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SPA Chapter 16

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Do You Believe in Fate?

Welp, Mr.Aura, you didn’t screw me up on the trip here, nor at the gate, or inn, but do you really have to try to screw me up with your 100% increase in random encounter rate here? sigh At least I can probably get out of this one if I’m fast enough.

“Hahaha~ this officer here. How may I help you? I’m just a commoner going out for a fressshhh~ breath of air. Don’t mind me,” I stated as I stepped towards the door.

With a glow of Blue, the hooded girls materialized in front of me as afterimages of her movement circled around me. Well s***. I’ve kicked a solid ice block this time, and a hard, blue one at that. It can’t get more cold in here than this. Thanks Mr.Aura and your 100% increased chance of drawing danger. But do you think I’m afraid?!

“Oi! Officer, you can’t be one of those corrupted officers looking to torture a pure, honest, innocent commoner like me could you? I never expected you were such a person. Fine. Fine. I’ll be magnanimous and just simply not-”

“Stop! I’m NOT corrupted! Even if I must give my life, I shall only walk the path of righteous,” the girl replied like her life depended on it.

Well, what do we have here? One of those honest idiots with a honest righteous mind. Ohoho! This shall be fun.

“AH! Of course! How could I forget?! You are the daughter of the most respected righteous man on this continent! Of course you can’t be a corrupted,” I stated flatteringly.

“Humph! Don’t think you can get away while flattering me. Who are you and what do you think you’re doing trying to steal the innkeeper’s key?” The girl crossed her arms while stating her stance.

Well, first she seems easy to please. Second, HAH! She does NOT remember me! Is this fate for me to meet the cliche easy to fool dunce that appears in the those isekai novels? Alright, honest righteous airhead that is easy to fool, hah, time to play the pity card.

“You won’t believe my story if I told you, so I won’t tell you. All I need to do is go out and look for my long lost fiance. She’s pitiful because she was kidnapped and separated from me when we were still babies. Two “evil” cultivators from an evil sect took her away while I was saved by bandi- my master. But I believe in fate! I believe I can meet her again here one day!”

Oh, I must thank those two “evil” cultivators that left me to the bandits since it allowed me to meet my sis, but doesn’t mean I wouldn’t smear your names when I could, although I don’t even know your names. Anyways, did that work… I guess it did, I hear sobbing… was that not too easy?!

“*sob* *sob* I didn’t know you had such a tragic past. sob I’m sowwy. *sob*”

And then she bawled her eyes out. No, wished she did so I didn’t have to keep listening to this background music any longer. And let’s just walk around this sobbing chick because I’m not too pro on comforting chicks- and then she grabs my arms and starts wiping her snot on my sleeve. Oi! You have your own cloak to do that on! Why MINE?!

“Ahaha~ I know you’re sad, but I gotta like go now! My fiance can be out there right now!” I gritted my teeth and said while trying to get her grip off my sleeves, alas- commoner strength against the blue girl who has the ice grip on my sleeves. At this point, a normal MC would give up, but since I’m not the MC, but the Strongest Protagonist, of course, I simply tore apart the sleeve that she held onto, and with a step, I walk away. Like a boss.

“W-wait! Uh! sniff Maybe we can look for people together! I’m actually looking for someone, too! My father told me that when I was saved as a baby, another baby was used to replace me in order for me to escape. I must find that baby and repay him for his kindness!” The girl said with a whiny noise in a righteous way.

Well doesn’t that story sound familiar? OF course it does! That baby is freaking me! Then this girl is the one of my fight-to-death list. I gritted my teeth. Okay. Calm down, I have more important business to take care of before I give this girl a thrashing for payback for back then. Although you’re not the one that made the decision, but it was because of you in the first place.

But as I said, I have more important things to do. I will thrash this girl in the future. Yup, definitely, more important stuff, not because I can’t thrash her now. And of course I won’t tell her who I am. Do you think I’m stupid?! Do you believe in fate? Because I certainly don’t! F***, fate forsook me ever since I was born into this world! Meeting a naive girl that just so happen to be the one that’s looking for me. That is way to fishy. It seems she may be directed to do so by someone.

“My Father also said that the baby was the prince of some Veggie…or was it Xiong empire? He said that I’ll be able to find that person if I find this prince. Then, Father said to tell him where this prince is and he’ll help me repay the prince. Ehehehe.”

Okay, she is directed to do so by someone, and this is probably a beauty trap for that poor prince- tsk, that’s me. Glad I didn’t take a look at her yet, or I wouldn’t have been able to resist jumping into this trap. cough It’s not like I would jump in because of beauties. I’m doing it to … find my enemies of course. That’s it. As for this girl, it’s best I stay away so she doesn’t discover anything. She might not be as dumb as she looks …

“Ahahah. Well good luck with that. Can’t help you with that. I gotta go, it’s about time that I go meet my fiance.”

“Ah? I thought you needed to find your fiance? Why are you meet-“

Before she could finish asking, I stick my key into the door, opened the door, and froze.

Aiii~ of course. Thank you again Mr. Aura.

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