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SPA Chapter 3

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Don’t need Path to Invincibility

“Heh, I thought so. All of you’re just the same ol’. Thought I caught a interesting one for once and yet, aiii~”

Aiii~ I know right. I get it man, it’s boring up here isn’t it. But hey you at least get to decide other’s fate, unlike me who literally just had it worse all my life. I’m not the only one either, so pitiful, us light novel readers …

“Eh?? You read light novels?”

Oh yes! I do, and I love em! We light novel fanatics read non-stop, every day, all-

“Oh! Oh! Have you by any chance heard of a light novel site Qidian International? It’s this wonderful light novel site that one of my fellow God friends own. That was an excellent idea~”

(A/N: I do NOT own Qidian International or any affiliated. So don’t say copywrited or anything.)

Oh, I actually read on there a lot. They hold so much light novels, both translated and original. Why do you ask?

“Well you see, my friend told me that they had this inkstone novel writing platform where they allow new writers to come up with new ideas and write new stories. So loads of writers came along and buffeted the site with trashy tales at first all for badges and such. My God friend wondered why no one had good story ideas, so then my God friend came up with the good idea. Like if they got no ideas, I can give them the ideas! So, we currently have a promotion where we send souls away to other worlds on an adventure. And once they fulfill that exciting adventure, a story would be composed on that exact context and shared with all of the lovely viewers out there. It was an ingenious idea because hot stories came out like water from a broken dam that is once full of water!”

I see, no wonder I read so many good novels such as fanfictions Shinobi RPG and Release that B***h. Hahaha. So, does that mean I get a chance at this too?

(A/N: I do NOT own those above and no offense to the authors, you guys are wonderful and have great brains even if you don’t get sent to another world)

“Ah~ Of course! Of course! The more authors, the better! Although your karma is really on the down side, but seeing as how you did read plenty throughout your lifetime especially when you’re paralyzed, you should be a great author to your own life’s story. It would indeed be very interesting if I toss you into another world – Yosh, I have decided. I will give you what you wanted, an invincible cheat for another world of YOUR choosing!”

SERIOUSLY?! No joke right?! THIS- THIS!

“Hahahaha! Good! Good! Being excited is a good thing! Stimulates your brain to bring about an even more glorious adventure. So yes it is true. Pick any one power to your liking. Immortal Body? Invincible mind? Although you will not start at the peak of those powers because if you did there would be not much adventure and more Mary Suu, you can choose those powers of similar ones. Hell, you can choose anything you like as long as your creative mind can come up with them! Power of creation? Go for it! I can even do A Naruto system for you if you like! Or an evolution system that lets you get the ultimate evolution! Speak up! Go for it! Choose your path of invincibility”

(A/N: Once again, I don’t own above aka Naruto or Mary Suu, or Ultimate Evolution) OMG! This … FINALLY! I have gotten where I needed to be! I have decided what I want! I don’t want a path to invincibility! I want direct invincibility! So I choose that! I choose:

“@!(@(!(! (#^%!#!#!^ &!&#” – I shouted, oh, my voice! Then the god voice responded:

“Are you sure you want that? After you confirm, there is no changing and no – heh – complaining to Qidian even if you regret it.”

I am sure. Absolutely.

“Hahaha! Confident I see. Well, just to make it fair that I am giving you such an overpowered ability, the world you will reincarnate into would be randomized. And~ You will start as a baby as a handicap because seriously, this power is too OP, just as OP as a protagonist’s I would say.”

YES! No problemo! Just let me go and I shall show you the best story ever, I guarantee.

“Alright, alright. Let’s set this and then that…” This time, a black, ominous screen popped up with a skull symbol on top. But doesn’t matter how scary this looks, can’t be bad when I’m getting the power I already planned for since before I got here heheh.

[Name]Pro Con
[Start Age]0 – Newborn
[Start Karma]0 – Fresh Start
[Innate Ability]@!(@(!(! (#^%!#!#!^ &!&#
[Start World]???
[Contract]D****’s Contract – Permanent
Press Confirm to Sign This Contract

Yes! Yes! Eh? What’s this D***’s Contract? Why is it hidden? What does it stand for Dev-

“Ah! Don’t worry about that. That’s just DemiG for DemiGod contract, aka what you’re gonna be. So just ignore that…heh heh.”

Yeah, makes sense. Should be trustworthy since he’s giving me such a good power. Welp, guess I’m all set to go. And beep – confirmed.

“Hahahah! Good! Good! Alright! Let’s get you to set off. Time to randomize your world …”

[Ding Ding Ding, Random World Selected]

[World]Qi Xian World
[World Type]Cultivation
[Start Continent]Xian Xiafan Continent
[Start Province]Xiong Xian State – Xiong Empire
[Start City]Da Xiong Capital City
[Start Status]Son of Emperor of Xiong Empire
[Start Location Description]
The Xiong Empire spans millions of li and encompasses almost all of the Xiong Xian State. The Xiong Emperor rules with an iron fist similar to Qin Emperor in Earth’s history. The Xiong Empire is already at its peak due to shedding blood and spreading fear throughout Provinces. Although it is not power to be neglected, it is still only one part of the Xian Xiafan Continent which makes up one of the four super continents in the Qi Xian World.

OMG! How can I not be excited! Just LOOK AT THAT! Son of an EMPEROR of a powerful empire! I’m gonna be prince with my OP cheat! I will conquer the world! Mwahahah! But eh, My luck is TOO good! Too good to be true …

“Yes! Yes! No worries. Your cheat must have already started kicking and giving you such good luck.”

Well, that’s true huh. My cheat is related to that huh.

“Yes. Alright, let’s send you off so you can start enjoying your wonderful life! Alright off you go~”

Oh, yea. Okay, I want to say thank y-

[Ding. Soul #Zxx12x3x0 has been transferred to Qi Xian World.]

“Ahahahahaha! That IDIOT! Fooled another one! Man this is such a good life. All these idiots selling their souls so easily. Just gotta understand, no matter how strong you get, your will in the end be a nurtured power for ME! MWAAHAHAHA!”

The dark, chilling cackle fades away as the room gets shifted into darkness.
Somewhere in the distance, bright eyes shined and looked in the direction that Soul #Zxx12x3x0 has been sent to.

“Aiii~ Pitiful soul caught in our Qidian’s fight. Alas~ I can only do this bit for you, the rest is up to you.”

An invisible force waved and it seems it traveled into the distant.

“May this give you a small hope of breaking free of this trap… if any.”

Then the eyes fade away into the distance. Everything was silence once more as what appears to be a robot continued to file souls away into shelves marked for consumption.

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