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SPA Chapter 14

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 14

Chapter 14: A Good, Honest man

Aii~ so boisterous. It’s got that capital city feel you know. Unlike modern Earth capital cities, where’s it’s all about traffic jams, work, and watching the world go by as you’re still stuck in the same place. Here’s the real deal.

Just like in those ancient Wuxia dramas, we have hawkers and commoners bartering with each other with legal stalls all over the place, but even more than you could imagine due to how large the city is. We have cultivators equipped with all sorts of weapons strolling through the streets. Occasionally you’ll see some beggar begging on the street.

Children are usually escorted around here, because it seems they are all princes, princesses, or nobles. The commoner’s children seemed to be kept indoors, away from the prying eyes of those lecherous nobles with inhumane fetishes. We also can’t just blame the nobles in this world because we also don’t know which one of those cultivators strolling about is actually one from the dark side.

By dark side, I mean the one of the many assassin sect, demon sect, or any of those sects that cultivate death Qi. Of course, once they brandish their weapons and Qi, you will easily notice the black color of their Qi and recognize them as an evil cultivator, unless they have some sort of way to hide it, which I can’t say is impossible based on my knowledge through other novels.

Then, there’s also the “righteous” cultivators. Yep, they are the “good” side as expected, except that most of them believe that might is right like everyone else, so they pretty much do whatever they want and treat commoners as their servants. Although they don’t take it too far like openly kidnapping a commoner lady or smashing or robbing stores, hah, what they do behind the scenes is what is scary. It might even be more scary than the so called “evil”. sigh

My sisters’ sect would be classified in the “evil” category, too. And as you can see, although I come from an “evil” sect, I am as righteous as I can be. Not cussing out other what I consider good people-check. Not jumping queue and making everyone mad-check. Making friends in a polite way-check. And of course, I would straight forwardly pay for inn rent. Like this inn for example.

“Greetings customer. Would that be one room for you sir?”

“Yes, I want your best room. Money-is not a problem.”

“Hahahaha! Good! Noble Sir, right this way. We have the best room to offer out of all the inns in this city. Fresh, clean, and with a perfect view of the parades on the street if any, now right in here Noble Sir. See this, this room is only 45 silver coins per night. It comes with-“

BAM. I shut the door, grab the inn keeper and shoved him against the wall. This world uses the coin system: bronze, silver, gold, platinum. As one would expect, 100 bronze make up 1 silver, 100 silvers make up 1 gold, and 100 gold make up a platinum. As for why I grabbed the inn keeper and shoved him against the wall?

Well, I don’t know where my sisters kept their money while they left to the other side before they told me, and my allowance that I saved up in the pass 16 years of my life only amount to a pitiful 3 gold coins, 2 of which was split between the two guards at the gate. No choice. Did you see that volcano?! If I didn’t run awa- I mean if they discovered the “evil” Qi I cultivated, I would be in deep s***. 45 silver coins a night, well that’s just a teensy weensy bit expensive. Pretty sure everyone would agree with me on this one.

I took out a knife then placed it to the innkeeper’s neck, I leaned in to the innkeeper’s ear, and I whispered in a deep voice, “Here’s the deal. 20 silver coins a night. If deal, nod. If not, you can leave your life behind.”

The poor bloke shivered like a frightened rabbit and frantically nodded his head. Oh, this way easier than I thought. Heh, but just for safety measures … “Oh~ Good boy. Ah~ I forgot to ask. Would you mind go telling the ones who own this city that I am here~ you see. I haven’t killed anyone in a long, long time.”

By long, long time, I mean like never. I never got the chance to yet, but poor bloke doesn’t know and his face goes pales. He looks at me like he’s looking at death came to threaten to take his life. He started stuttering with “I”, but never manages a sentence. Okay, let’s finish this off. I draw on my minuscule black Qi, and made my hands glow black. Then I placed my hands on his forehead and snickered with the evilest laugh I can put up, except I don’t know if it’s evil of not because there wasn’t really anyone that I could try it on (my sisters were even scarier than I am).

“Ai~ I guess I have to give you some confidence to go. I placed a simple…curse on you. It won’t do much. No worries. Once you go report to the authorities, a tiny boom will happen that’s all. Just a tiny one. No need to be scared, go on now. I will wait for you to come back.”

I gave the bloke a couple of prods, but erhmm, I guess he fainted. Can this guy not hold his scare? Come’on, we live in a cultivation world. At least man up a bit. Ai~ if he really went to report, it would have made things easier, for one, I might have gotten a one way ticket to the prison where they keep evil cultivators. That would allow me to stop racking my brain over how to get into it with other ways. Oh well. Let’s just move this guy to the hallway. And there. Door closed. Time to chill…

Yep, definitely a model good, honest man if I do say so myself. Looking down the balcony, I caught a glance of a “familiar” person walking into the inn. Well s***.

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