal Ignore Chance : 0.01%

Well glad to know I won’t DIE as fast. Great, more suffering, you’re right. And that fatal ignore chance, might as well ignore that. Well I can’t expect everything to be OP I guess. Let’s check out the {Winter’s Child}.

[Winter’s Child] Growth Type
Level : 1
The level of this ability increases as the cultivation of the host increases. This ability allows for the capacity freezing percentage before frozen to death to be increased and grants some resistance to cold, frost, and ice related abilities.
Current freeze cap increase : 1%
Current cold, frost, and ice resistance : 1%

OH! A growth type! Those are always OP in my books. When I get super high cultivation, then I might be immune to ice attacks! Ahahaha! Then the ice beauty would spam me with ice attack while I ignore em, grab her, push her down, and *ahem *ahem. This is not 18+ novel so children please ignore this. And language, is pretty straight forward I guess. Shall I take a loo-

Oh? Why did we stop? Oh boy, those scar-faced, bandit looking men don’t look friendly. And best of all, we’re surrounded. Great. Random encounter rate, I love you.

“Hand over the child, and we may spare you two from dead.” One of the bandits with the especially ugly scar stated calmly like one of those mafia bosses.

Oh! I’m actually able to understand what they say. How interesti-ja…Oi! WTH! They looking for me?!

“If we hand over the child, will you swear an Oath to the Dian Gods to let us safely leave?” The male that’s holding me stated.

Oi. Oi. Oi! Don’t! You went through all that trouble to save me! Don’t just hand me over so easy! Fight! Fight for your life! They won’t let you anyways! If you hand me over, they will first kill you, then they will r*** the lady over there and then eat the other one-

“Yes, I Jia Lintin, hereby swear an Oath to the Dian Gods, that if you hand over the child and do not come back for the child, we shall let you off or else let the Dian Gods smite me with novelty lightning.” The monster looking, evil boss after my life replied.

“Alright. Here, ” the male holding me roughly tossed me over to my doom, “Now I shall go report to my master. I hope you are ready for the retribution that comes to you for daring to harm the master’s daughter.”

Oi! Oi! Oi! Daughter?! I AM A GENUINE MALE! This is a misunderstanding! I think you got the wrong person here! Oi, like I said, you have-

Present Xian Xiafan {12%}
To increase language comprehension –
Below 10% : Listen to voices
Below 50% : Listen to speech
Below 75% : Speak the language
Below 100% : Converse with others or read
Benefit of hitting each milestone of comprehension –
10% : Can understand speech
50% : Can speak
75% : Can Read
100% : Can use this language to understand other languages easier

Oi. Seriously. I can’t speak.

“Heh. No problem. We got backings ourselves. Someone even your master likes to be hiding like a coward from.” My future slave master smirked.

The traitor male that tossed me over frowned then looked at that ugly b**** next to him. Then, they glided off with my future fight-to-death rival in their hands. I will remember your faces. And one day-

“Hehehe. We finally completed our mission. Now we can have some fun while we bring this b* back to our master so master can -” One of my executioners spoke and did that one silent kill motion with their hands to their neck.

“Hahahah! Yes! We shall be rewarded heavily. Now let’s celebrate my brothers! And play with this brat we got before we hand her over.” The captain of the executioners spoke.

Then the group started to set up camp after dumping me onto the group. I just want to curse my seek death aura so bad, because F***, I thought I was saved, but I just got made into a scapegoat. (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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