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SPA Chapter 5

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Wrong Choice?

Ding~ [Host has awaken from hibernation mode.]


[Host has gained ability {Rise From the Dead} from surviving a fatal strike.]

[Host’s injuries have been healed within 23 hours 59 minutes and 54 seconds.]

[Host has gained ability {Escape Death} from surviving at the brink of death (within 10 seconds from death).]

[Weak residue external life force detected inside Host’s system.]

[Residue external life force absorbed.]

[Host has gained basic language comprehension for this world.]

Eto~ where am I? What’s going on?

It seems that I am in some poor, run-down temple that’s about to collapse. Seriously, so cliche. Where do these temples even come from? Anyways, let’s get out of here –

Urggg, and I can’t move. I just remembered, I’m a new born. F***. I did not want to remember that. My parents…sigh. We’ve only just met, and yet, ahh~ that warmth, I’ll miss it. Well let’s put that aside for now and see if there’s anyone that can help me out of this situation.

Well is there anyone that can help me? I remember a black clothed uncle bringing me away … ah. There he is. Oh my, he became a porcupine. He … probably sacrificed his life to protect me from those arrows. I thank you uncle. I will remember this. Wait, the system did say that there was external life force inside me. Probably uncle here took care of healing me, too. Aiii~ might have survived if there wasn’t me. Thanks again uncle.

Well, doesn’t seem like I can do anything. I don’t even have the strength to roll around. Why? I shouldn’t be complaining, but seriously other MCs get overpowered cheats as babies, can speak and move around when born and yet here I am, can’t even move a finger. Barely could look around with my eyes. Wait. Is there something wrong with my body?! Hold on, I’ll need to check this … erhmm, I think it was … system?

[Name] Xiong Zhi Ye

[Gender] Male

[Age] 0 – Newborn

[Cultivation Level] None

Strength : 3 (-3)
Endurance : 1 (-1)
Agility : 1 (-1)
Intellect : 10
Comprehension : 3 (-1)

Crippled meridians
Freezing {69%}

[Innate Ability]
Strongest Protagonist’s Aura

Rise From the Dead
Escape Death

Language {10%}

Yush. Let’s see. Xiong Zhi Ye… I guess that’s the name my parents of this world gave me. Xiong’s the family name and Zhi Ye as in Pro. So my name’s pretty much Pro in this life too huh? Except no Con. Aii~ I probably can’t even use the surname anymore, but, I shall treasure this. Although we’ve barely met, father, mother, I will seek our enemies out no matter the co … cough providing that I get stronger first.

Alright let’s see how OP I am now! I know I gotta have some good cheats especially from those notifications earlier. So no cultivation yet. Makes sense, but once I start I shall surpass yall! Mwahahah! Ok, stats, oh~ my intellect is higher than normal because I’m a reincarnated soul with knowledge from another world. Oh my strength is as good as my … comprehension. Well s***. That’s not gonna be a hassle at all. At least I won’t be called all muscles no brain. And these minuses, probably status inflicted conditions due to my current injured state. Typical, love how knowledge is not affected unless probably memory wiped.

Now on to statuses, man this is gonna be bad. Crippled meridians – of course. Way to c*** block me world. F***. There goes my chance at cultivation – is what others would be crying about, but hey, my OP cheat will help me fix that, I just don’t know when. As for malnourished, kind of obvious since I haven’t even been fed milk when I was born. Sheesh, ended up zipping away and now in the middle of nowhere? Oh, freezing, it is pretty freezing here with the snow and all. I’m guessing if that 67% hits 100%, I would probably freeze to death. F***. And now it’s 70%.

Alright let’s check out my OP cheat! Show me the description system!

[Strongest Protagonist’s Aura]
An innate aura that is bound to the host. Cannot be stolen or deprived in any way. The aura allows the host to not be bounded by fate.
This aura passively grants special bonuses to host:
100% increase in random encounter rate
100% increase in drawing danger
100% increase in attention grabbing effects
100% increase in suffering but not perishing
100% increase in gaining abilities that have less than 1% of appearing in the world

Okay. Yush. Calm down. Any of us can see that this is the most OP cheat that ever exists, it will bring me fortune, fame, and- OP MY A**! THIS IS JUST F***ING ME OVER! What is this?! 100% random encounter rate, that’s still doable, just random bandits and s. But drawing danger??! Does that mean I was the cause of my parent’s death?! Am I one of those death stars?! WTF!? Attention grabbing effects? Like what? Increased effect of taunting others to invite trouble? Causing girls to flock to me which would cause this or that Da Xi Xiong or Senior Brother to come for my life?! Like that’s not enough! I’ve also got to suffer, but NOT die?! Are you serious? I’m NOT SM! And what this 100% gaining ability sounds so OP at first glance, but if I think about it, it’s only for abilities that have less than 1% of appearing in the world! Which technically means I basically have less than 1% chance of gaining any of those abilities – worthless! Did I make the wrong choice?!

(╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻ – And I don’t even have a table to flip!?

—Time skip, one hour of raging later—

Okay, I must calm down. I can’t even move, so how much more badly can I rage?! Okay breathe in~ breathe out- okay, I’m even having hard time breathing now. Freezing’s already at 87%. Based on how fast it’s increasing now, I’m surprised I didn’t freeze to death earlier. Probably because of uncle though. Thanks again uncle. Seriously though, if no one comes, I might just freeze to death, although probably someone will because I do have 100% increase in suffering BUT no worries about death – URGGG! Okay…calm down. I just have to wait a bit longer … just a bit …

[Freezing has hit critical point of 90%. Host will enter hibernation mode in order to reduce freezing speed. If host is not saved by the time freezing hits 100%, host will perish.]

The snow gently continues to blanket the floor of the temple as it slowly obscures the poor infant from the view of the world, but before it can, multiple heavy foot steps sounded …

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