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SPA Chapter 17

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Can I Just Be An Innocent Bystander?

Aiii~ So what’s the situation? Well, out there, probably completely surrounding this inn area, is an army of cultivators, probably from the royal family since that’s the only power that can actually own an army of cultivators in this city, legally that is. Just by the color of the Qi some of them are releasing, I could tell that the army is composed of mostly Yellows and Greens. Then those in the front that are staring calmly at us are probably the Blues. Aiii~ Did you really have to send so much people for me?

I already decided to go with you, yet so much fanfare. Alright. Time to step up.

“Aiiii~ Officers! I know I’m wrong! Please have mercy! Just put me in prison! I won’t resist! You don’t have to send so much people after me! I won’t escape!” I pleaded us pitifully as I could.

Except that, after I said that it was silence. Those Blue Dans in the front stared at my with queer eyes like they did not understand what’s going on. Eh? Did they not come for me?

“Someone, toss that mentally retarded fool out of the city. We already have enough beggars here, don’t need to put another one to feed in the prison,” one of the Blue Dan pointed at me while stating his command.

Oi. You’re the mentally retarded fool! Your mother is the mentally retarded fool! Your- wait. They really didn’t come for me. Then who did they come for? Well no time to wonder that. There’s already Yellows coming over to drag me out. I can’t afford to get tossed out! I still need to stir up some hornet’s nest first!

“No! He can’t go! He is with me!” The girl that was with me yelled.

Oi. There is something very wrong with what you said girl that could lead to a bunch of unnecessary misunderstanding!

“Oh? He’s with you? Who’s he too you?” One of the Blue Dan questioned.

“He said he needed to find his fiance! And I need to find my important person! So we are going together to-“

“Oh~ I see, your fiance. Understood. His Majesty did say to get rid of all irrelevant personnel that are related to miss. So, men, give him a nice … greeting. You can deliver his leftovers to the usual place. Now miss, if you would please come with me. I don’t want to get rough …”

Oi. Oi. Oi. Is that b***h trying to kill me?! It’s kinda obvious they are after you! You probably caught the eye of the b*st**d king with your beauty. Now you’re gonna be a concubine yet you have to relate to me in a way that turned me from an innocent bystander directly into being scheduled for execution?! Oi! I wanted to go to prison for a reason, but now I’m directly off to execution! The script is wrong! Oh wait, it probably is not because Mr.Aura’s probably happily writing away on ways to make me suffer 101. So what now? Do I get a harsh beating, but I somehow manage to survive still, just suffer a lot? F***, I jinxed it and …

[Host has taken heavy damage. Left arm has been crippled.]

“Alright, quit beating him and let’s finish this up quickly then go back and report.”

[Host has taken fatal damage.]

[{Rise From the Dead} has activated and negated fatal damage.]

“Alright done. Toss him into the dump and let’s go.”

[Host has taken heavy fall damage. Host is entering hibernation to wait for recovery.]

1 Hour Later …

Ding~ [Host has awaken from hibernation.]


[Due to suffering from continuous heavy, but non-fatal damage, host’s {Indestructible Body} has leveled up from 3 to 4.]

Well that’s a Pro. Yet, now I can’t even move because my limbs haven’t fully healed yet. And worst of all, I’m in a pile of rotting corpses. This stench, I might just be the first protagonist to be killed by rotting smell. Urgggg… please heal up already legs. Oh wait. I don’t have such OP regen yet. F***. Someone, anyone, come bring me out of here and I wouldn’t complain no matter what you do! I can’t stand this smell anymore!

Oh, something is coming. It’s … a vulture, and it has locked on to me. It started diving down while growing in size, and oh my … WTF with that size?! It’s as large as a freaking van with it’s wings spread out. And now, it picked me up with it’s claws and-

[Host has taken fatal damage.]

[{Rise From the Dead} has activated and negated fatal damage.]

Yay~ my wish of leaving the dump was fulfilled, but f*** now I’m vulture food. Oh please, lord, save me! Anything’s better than being eaten alive! If we reach the vulture’s nest, I’m afraid Mr.Aura would have me half eaten before someone saves me!

Oh, obviously Mr.Aura never fails me. A blue arrow streaked across the sky and struck one of the vulture’s wings. The vulture cried in pain as it released it’s claws on … me.

Just so you know, at the current height, I’m pretty much free falling off the Empire’s State Building, if you’ve ever tried that, you would know, but I haven’t, and you shouldn’t have and should NOT try in the future. You’ve heard the saying right? Sometimes when you’re about to die, your life would feel like you would have a flashback of your life.

Just like in dramas where the MC is falling off at the beginning of the movie or something while the rest of the movie is the MC’s flashback. Well, guess what I’m having flashing through my mind right now? If you say the many wonderful, bloody shapes in which my body would end up in after I have a perfect landing, you are absolutely correct. I guess this is the ending I would have huh. Choosing the Protagonist’s system would cause my innocent bystander status to become the most gory and dramatic way to kill a bystander game.

Aiii~ time to give up and wait to be saved by the one who shot the arrow. I mean pretty sure that’s what Mr.Aura intended. Just watch, whoever shot that arrow, would most likely be some sort of master or some sort of beauty. Oh, she might even be someone I know. And of course, as I’m getting much nearer, I trust that Mr.Aura will arrange for that savior to save me just in time – splat

[Host’s body has failed to resist damage from impact and has been destroyed.]

And that’s the end of the story I guess, because I’m can’t stand living longer in this world and write more.

[Host has died.]

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