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SPA Chapter 15

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Can’t Avoid It Even If You’re a Cultivator

Welp, yup. Did I just see who I thought I just saw? Probably. So, let’s not leave this room until it’s dark or something. Might even need to sneak out. She’s a dangerous one for sure.

Well, let’s just stay in my room and cultivate a bit before I head out to start my plan at night. System.

[Name] Xiong Zhi Ye (Pro)

[Cultivation Level] Red Dan Level : 1

[Usable Qi] 0/10

Strength : 10 -> 12
Endurance : 5 -> 10
Agility : 7 -> 8
Intellect : 20
Comprehension : 9
Luck : 1 (Boost to default luck. Unable to gauge default luck)

[Statuses] None

[Innate Ability]
Strongest Protagonist’s Aura
Protagonist’s Vengeance

Rise From the Dead : Lvl 2
Escape Death : Lvl 1
Winter’s Child : Lvl 2
Indestructible Body : lvl 3
Beast Controller : Lvl 1

Present Xian Xiafan Language {100%}
Colorless Emperor’s Rainbow Mountain {1%}

Aii~ whenever I take a look at that trifling Red Dan level 1, I just want to cry. Pretty much even a commoner would have that much strength. And that pitiful amount of Qi I can use, just giving a commoner a scare used it all up. Of course the regen rate is also slow because I’m at a low level. I’ve got a long way to go.

There are like 10 levels per Dan realm, or basically each color of the Dan. Then, a very simple way to color code on each person’s Qi would tell you there realm. Starting from Red, then in increasing strength: Orange, Yellow , Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Brown, Gold, then Cyan as the highest. Of course, the higher the realm, the harder it is to cultivate.

How strong are each level? Well we can say that Orange Dan can brawl with a group of commoners, Yellow can bash in a mass of commoners, Green can fight an small brigade of common soldiers, Blue can fight a normal group of Green Dan, and so on. Then, my Master that could fight an army of Violet and some Brown Dans was a Gold Dan. As for that “righteous” grandmaster b*st**d, well he’s only a trifling Indigo Dan 16 years ago when the Xiong Emperor was Brown Dan according to Sis Mei’s info. So that makes sense-NOT. Sorry but that Fan guy ain’t no protagonist so what he doing cross-killing over two levels, NOT happening.

Well, he’s at the peak of Violet Dan nowadays according to the last piece of info I got from Sis Mei. Then there are the so called Gods, I’m still not sure what realm they are at because there are no records back at my sis’s place on the cultivation of the Gods, but I heard it was above Cyan, and that means bad news for me.

Although, I’m happy still because my path is already pretty much paved for a smooth ride. I don’t know where my sis got this technique, but it’s a rainbow level cultivation manual and that pretty much means that I can cultivate all the way up to Cyan with it. I don’t even know what’s up with the naming sense because brown, golden, and cyan aren’t even part of the rainbow, but I guess in this world, rainbow is just all the possible colors of Qi that a cultivator can have.

As for why my cultivation technique is called colorless, well it’s OP, as one can easily see. So, it’s gotta be out of the norm. Since rainbow is the default cultivation, we gotta go colorless in order to beat everyone else. Makes sense. That’s how it goes in other novels if I remember.

[Colorless Emperor’s Rainbow Mountain]
The progress of this ability can be increased through absorbing sufficient Qi from external sources. Increasing amount of Qi is required for each level and will be displayed here. This technique can allow one to cultivate all the way up to cyan level. Every percent cultivated into this technique grants the same amount of physical body regeneration rate and can be stacked on top of other body regeneration techniques.

Every 10% of cultivation would unlock the ability to summon a colored crushing mountain to crush the host’s enemies. An additional effect of this technique is that host’s Qi would be default colorless and can be changed to any color for a limited time depending on the amount of Qi used (1 Qi per second)
Acquired Qi : 13/1000
Summon-able Mountains : None

Definitely almost as OP as one can get. Plus that colorless cheat not only let me pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger, it also let me pretend to be the tiger to eat the pig. Now I’ve got another thing that anyone would come for my life for besides the fact that I am that one btd that everyone wants to kill. Though, that would only happen if they discover it, but since it’s colorless, it’ll be even harder to for others figure my strength out than of those evil cultivators that have black Qi.

Since evil cultivators have black Qi at pretty much all levels, it would be difficult for others to judge their strength, but unfortunately, there does exist instruments to check strength like a radar. It’s pretty common, and lots of people carry them. I wish those didn’t exist, because even my colorless Qi’s strength can be determined. So why can’t we find all the evil cultivators still? Well that’s because those instrument only works if an individual’s Qi comes out of their body, basically when it’s being used. Other times, radar can stalk a person all day and will get no feedback. Urgg, thinking nonsense too much, time to cultivate…

Night Time…

I’m not a genius unfortunately. About 5 hours of cultivating…sheesh, did not get me far. System, showed me the acquired Qi of my Colorless Qi.

[Acquired Qi : 67/1000]

This might nearly a month to get to the next level. Then the future levels, I might just die before I even reach Brown Dan, let alone Gold or Cyan. sigh Cultivation and getting stronger is apparently not the most trustworthy way to solve problems. Kids, don’t listen when League of Legends champ Katarina says that “Violence Solves Everything” because obviously, it doesn’t because if you’re not strong enough and you use violence, welp. Farewell mi amigo.

Alright, time to go and use my brain to solve my problem. Bout the perfect time to sneak around. Though it’s cliche, but sorry, I’m not strong enough like those super OP MCs from those other novels who bravely struts out to solve their problems in plain daylight for all to see. Instead of showing off, I think I will be squashed to meat paste simply by the stampede of commoners that have been fooled by the lies of the upper divs.

Although I’m a cultivator, I’m obviously not strong enough to leap off of multiple floor buildings yet. So, it’s unavoidable that I must take drastic measures: I can still … sneak out through the main doorway. Sneak up to where the innkeeper keeps his keys. Key acquired, man no safety locks these days, eh-probably because I caused him to faint earlier. Now, just got to be very…very caref-

“What are you doing?” an icy voice sounded right behind me.

Great. Busted already. And who’s the officer on duty today? Ahah! Of course it’s Miss Beauty that I paid my respects to at the gateway to the city. Hahaha~ great. I a dead piece of s***.

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