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SPA Chapter 18

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Angry?! Then blame her.

From the Perspective of the ??? Girl

So, you know, like I was just lining up in this long, looonngg line. Then this stranger just popped up beside me and started hugging me. At that point, I remembered what my Father taught me. Father said that people that hug me would be my potential mate. Okay, so I guess this guy is my potential mate. Eek!

Did he just squeeze me down there? How could he do that?! What’s this weird feeling?! My heart… it’s beating so fast. Is this what Father talked about? The thing called “love”?

Father said that if a man touches me and my heart beats fast then I must “love” that person. Although Senior Sister did say that someone that is embarrassed could also have the same reaction, but I believe in Father more because Senior Sister learned from Father, so Father should be the one that is more right.

Okay, according to Father, if I “love” anyone, I must give them a signal that I “love” them. Ah… but Father didn’t tell me what type of signal to give. Eto-Senior Sister did say that if anyone dares to touch me, I should just blast them with a strong palm of Qi. She did go on about these people are b*st**ds but I don’t know what that is, probably is someone good. Yush, let’s circulate some Qi and Ei!

Oh, he’s not there anymore? Did he already go before I can blast him? Oh! He’s over there! I must go and give him my signal! Ehhhh? Why are you two stopping me?! I need to go to the one I “love”.

After struggling very hard, the guards brought me to some place where some strict looking guy questioned me. They took off of cute hoodie to question me, but then I guess they got hungry because they had to go to lunch soon after. I mean they were drooling in hunger while they were questioning me.

Well, I guess I’ll get going first, no point in staying here while they go to lunch. There’s some who are still standing outside, probably because they are not hungry. Eh? This door won’t open? I guess it’s locked because they don’t want me to go steal their lunch. I’ll go out through the window then.

Mmm, bars, Senior Brother gave me this really useful tool that he said can cut through bars. Let’s try it now ~ Yay~ It works. Yush~ weeee~ it’s always so fun to jump off of buildings. Okie, now I need to track the man down. Ehh…what did he look like again?

Mmm…I don’t remember. I guess if I meet him again I’ll know. Time to go find the so called inn to stay in. I take out Senior Sister’s handy Qi Compass, which basically has all the different places (home, inn, City, Uncle’s place) on a circle with a needle in the middle. Senior Sister said to just imagine where I want to go, put some Qi into the compass and it would point me the right way to the nearest one.

And wa-la, an inn. Eh? There’s no innkeeper? I guess he’s off to lunch, too. I’ll just leave my money here. Okie. Now I need to go to my room. Compass! Eh?! It doesn’t point to my room. Eto… I don’t know where to go. I guess I’ll just stand here an wait for the innkeeper to show me. I watched as the customers left and a young boy went and locked the front door. He came by me to put the key into a drawer by the counter. He looked at me then turned to run away when I looked back. Weird. Mmm, did he just leave that drawer open?

It’s dark already, but innkeeper is still not here. Is he still eating lunch? Eh? Who’s that person? Is he the innkeeper? Why is is taking the key? He looks suspicious…so I went and confronted him.

Seems he had a tragic life. He’s looking for his fiance. I feel so sorry for him. Evil cultivators! I will judge them all! But first, I have to help him find his fiance! I’m also looking for someone, maybe he can help me find him after I help him! So I told him about it, but he says he goes meet his fiance? Eh? Did he find her already?

Oh! Why is there so many people outside? Eh? They seem to be trying to take him away, but I need him to help me find my important person since he already found his fiance! So, I spoke out. When they asked me how I’m related to him, I honestly replied, but how dare these bullies! They start dragging my helper away and beating him! Eh?! And you want me to come with you?! Why should I? You gonna get rough with me? I don’t know what rough is, but Senior Sister said if anyone tries to make me go with them and I don’t want to, I should just beat them all up. Father said it’s best to kill these types of bullies because they are most likely evil cultivators. So are these people evil cultivators? Then. They deserve to die. All of them.

1 Hour Later …

Fuuu~ so weird, after I killed a bunch of them with the treasures that Father gave me, more kept coming. Senior Brother told me that if one sweep of Father’s treasures can’t kill the evil cultivators, I should run to his father’s house because he said Uncle could protect me. So, I took out my compass and inserted Qi then quickly followed it to Uncle’s place, leaving all those evil cultivators behind.

While I was going there, I noticed that there was a Demon Bird in the sky. It seemed to have killed something that looks like a human. Father said that I should kill any Demon Monsters I see, especially if they are eating lunch because if I don’t, more will grow up and will kill Father one day.

So, I took out the thing that Father called a Qi something something Bow, inserted Qi into it, and shot it at the bird. Aww~ I missed and hit its wings. It then flew away at a fast speed. Well, since it dropped its food, I don’t have to chase after it. Father said that Demon Monster always come back for their food. So I’ll just wait here by its food. Oh it’s dropping over there. I’ll just stand here and wait until it drops because Senior Sister said that I should avoid falling objects or it will hit me in the head. And it landed. Yush.

Ahh?! He looks familiar! But I don’t know where. I take out a little marble. Father said I can use this marble to save someone that was killed by evil cultivators. He said to only use it on someone important to me because it is precious. Although I don’t know this person, but I think I should save his life just because he gave me a familiar feeling. Yush, put some Qi in and waa~ pretty lights. Oh. The marble shattered?! Ehhh?! What do I do now when I meet my important person? I guess I can just ask Father for another one when I get back. Let’s say hi to him first. Eh? Why is nothing happening?

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