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SPA Chapter 4

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Strongest Protagonist’s Aura

[Ding. Transfer to Qi Xian World Success.]

[Initial data calculation success.]

[Processing …]

[Host is currently about to be born into the world. After host is born, host can access the basic system to see host’s data by simply thinking or calling out system. Basic system shall only display host stats, abilities, and progress. It will not help enhance host in any way besides providing accurate statistics of host’s strength and displaying notifications of basic events happening to or around host. Please brace yourself for birth. Intelligent system shall now disconnect from host. Good luck on your journey. With great power comes great responsibility, so – May the Qi be with you.]

Wow, that was a more thorough farewell explanation than I expected. But never mind that. I simply can’t believe I really managed to got the reincarnate into another world cliche. It finally happened … although now it really did, I don’t really feel as excited as I thought I should be. Why am I getting this creepy, chilling feeling like I walked into a trap. Eh, I guess I’m just overthinking it. Can’t be, after all, the cheat I chose is –

URGGG, what is this lurch. Hey! Who’s grabbing my head?!

HEY! Oi! Let freaking go! That- OW! Softer! Soft-

Woosh? Oh, light! So bright~

Woah~ All these big fellas. How yall doing? I’m Pro Con, nice to meet yall. Heh heh, don’t mind me. I’m just a passerby that doesn’t understand anything you say, none of your secrets will leak. Big sisters here, don’t mind me, I’m not peeking at that beautiful, goddess-like lady on the bed who’s not wearing anything on the bottom half. Just let me go and we can go our own way and nobody gets hurt. We can all be hap-

Ouch! Hey! Old Lady! Why you smacking me! Ow! Hey! What do you want from me! Please~ I beg you. I’m just a small villain on the street who joined a small gang. I never committed any bad crime besides according to the stinking calculations of the God – erm – Ouch. Hey WHAT DO- oh wait. I forgot, this … I’m suppose I’m being born right now. So, guess they want me to cry eh? But how exactly do I do that? When I thought about talking, that didn’t really make any noise now. How did all those MCs cry so fast once they transmigrated or reincarnated over. Sheesh.

Well let’s try. A-E-I-O-U. Well that didn’t work- Ouch! Oh man, those faces look worried. I better figure this out soon or they will deem me retarded or something and that would mean R.I.P. my dream to be prince, let alone emperor. Urggg, but seriously… HOW DO I CRY OR MAKE NOISE?! I mean I’m completely new to this experience and it’s not like I remembered how I did it when I was born on Earth. No genius with perfect memory and even if I did have that I might not remember how to do it. OUCH!


“WAHHHHHHH” Oh. That worked. I’m impressed… I mean of course that worked. It’s me with the most OP system ever. I got to be able to do this much. Oh look at those faces. The relief and woah where yall bringing me. Aren’t I supposed to be handed to my mother first? Let my mother cuddle me you know, because she worked so hard to give birth to me, no one’s more important- oh sheesh put that on better. Even if you wrap me, can you do it better. It’s like suffocating here. It’s not like I’m gonna freeze to death or something.

Oh, I wished I didn’t say/think that. Out we go that giant double doors and woosh. Now it’s freezing. Honestly, it’s beautiful with white snow sprinkling down gently onto the golden palace walls and wilted trees, but still it’s too freezing for me. Can we go inside.

Oh? Who’s this man. Brownish goatee, with brown hair tied up in one of those ancient buns in those Wuxia dramas. Those sharp eyes with that hooky eyebrow looked like they about to kill. Oh man he looks like those police officers that’s about to crack down on a criminal hard. And… okay everyone’s kneeling down so best guess, the emperor, aka my father.

Oh, his face actually put on a smile. Is that a real smile or those hypocrite emperor palace smiles? And the maid or midwife I would guess hands me my father and he caresses me gently. Looks happy, looks like a good father. Man I am lucky. Woah, my father just waved his hand and HOLY C***! Did he just spawn magical golden birds that can actually fly. OMG, they can fly and they flew off to who knows where, leaving golden glitter trails in its wake.

Oh, my father looked, eh??? Isn’t that the lady on the bed. She’s my mother isn’t she- wait?! Why is she off the bed already?! Shouldn’t she need more rest? I mean she just gave birth! I heard that’s one of the most painful things in the world! Oi, miss goddess, errhmm mother, your face looks pale, and you NEED rest. Oi, don’t smile gently like that, I can’t resist- urgggg, okie. So comfy. Your hug is the best mother. I can just stay here for the rest of my life –

[You have taken damage. Wound is deemed to be fatal. Immediate treatment is needed.]

WHAT?! WHO?! It can’t be my mother, I mean she’s holding me so gently-

… Mother …?

I watch as the head of my mother slid slowly off and tilted then drops off, forever to be never seen by me again.

What… what is happening?! No! No! This can’t be! Father! Mother she’s-

Ah? Father…why do you have a spear stabbed through you. Oi. Oi. Oi! What’s going on! Soldiers rushing in! Oh my god! Please! What?! Father! You alright? Eh? Father why are you handing me to this random black clothed man? Why are you crying father? Eh? Oi! Black cloth man! My father is over there! Why are you running away! HEY! Bring me back! My father is injured! We need to save him! And Moth- HOLY WHY ARE THERE SO MUCH ARROWS HEADING AT US! OI! What is going on? Eh… I’m feeling weak.

[Host has lost too much blood. Host will go into natural hibernation mode. If host is not saved within 24 hours, host will perish.]

This. This is not what I asked for. What I asked for is the Strongest Protagonist’s Aura! That’s supposed to give me cheat protection, smooth sailing life, and the like! NOT CRUELTY LIKE THIS! WHY?! WHY LIKE THIS?! Why…Wh-

[Countdown – 23:23:59]

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